Jr. Jack Attack - A way for school-aged children to enjoy bowls

Jr. Jack Attack – A way for school-aged children to enjoy bowls

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Bowls Australia have an exciting participation product called Jr. Jack Attack, aimed at bringing the sport of bowls to kids around the nation.
Jr. Jack Attack is designed to enable school children to participate in an engaging format, which is both fun and inclusive.

Importantly, it can be conducted on a range of surfaces including greens, carpets, concrete, wooden floors and just about anything else that is flat, eliminating the restrictions of requiring a bowling green to introduce new audiences to the sport.

Having identified the limitations of children using full-size bowls that have been designed for adults, the Jr. Jack Attack initiative comes in the form of a kit that includes a carry bag, 32 light-weight rubber bowls, eight jacks, 50 cones, a target score mat, eight stepping mats, activity cards, and clubs who purchase two kits will also receive a complimentary scoring wedge, providing all the tools for a whole school class to participate concurrently.

Find out more about Jr. Jack Attack at www.bowls.com.au/Get-Involved/Juniors-Kids/Jr-Jack-Attack

The Jr. Jack Attack kit is designed primarily for primary school age children, aged between seven and fourteen and will form part of the Sporting Schools Program – www.sportingschools.gov.au.

so I guess a part of today is to help educate you and help you to understand its poles it's the young people old people and you need to start learning to ball right now I'll give you the greatest opportunity to be a future champion you're one of the most popular sports in Australia so it's actually played everywhere I think there's nearly 2,000 bowls clubs in Australia but pretty much anywhere you go bowls is played and there are bowls club so wherever you travel throughout your lives you'll no doubt come across the bowls club so the first question is how do you hold the bowl anyone know how to hold the bowl so first of all what we need to understand is we have a running surface which is this surface here okay so the ball has to run down that running flippers the bowl cannot go this way okay and what do you do you get your favourite hand you put your palm out like this put the ball on top of your fingertips and put your thumb to the side like that okay

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  1. I would like to play but never felt I had what it takes, as I've been the worst in every sport I ever attempt

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