"JONAH" The Ultimate Jonah Lomu Full Length Documentary! (RARE EARLY FOOTAGE)

"JONAH" The Ultimate Jonah Lomu Full Length Documentary! (RARE EARLY FOOTAGE)

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Jonah Tali Lomu MNZM (12 May 1975 – 18 November 2015) was a New Zealand rugby union player. He became the youngest ever All Black when he played his first international in 1994 at the age of 19 years and 45 days. Playing on the wing Lomu finished his international career with 63 caps and 37 tries. He is regarded as the first true global superstar of rugby and consequently had a huge impact on the game. Lomu was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame on 9 October 2007, and the IRB Hall of Fame on 24 October 2011.

Lomu burst onto the international rugby scene during the 1994 Hong Kong Sevens tournament, the same year he made his fifteen-a-side debut. He was widely acknowledged as the top player at the 1995 World Cup in South Africa even though New Zealand lost the final to the host South Africa. His performance at the Rugby World Cup established him as “rugby union’s biggest drawcard”, with him swelling attendances at any match where he appeared. He shares the Rugby World Cup all-time try scoring record of 15 tries, which he accumulated in only two tournaments.

He played for several domestic New Zealand provincial or Super Rugby sides, and late in his career played club rugby in both Wales and France. These included the Auckland Blues, Chiefs and Hurricanes, and Counties Manukau, Wellington, and later North Harbour and the Cardiff Blues.

Lomu was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a serious kidney disorder in 1995, and the disease had a significant impact on his playing career and wider life. By 2003 he was on dialysis and in 2004 underwent a kidney transplant. He then attempted a comeback but did not play international rugby again, and retired from professional rugby in 2007. He died unexpectedly on 18 November 2015 after suffering a heart attack associated with his kidney condition.

Join me in celebrating the mans life with this epic documentary titled “JONAH”.

All rights go to the original content creator. I am simply a messenger spreading the good word of rugby. 🙂

My ultimate rugby hero is now gone but never ever forgotten.

RIP Jonah.


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he's the man she is the one that will take rugby worldwide they put the little guy up there be another 100 years before we see another one like [Applause] I basically sum up who of our God in front of me and what do they do what's the weaknesses I have the process that really cookie through my mind I've got to take them to their weakness and use my strength to beat them try and get them off balance we'll use my physical presence some of them just dive straight at your shoelaces some of them have a go at you up high so either end in a way out and then if not you know no other options then run over the top Jonah came to Wesley College and South Auckland I was deputy principal here I was also the coach of the rugby first 15 as a 14 year old he was about a metre 90 he was six foot two six foot three and he weighed probably had 94 95 kilograms [Applause] looks like he's got to go all the way that is about decent time inside the 22 we head and plane at quite forwards game but he had their wonderful ability of being a lock that could run as fast as a wing about a year and a half before I realized that I really enjoyed that game enjoyed rugby just coming to terms with the rules of the game fishy coming from League you know you run into a rack and you're supposed to release the ball and you're wondering one of these guys are racking you that year he also made the New Zealand under-16s so so he was fast-tracked and really his first winter what can I say about the guy he's a very astute coach and he's a perfectionist when it comes to developing players and he introduced me to my manager who I still got now people think I was clever by picking up John and although I tell you that most people would have picked him up as a special person on a special rugby player at that early age 14 and when he left school you know we started to keep an eye on him he didn't really want to come and play for the New Zealand team straight away so we left him alone for a couple of years and then 94 he'd just turn 18 so we went to Hong Kong early 94 he had a big year in the sevens he was running around guys like CeraVe and through guys like Campisi fresh-faced eighteen year old from from South Auckland the Fijians masters at this art of sevens rugby up against New Zealand New Zealand with rush and Seymour the two experienced man and the young giant Jonah Lomu monsura be the master Jonah labo magnificent try he made a fantastic impression at the Hong Kong ceilings scoring a wonderful tries and thrilling the huge excitable crowd there and those games were telecast live back to New Zealand and this kid suddenly became the name on everyone's lips then I was born begins the final stages of this 94 tournament Eric rush claiming the ball Ramu makes more than wonder tackle on takes more than two more than three he Disick's played it on that scene and the next two years he got even better which was hard to believe we win and spoke to his provincial coach and asked him if he would consider playing him on the wing when he got back from Hong Kong so that we could have a look at him he agreed to do that basically got asked if I wanted to play out on the wing at the national telecom Simmons North telecom Oh 807 s final and it is county's leading Waikato by five points to nil and attacking Jonah Lomu the man who scored the try covering out on the wing that's amazing strength for the big man and there's more power to from Paramore [Applause] two tries for Johnny eternal ten points to his work rate wasn't really that great to be a number eight or a loose forward even though he had been tried at a blindside flanker and number eight on on several occasions but I think the wing is is this true position they put pressure on counties but they are able to keep position the ball on the arms now in the final Jonah Lomu what a sensation you know got a store you want to try out for the All Blacks out on the wing and I said oh well it's the highest honor you can get asked twenty-two me to lie on the background twenty two points two three four twice Kirwan's got to Timmy one Forester one here it comes again do it Foster Mannix living things went well and then became the youngest eva all black as well I was 19 years of age in two months here come the blacks laid out by the captain's own fits better against elites mo gray leads out the French team the youngest or black ever 19 years at 45 days old he was picked in the first test team to play France that year after only four first-class games as a winger [Applause] the French had these brilliant amazing players that they scored this try and the second Test at Eden Park which they called the try from the edge of the earth Kevin faced gun-happy [Applause] set on right now they have the chance to rami the tour record hang in the balance delete Kenny back the pass cooks the all over it there it is again God's honest [Applause] I couldn't blame the selectors for dropping him but it was a cruel situation for him to have been put in became the youngest-ever former all black as well and I think I learn more from those two games than I've ever learned in any other game and I still sit there in and play-doh sort of games through my head the French games maybe we ask a little bit too much of them too soon but I believe that those few games that he had for the All Blacks in 94 prepared him very you know mentally prepared him for what was to come in 95 opening game was against Ireland good position here for New Zealand a good central position and it was the most nerve-wracking time I've ever had in my life as well my crew it caught by Bradley good yep I'm all right yeah betcha oh let's get this game on because my noobs are gonna kill me soon I know they gave me but I know that I know the throwing up will kicked away what could you sign really with the ball just basically I couldn't believe the first time because it got kicked there straight into my hands it was a bit shocked I like remember having a drink one night with Alistair he's not Steve Smith and saying have you heard of this guy and they're saying who get used to saying the name lamu because he is the guy that you're going to be saying the name of what can you say to move the band ahead Ireland and Wales where every time you touch the ball either score the trial created one and to me those are the probably the two defining games for him we knew that that potential was there but we didn't quite think that it would be so dramatic it at Tesla where you're playing against you know hardened defensive players but he just made such a huge impact and he was you know what the sort of ball that he was getting with some space to moving and moving at pace he got that way that it was almost impossible to stop [Applause] [Applause] that is basically I just wanted to get the ball in hand in and have a go and go as far as I can I mean Tommy turned around I'm Joshua singing the BB it was a great support plan for while being kept were called the double J's Josh and Johnny running running side by side Dennis hold on there's the England team there at first sean Fitzpatrick will bring New Zealand on second the game against England at Cape Town it's one of the great all-black games of all time I believe we arrived in Cape Town and the only thing that was said on our mind was the debating and we expected obviously that that England was going to be one of our major competitions and then the biggest part of our preparations for the World Cup were based around playing against teams like England for my recollection of it not a heck of a lot of time whilst then really focusing too much on individuals but more just sort of how we were going to approach the game and how he best suited the game plan we would have against them I think it was Tony underwood that said well Jonah hasn't played against anybody yet and that was the best possible motivation that Jonah could have needed I was obviously misquoted I think though he has said anything like that before as some of my might have said that might be after so to say perhaps Tony with his speed might be something what Tony had decided just you know was that was the added bit of bite for the haka now and it's going to be led by since and Brooklyn is big Jonah Lomu Mike Brewer likes to get out in the edge of the heart doing the haka at the time and we just finished finished a hacker and just finished doing heat and we jumped up in the air and come down just as I landed my spotter I was looking at him and he gave me the wink and in first one came to my head was I'm gonna walk there wink off your face I've heard the fact that he took it the wrong way but basically it was very much I love the haka our face thing at we Kemal is a very good friend of mine many a time when he's given me great performances and I respect it big when I love it I love the I love what it represents I love the fact that it's a challenge and I love accepting it but basically for me it was just an acceptance of his challenge and thank you very much and thank you for the display because it was very prescient believe me when Jonah does the Harker is very impressive fitzy turned and looked at the boys and just said okay boys time to rumble this rock and roll back up again new zealand maintaining possession white alum ooh he's got the bounce he's handing it off his opposite love all I remember was that uh I got on the outside and we'll would just actually almost took me over I was tunneling along and just as I got my balance up I could just see what kit just in front of me and all I knew was I can when I have to run straight into him because I can't steep and in next thing I knew I see the trial on and you know just I knew I couldn't take another step side that jump it was bizarre really I always say should never have got to me somebody else should have stopped him but no it was bizarre went down as if you know to tackle somebody like you do that you've been taught for the past twenty years to do and I think he was just on a level that he was he actually got tripped and he was just on this plane and he just you didn't didn't even hide you and I hit him to be honest and just bent over top of me I was all prepared to say something traumatic and of a headline as he stored the try because one could sense it was coming and out instead comes uh uh and people often shout out to me across the street you know I was amazed at the strength he had because these were top international pliers that he was running over top of but as that game unfolded some of the the feats that he achieved during that game were just absolutely outstanding since an brookie can pass the ball as well look at this right out towards ben de la mu look out lovely win again the whole back line which owner obviously mixing things up you know it was there's just an awesome team to play against and and plating playing into their hands for an hour you know we never stood a chance for Bosch up again who's had such a control in the first half and then a little push afterwards llama and llamas chasing her and the bats has gone the little failed three four lemon Richard Morris intercept by Basset wamu hands up Tony Underwood mahmu hitting before that's the most brilliant quartet of tries you ever wish to see for you know 120 kilogram player to have that explosive power over 10 meters is devastated because he's the sort of player you really have to be able to make full body contact to be out of tackling I mean when he sidesteps it's about a three meter sidestep where most people that's a metre and a half there was never really again that New Zealand played in a significant situation when they smashed aside a significant opponent like they did England that day and for lumber to play such a significant part would have to write that as his greatest performance [Applause] the guys were looking forward to the final you know it was great to see a nation come come together like that as well I bet their team at the same time we were in awe of Nelson Mandela at you know the start but you know we you know we went out there we gave it our all you saw you basically saw the two best teams in 1995 right through the tour we had had cases of one or two players getting some food poisoning it's the way it is most teams strike that when they go to a different country small stomach upsets but this was everybody that started about five six o'clock in the evening and just wind and you know to the early hours of the morning and all that I think four other players had senior doctors so I mean you can think all sorts of things but unless you have proof you don't know what it was all we know is that everybody was sick including myself a lot of them didn't get up until the day of the game but to me at the end of the day if you're good enough to get out onto that field you know so be it we can model spoke to James small before the game and he said if you if you've got a play against the guy that's so big and strong and quick don't give him the outside space make sure that he comes in field and across the fence should take care of it and that was all that's all we spoke about but in the game whenever we had the boy everybody wanted to tackle him [Applause] now there are giving Lama a tough time on the ground there we were very much aware and and you know the defense of attention that South Africa we're giving to Jonah I noticed that and but we you got to sort of think of that in the sense of of these two players on you knees a hole somewhere else Jonah Lomu destroyed England in the first team for a few minutes individual awesome performance almost freakiest performance we had to make sure that Johnny llama doesn't get the ball with space and he doesn't get the outside gap Brian better since n burger white Alamo so far the South Africans have stopped him pretty well we were absolutely determined in the first two or three minutes to create an opportunity for Jonah to to get into the game because that's what he tends to need if he gets early ball and he gets running with it then he is confidence and his enthusiasm it's just really hope lies and that's when he's dangerous [Applause] that day just the Springboks played like mean possessed I guess they drew on the atmosphere and occasion [Applause] trilling tackle [Applause] it was a huge disappointment we have to give credit to the performance of South Africa on the die I think up to now Jonah's not school to try against a South African sign and taste match that shows the respect that we have for him as an individual athlete my feelings afterwards was I wanna go and just to me it was I was there to do something and it was to play as well as I can for New Zealand and and my hopes of winning a World Cup but you know it will stop Michoud at the phone my body memory probably was after the World Cup I got effects through from a headache company in South Africa Kasich if they could use the footage of him running over the top of me that's probably the biting thing our memory I have of it I knew he'd have a very good World Cup I knew he was ready but nobody could foresee what he was gonna do I mean nobody's ever done that before I ever do it again so he can imagine that the old world was turned upside down I didn't expect everything else to follow like you know walking into a mall and South Africa and you find half of the mall following you oh it's not that new pizza at stuffed-crust pizza mm-hmm nope which should you never smell [Applause] introducing stuffed crust from Pizza Hut a delicious new pizza for the whole family I knew a kid a trying the end stuffed crust it'll turn around the way you look at pizza so we formed this company and we called it number 11 management because I know camper think she was the number 11 but he was only the Prince to the saunder the king hadn't been born then so we called it number 11 management the last big win since 1996 things went so haywire so crazy you know that we needed to form it and you know separate try to along with the business to Jonah Lomu the person being sized be on the tapes we have a same between myself and Phil and you know for number 11 management and you know I I do what I have to do on the field and he and he does everything else off the few guess why me and Phil will get on very well is that we trust each other that much this is a contract for tomorrow and Phil does a great job in Janet Russell and that defines the relationship nothing in writing this is soul mates and I think there's very many professional relationships like that around around the world you know we had their automatic bond between the two of us and we carried it right through into our business you know now but it's more a friendship business you know we still don't have a formal contract written up it was a handshake from the start that's always has been and always will be no I've been quite lucky too you know to be associated with the bank when I was when I left school and you know we worked there so I know how I suit a lot of things you know work off the few you know no business sense you know it's basically a family affair got Phil's daughter with us my mother and my dad you know they all linear as well basically helping me organize my life who I said wouldn't have much time to play rugby he says you know you're gonna remember might be my 200th autograph of the day but for that person it's the first he's a great ambassador for the sport there's no doubt about it he's a marvelous model for underprivileged children get your hands up keep behind them and the pasta make sure the falls in front of you when you pass it you should be able to watch it from when it leaves your hand to the target basically the kid myself haven't sort of grown up vomit and beaten around kids I just feel like I'm the same age as he I just treat them like as if they're a normal person normal human being but nice great big very strong and he's read friendly he's class he's wicked he's been regarded as a as a special player but he's also very charismatic he seems to connect with our key audience which is obviously the youth the 12 to 20 year olds and he's just phenomenal with kids and youth of that age I thought I was gonna die and nobody was helping it until this big man came along picked out the fish I need to shuttle down the road of course it was total I mean he burst through the carwash bang why dingos ears moving it was just on this glass gasp and he just threw the fish in and it so deep like wearing at a desk makes you more caring about fish and alligators and caps and elephants and even people at the present time still is really nobody to to rival him and there's nobody that just transcends the sport of rugby and in sport in general just like Jonah does I mean it's it's incredible people in Los Angeles now Jonah Lomu but don't really know much about rugby so he has has a big impact on on the world oh it's really happy here in 96 you know things were going really well I was to be beef the Auckland Blues and having the sort of players that I had around me at the time is role in 96 it was basically almost an all-black side straight out the law move this is gonna replace the my thick forest getting close that is quite quite incorrect we had this bond between the team and and that bond grew really strong in 96 it was just a whole lot of fun we enjoyed each other's company and you have this camaraderie between the players and you end up not losing it and you and you carried it through life and in general the download in the background to me it digs in deep second time [Applause] Makia ability he can next but he didn't like amazing he's just sensational I mean he can do things on a rugby field that I've never seen any other rugby player able to do and it is because of this incredible power in pace that he has and an understanding you know of the way to beat people sometimes he just passed through tackles other times he just beats people that don't lay a hand on an excuse the use of disabilities but I can't think of any other words but amazing to be honest and we toured South Africa and we needed to win over the that's when we really found that that bond between us players what's the strongest because we needed to win near to come home and play at home see me in a home father floating ball over [Applause] Louisville is damn that's the one not just this crowd but the whole of New Zealand referees waited to see most wingers if you show them the upside and get a hand to them you can stop them but one hands not not enough to stop their cry you can get to ends on and you probably need another two to help you even slowing down so one on one is is virtually unstoppable steadiness lots of defensive the cross was there [Applause] fast cars will let him run past and then catch them from behind but John is the fastest over ten meters in the obliques and if you let him get there 10 meters a year not gonna catch him let's try some new blacks there's a guitar player down on the deck at halfway could be mark Anders it is here we see it here – on Spencer heading the Blind Side hard-and-fast small trying to close down la mu and that's where he got in trouble love me one-on-one here it is you bear couldn't hold him too big too strong five points to the blues the guys put everything into it and we got that one it was just one of the most fun feelings of you know of my career and super 12 level and you know talking with a lot of that the ex wall blacks as well the lux was insane broken you know they they write their highly is you know one of the greatest moments as well I [Applause] was away on holidays and I had a phone call from dr. Simpson he said look I I have to talk to you about Jonah you and you'll have to come to the clinic and he's got this is the pollak syndrome and he can't play rugby anymore I was funny then I was when I was getting cuts and you know I wasn't healing up quick what he went so people wouldn't know you know I seen him balloon up to 32 storm at one time I don't know that is in in kilos but he was 32 stone at one time with these drugs he was taking my appetite just crew yeah it just may speed up my metabolism and you know when I started eating chicken or I was eating will record pieces of chicken and like you know I'll have I'll sit there do two chickens and in 30 minutes later I'm hungry again anybody else with a check today and a lot of people would have thought of the end of the world and I'm sure that somebody might have thought it but my admiration of him groom war from that and for the DG did on a football field max use of the 30 kilograms the trial estimates cross-training I predominantly put on too much muscle miss really quickly if I have too many white sessions so it's purely just work on getting work rate up and just for strength maintenance I do a lot of power work which is unusually consistent power cleans deadlifts in it and just working on explosive power [Applause] Turks you're quite good for balance that's a really important thing in rugby you see one of our good dreams you get your balance right should help you up and take you a long way and now they're shoving it back to the bitmap nose the French took me across excellent passing by [Applause] there's a lot of lot of sprint work but for me I've got to get my endurance base up first or I can do anything else and and once I get that and you're not going start honing in on getting to speed [Applause] train at 7:00 in the morning you have another session which is game playing strategies angles the feats of coordination and feels like you have another training session an afternoon and then you didn't have a technical session up with it you got finished until about 9:30 if not it's not just fun it takes it flat-footed bounce bounce push they all have a go play dough sweeties Mitra's again South Africa Australia France and if you're not League weary you haven't worked hard enough you come off in your whole body's just beaten we have two days which we will recover so we've got to recovering stations which puts a stop you know I stand up we've got the position you've got stretches stretch classes as well got massages and your back into it on game day Oh a lot of food for a lot of us you know we we hook it to the pastures to read beat the chicken in it during a week and then you've got one day you can screw yourself which is usually to Sunday and you can eat whatever you like I wanted to be a decathlete when I was at school and I knew before I'd ever go to a Commonwealth Games and any next thing I knew I there I was playing at the Commonwealth Games in a final against Fiji for the gold medal to lumbini halfway big hand off by LUMO on Ronge minute that Rongai the big number three there is has copped it from the New Zealand attackers get off me says Jonah and they come again he gives him the same treatment to ricany ji the Fijians have been on the bad end the penalty count in this first half la mu-1 mu-2 the 20 to 5 metre line come Christian : this is a start of it all and Jonah Lomu but he just gets that ball away but it's Roger Randall who does the subtle stuff very cleverly and quickly the ball goes to the ground Randall flicks around to Christian Cullen we may see here he gets over [Applause] chase Balaam ooh he's pullin bound and a save by Reihana sir ever gets in a way to boot him back up halfway but New Zealand's robbers also played a brilliant three days and Jonah Lomu skies up to the touchline I was just overwhelmed by the occasion would be one of my highest achievements in rugby to date and just you know just all the emotion did the players head you know the guy standing up on the podium I knew you know I'd never dreamed of you know standing up there and I was beside myself because it was just another dream has just come you know become a reality for man they did most of the work that put his opponents to the sword of basically head my head my time back there was more time to come back and it basically said the time you know I was back in rugby it's always been a thing with any Islander who plays for for the all breaks it's fishy if you're playing enjoy home country you place of origin you had to be from the front so that was my my chance to you know to lead from the front you know against all a new cod few of the players is a great chance to rub shoulders with my own fellow countryman it was pretty emotional in some ways especially hearing you some of your auntie's in the crowd screaming and yelling for the opposition and Theatre for ye when he went to the World Cup in 99 and scored the great tries again against England at Twickenham this time Jonah he was back it was it was just wonderful to think of the four year span and the difficulties that the troughs rising up to the pinks that have gone through new manga big balls a moutains hyeondo lover lover and Gasca love you again it's 1995 I'll ever again I was on the outside I just screamed and yelled as loud as I can for the ball and once I got on the outside of cheering I knew I had a chance of having to go because I had enough space to have a crack at the last two two fingers and then because if I was gonna get stopped it was gonna be bodger at first and once I got going I knew I had a chat I had well over 50% chance to get down the trunk and they got into a minute afterwards de la Lyon company but too late Florence it's in the books when I got hurt as I got up I didn't know someone hurt him from behind and he came over at the top and I just fought death because one of his lines was what's that tackle for and are we I'm over the try line and you know off what he was talking to me but it was someone who would actually one of the boys he'd hit him from behind and pushed him out of the way look front felt right at his shoulder wide baccala move my pace on never got me now Cameron Murray and he goes around Marie Laveau this time breaks Rye Brook Jonah if it wasn't for Journal Emma against the French in the semifinals they would have been beaten real they would have been badly by the French because Jonas caught it's called to individual tries to awesome price the one that he scored he bounced off jury a there was some really big men in front of him and he scored a try in the corner and the second one was again an individual performance he's such a strong exciting player brilliant from kronfeld he got the ball up flicked on towards love affection from Ramu here goes the man himself and he's done it again scoring a try in a situation where nobody else could well in any teams tactic number one plan must be stopped journalist and look at the fridge trying to stop em they count three locked forwards effectively in the back down the second half and Wilson waits chat bit of a mixed bag in the first half Jeff Wilson gives it away early to LA mu and then doubles around la boo gets it again I don't wanna stop Lavo face cause again listen got it David to llama got it back gave it to lover again end of story I knew you wasn't over until the eighty minutes was up because the French have always been like that with me and they've been the bogey team for New Zealand you know since 94 oh no not a repeatable please no but it was there the other side the near hot they're hot dear world beaters but uh you know wasn't mean to be Australia became Victor's again but you know well deserved [Applause] [Applause] I'm very passionate about my cars and also like going really fast it's all done in a controlled environment which is a mirror mirror drag way and we go down there and just lead off our steam and I'm in the mood for a fair bit of pace we'll be able to speed I'm in the Godzilla here she sits there roughly about Oh close to 750 horse but it's a fair bit of TOEFL Walker I've got a face up computer just tells me how the whole engine is running the boost throttle everything you can hook up television CD everything you want very unique in the sense that there's only father in the country you know I've killed Lee prod muffin and driving this car because all the handlings there and everything I just like the grandpa it's just pure more bass music jumpin the cream of the crop of basing on cars chopped I just turned a passion into something that I love and enjoy and to basically a business and you know being tied in with fusion and it was great we believe there's a market for products with Jonah's name on products at a high level which he can go out there and be proud of and anybody that's efficient seeing those products throughout the world is going to know that they purchase the best in the class they designed all the speakers and everything and you want something a rock rocker house there they brought them out Jonas had a lot of input back plate honors on his woofers the logo he hasn't put on a continuous basis we entered the idea of creating a vehicle that was capable of competing to be one of the last councils in the world a jet plane takes off at about 130 140 decibels when you're doing 160 as you shake the rafters ambition with a tall as have a crack at the world record mm was just a year being welcomed by the people of Wellington and having a chance to play in the new stadium as well just brought new life into my regular career [Applause] every absolutely delighted that this man the debutante for Wellington for sure scored in the tricky bounce of the ball and he held it away Mia support from Vanessa [Applause] just in Thailand China moment working together I had to stop China FloorMate us in the goal line with the ball of coke lucky he'll hold on as long as he can't play the advantage now it's a way of the Yanks slips in a costume [Applause] [Applause] Farwell across to Cullen umana standing start [Applause] I just loved the land down here when he stops a guy in like that – free [Applause] constant detergent next type attorney the Chantal the third force and the brilliance of the tribe [Applause] is a manifesting palatini Lovins fence [Applause] make sense so a patter advice from John it was Ben Caldwell and against the Scottish and kidding opportunity got down against them [Applause] [Laughter] and the big theater gets a second of the day that put down the Scott Robertson what's better we look the saw miss to and gave you the Johnny with a clear clear space on the outside it was an easy walk in vagina killer for Mertens aramean mertens again [Applause] can he lose this he can't he's having one side I really one has to deduce that this thing's very affected of moving the ball to space creating the opportunity and of course finishes to burn we measure on one wing model and the other and calendar for back you never know when it comes to rugby things things happen our teams go to sleep [Applause] to say look this is a time fixed what a terrific try score by Jeremy Paul that night the guys are really up for it same with the Australians could have gone either way [Applause] 55:34 basically we've got to go we're gonna run this until we drop and it's not allowed to go out the boys not let er go out [Applause] Randall and logo t-shirts vodka New Zealand this has been a magnificent [Applause] when I received that ball from pain I just basically put my ears and scoot down the sideline all I saw was Stephen leicht and coming across as good I gotta get to this Charlie I got to get to this Charlie and I'm gonna put the board here it took me a while to actually leave a sinking then I actually scored the try I was just going up school to try out school no second later on [Applause] every time my name is called out for the All Blacks you know I get the tingles through my body and get the butterflies turning around in my stomach and you just sit there you just you don't I'm I'm an all that we go out the in due to haka we give it all L and you know you're about to explode and it sets the tone for the game [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] scoring was a great that will kick this Santa whom I have stabbed it through the hole but look at the speed to get round his marker Joe Roth – total ahead guide great trial yeah there was the cutout pass of to midfield players Jonah Lomu chick coming through it'd been unlucky Joe Roth there but I saw Jonah down here on the ground before the game he was pumped up I don't know what sort of music ed blaring through his ears but it certainly when he gets the ball that there's going to be something something's going to happen and he's proven it over the years slips it to Halle while a better number that support get away go barn Calla hazard Wilson the wife immittance umaga looking to get trophies through this time now only here for the effects Romero sparsely held still going [Applause] Wilson is an [Applause] Janice stepped the tackle stiff the matter one slip diver got back on his indictable available good stuff chief Wilson the right stuff over that stage that's a 720 defensively he's bitten there then he then he was back in those days this is really been a great deal of power for both teams offensively the Springboks and defensively for your backs are another chance switch pass they live what on the truck Dean hold it exceptionally well to stay on his feet as long as he did their journal only scraggy to try and keep him up in there [Applause] picked up from front of is Tyson Rocco from Jonah Lomu and Marshalls got out but the not a trial well one's good to say that that there was a definite striving to think a bit more of what you can create for other players and the team and what you can do for the team I'm not as worried about scoring toys recycled nicely before the unsystematic bomb who wants to get out of this here he goes six of them went which now Chase's own Thomson and McDonald's and Brighton dosa just a little quick fantastic camera tech from John along because that's exactly what it was Jana was a McDowell in heaven elegant then he stepped inside one he beat the truck ran through the third defender knocked over the fifth defender with a fourth on his back great work I think just trying to get a more complete game and getting more involved every time and get a higher work great will help me and and it has it's helped me to develop a more consistent game but Howard is on the Finch the Lester at former estoy and now turn alone Oh is he Oh family runs this time he escapes attack the once again money rain Patterson and the strength of this man used the attacking paper skills surprise surprise here's mr. wargame I'd say Patterson I'd say McLaren Craig Newby of New Zealand has it now just outside New Zealand's 20 to 35 thousand people packed into the stadium mundial East to stadium and journal a mood touches for the first time Australia's captain Richard Graham has been tender of one to beat ooh what a beginning grads Fleming so we all owe a Marcio the defenders are looking for Jonah Jonah Tate's on the defensin gets through again so now it's a straight-line lamu up the middle three top in jhana she's got a better understanding of the game and he's creating a lot of play for other players and and I think he's using his skills more intelligently now with the with the experience that he's had [Applause] [Applause] well that would have to be really impossible to stop the big man man [Applause] favorites going on in the short shot [Applause] lower wooden smaller three minutes out [Applause] what about going one way I didn't back the other now Maha long who gets the short pass [Applause] the short ball from Ibaka brushes away we're a couple and he's still got a lot of work to do you can see the supporters there Percy Montgomery a bit feeble really from the Springbok fullback and la moose an absolute vintage try the sort of try only one player and world rugby can score being with John Romo is a vocation it's not a job I don't tell anybody I got a job I look after Jonah Lomu I never say my job is or I do this no I'm a very lucky guy to be with it with a great man I believe a more mature Jaina will become a more dangerous Jonah where the ball in handy could leave the greatest rugby player who ever seen anyway he's one of the the major draw codes in that's been in maybe for 100 years I couldn't think of anyone who had been more spectacular in the world obviously people keep asking why don't they use it differently New Zealand etc etc I think they're using well I think he's he's grateful rugby when he's got the size that he is plus the pace he's got you know it's an unbeatable combination when he wants to he puts his mind to it and not many people stopping and telling them he's a phenomenal on the rugby field Jonah ticks rugby to places where it's never been taken I just hope that they think of me as a guy who who loved playing the game because I purely pay the game because I love it I enjoy I embrace everything that comes with it you

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