Juventus 1-1 Atalanta | The Bianconeri hold Atalanta in Barzagli’s last home game | Serie A

Juventus 1-1 Atalanta | The Bianconeri hold Atalanta in Barzagli’s last home game | Serie A

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Atalanta’s hopes of a first Champions League qualification remain in their hands after they drew at champions Juventus.
They looked set to hold on for a win after Josip Ilicic gave them a 33rd-minute lead but Mario Mandzukic equalised 10 minutes from time. | Serie A

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it is tonight when you Ventus lift the Scudetto for the 35th time welcome to the Allianz Stadium in Turin a significant night – because it's this man's last home game in charge of you Bey maxillary shock news on Friday as he waves goodbye Jan Piero Gasperini still with a big job to do as he tries to guide Atalanta into the Champions League you may have been sketchy in recent weeks two points from their last three Serie A games the defeat by iakhs knocked the stuffing out of them and they turn on a command performance it's cuadrado to pull it back it's a huge miss from Cristiano Ronaldo Froylan in forza pata r-mo Freilich so Chesnee turns it away little touch on it's a clever one and hatta bar off the crossbar after successfully made a really good save I think it would have been a known goal but it was hotter boy who had the chance well it's a great reaction from shiz li movement again from Jim City as they look for the touch on an appeal for a hand now then this will be interesting here at E is the VAR tonight it's actually hit Alexandra on the arm corner I think the right decision flicked it towards Allah Church your Sevilla Church gives that to learn to the lead and massive lead ensuring they deserve it and are they heading for the Champions League Atalanta with the breakthrough it'll be two vans a patter to get us back under way Atalanta at the moment a heading for third in Serie cuadrado here's sure our can sell up better space to him to hit one not a bad effort let's hitch looking for a moment of magic and he was deflected off the wall and then over by such as the whip deep now by cuadrado Mandzukic remarkably steers it in and Juventus a level in geometry defying circumstances somehow he found a way ronaldo with the first time cross for m Rashad now dibala clinging on desperately now answer lanta and then fired in a Galini will embed s ki Baro goes over Bernadette's key gets a red card Jan Luka rocky sends off federico bernhard s key Atalanta have their draw at atlanta have control of their Champions League place it was always going to be you've Asia and they did it in style they're the champions again eight in a row and who is going to stop them you've Asia in Syria [Applause] you

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