Joe Marler explains his retirement from England Rugby | Rugby Tonight

Joe Marler explains his retirement from England Rugby | Rugby Tonight

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Harlequins prop Joe Marler gives his side of the story after his retirement from England made headlines.

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we invite you in rugby tonight you know like it goes out live on TV the smartest dress guess what your comments off air will not appreciate it when you said when you go into wardrobe it's a good luck we appreciate the effort maze I'm loving it I'm good to see you though especially this time of year are you missing England cow no no I mean that you know in a bad way I mean I got to spend last week half turn with the kids and I get to spend the next four weeks with them as well so yeah I'm loving life good joke a few weeks ago you hit a lot of headlines a lot of press attention about some quotes that where I think lots of people said they were misquote you didn't you weren't one of those people I wasn't one of those people and if you were misquoted what did you actually mean by what you said I tried clearing it out the day after because I didn't know but it was a bit sticky because it didn't come across wrong well you said you when I said I deliberately got yellow cards yes red carded dumb penalties in order to get banned but what you actually meant was what I meant was that in hindsight having looked back on it and realized the Bristol game was the turning point for me that I was doing it again and then once I've made the decision I said enough enough of a family I want to stay at home for longer I need to see the kids grow up I need to be a husband I need to be a dad that's what I want to do father thank you and it came across in hindsight that's how I was behaving my my sort of anxiety in the way I'd get emotionally with England camps coming up not so much because of what England camps entailed it was leaving the family and leaving my wife Daisy to sort of fend on her own with the kids so yeah was it in hindsight that's what I was doing I'm subconsciously sort of thing so now that you've kind of made that and just how much of a relief is and not just kind of in rugby terms when you play for Quinn's but just in everyday life do you feel like a weights been lifted off your shoulder massive massive assumes about that decision no I kind of felt like a new man my wife was like well you're a bit jollier then you use your time here and I was like well I haven't got those sort of pressures of knowing that you're gonna be on your own for five six weeks at a time or eight nine weeks at a time or a World Cup year I can actually enjoy being around with you guys because you mentioned they obviously that you know you were misquoted in the media because you have you always have this kind of like nez kind of relationship haven't you like and you're such an outgoing character aren't you like you know in kind of everyday life and wait why are you so an easy in the public eye I think my mindset has kind of shifted a little bit with it I mean hence I'm on bit over the top my I always kind of looked at the media is negative that you're always looking not you personally but general always looking for something to pick on or a headline to to make something to nothing and so I put up a guard I went now you know I put two fingers up to you like actually go defensive which didn't work because back in 2016 when and involved in that incident with Samson Lee you know completely erupted and a lot of that not just because I've done wrong on the field a lot of it was around how I acted towards the press in 2015 and repercussions of that of hang on mate you've talked to us like crap and this is a chance to get you back a little bit so I've shifted it in in terms of I'm going treat you like people get to know you a little bit as people and then judge you from that one it's good how we doing so far we'll see well I guess some of that was thrust upon you when you took on the captaincy at Harlequins you had to do more melee did you find that an extra an extra burden in terms of being able to do I was still you captain me yeah you say that so I don't know upset no no no I really appreciate you as a captain I thought you did lots of good wasn't very good at it mate okay they all failed all all the on-field stuff I could I couldn't do it and it was sort of around the sort of time when I was putting the guard up I was like now I'm not having any of that and I couldn't deal with it that wasn't for me hence why it lasted nine months of her obviously regret that a bit now that you didn't embrace it but Morse is a huge honour isn't it oh I'll look back at it as hugely honored to to have captain such a famous club but a club that I loved I don't regret it because I consider I can still contribute moving forward without being captain it's better suited to someone else I can help someone else do it as opposed to doing it okay just on kind of like psychoanalyzing your ladyship with James Haskell because I feel like it's like a little bit of a roller coaster you know because if we look at this that was a few years ago it's a beautiful thing you're having fun in an England count he's in that was obviously a planned setup for inside line for that so I jumped out you know I'm very good at it I did a bit of and Ram it wasn't real okay well either way you've harbored that and you've felt well after a few years to get your own backwards and good in a game which happened at the Ricoh Arena I mean he's just – business you decide to squirt water but he is not happy with that he's not happy what I like about this war that anything is the thing that was missed because you obviously the main event with James Haskell going on is actually Danny glass yeah Danny care that the sniping little irritant that every scrum you watch his actions after this so who's all coming down James Haskell has accepted his yellow card watch Danny care water bottle was one of my favorite moments in a Harlequin shirt that there's a clear or lap you and Dana to get on well oh we get them really well that's why it's so funny so funny cuz I just said to him after when we embraced I went well that's one nil me is yet to get me back but we're safe we look forward

32 thoughts on “Joe Marler explains his retirement from England Rugby | Rugby Tonight

  1. Why can't the modern man dress in a tie and shirt ( without a baseball cap ) for interviews? Are these people ashamed of their Country's higher standards of decency?

  2. I think he jumped before being pushed. It's not enough in the modern international game to just hold your own in the scrum and offer little else around the park.

  3. I'm blown away by this guys low key courage to explain to the Rugby public how he analyzed his subconscious mind to inform his decision making for what was best for him and his families future. What a deep and thoughtful thinker Joe is. And all this time I thought he was a total muppet. Just because he was a Prop and had a blonde mohawk.

  4. I think Marler is a great character. As an Irish man I'll miss him when we play England in a relieved kinda way.

  5. I reckon he meant exactly what he said about getting banned on purpose to miss england games and his explanation for those comments makes no sense at all

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