Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Rules

Lawn Bowling : Lawn Bowling Rules

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Rules for lawn bowling include keeping the jack inside the rink. Learn more rules for lawn bowling with expert tips from a bowling teacher in this free lawn bowling video.

Expert: Gretchen Neixner
Bio: Gretchen Neixner took up the game of lawn bowling twelve years ago, and now teaches at Sun City Florida.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt

in this clip I had best explained to you that our rink is 15 foot wide our jack is in the center of that 15 foot as our bowls come down the closest one scores but occasionally we have a good shot and it will move the jack the jack stays in position as long as it's in our rink it gets moved if it goes into what we call the trench or the ditch it stays there it is very difficult to get a point if your jack is in the ditch because your bowl must touch the jack before it enters the ditch and if the jack is already there it's very difficult to do when the bowls hit the jack and it moves inches or feet it stays in the position where it stops and then you have to adjust your bowls to try to get close to it in its moved position if your bowl touches the jack delivered from your hand the bowl must be delivered from your hand to touch the jack it gets a chalk mark on it which calls it names it a live bowl this bowl will stay in the game if someone else or you knock it into the ditch if it goes out of bounds it comes out of the game because you're encroaching on somebody else's Rick

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