Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights!

Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights!

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Jason Williams, aka ‘White Chocolate’, joined Omar Raja to react to his most MEMORABLE plays and highlights throughout his NBA career, including the legendary elbow pass.

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Randy Moss → 0:08-2:30
Crossover on Gary Payton → 2:57-4:24
Philly BTB → 4:43-5:22
Flashy in the Bay → 6:24-6:43
Faking Out Iverson → 8:16-8:36
Bibby on Skates → 8:54-9:33
The Elbow Pass → 12:06-12:48
International Elbow Pass → 13:02-13:09
Bullet to Peja → 14:07-14:28
John Stockton → 16:02-16:30
Dime to Webber → 17:56-18:08
Behind the Head → 19:40-20:00
Pacers x Passing → 21:02-21:30
Lakers → 22:00-23:25
Bounce Pass vs. Suns → 23:44-24:12
The Rondo → 24:17-25:12
Poster Dunk → 25:15-25:36
Game-Breaker → 26:40-27:00
Miami Heat Champs → 28:18-31:50
Lobs in China → 33:00-33:20
Intramural Icon → 33:45-34:14

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our Jason appreciate you coming on the show was going through all your highlights and I completely forgot that you and Randy Moss were teammates what was he like as a basketball player he was pretty good man you know everybody says like Chris Webber was like the first ones to catch all those passes but the moss man you could throw it anywhere Oh some games you know I just try to throw it where I knew he wasn't gonna catch it yeah but he would get them all cuz your two guys from what West Virginia small town right is it kind of cool to see that you guys both are ledges in your own field I think it's cool I mean because just for the simple fact I know how much he worked it football and the same for me at basketball but but but I can honestly say if he worked at anything else other than football he could have made it – do you think he would have been a basketball player for sure man like I said whatever whatever whatever he chose to play he would have been successful for sure because he was on like a basketball camp with like kg and he could legit play right he's one of the top players in the country for sure man there's not to me more athletic people that's ever walked this planet and do you still think this thing in touch this day of course he's got a little fishing thing going you know I got some fishing videos coming soon okay okay so when you're playing with them you're just trying to get him the ball cuz you were kind of always a willing passer well I wasn't willing pastor but but he'd also rebound too and he could he could rebound the ball – and take it – link to the court but I think he knew if he got me the ball and he just filled the lane he's getting the ball back your high school games were always packed – they were they were we were we were pretty exciting team looking back I don't think we were that good and when you were in high school at this point did you know you were gonna go to the NBA I personally did I don't think anybody else knew or nobody was trying to hear that but but that's all I knew you know that's what I was gonna do and you were doing ridiculous behind that back passes even during high school did coaches ever hesitate or kind of tell you to kind of chill out a little bit all the time man all the time but I wasn't trying to listen to know that you know I just because I mean everything you've seen me do I practice you know I worked on so so I don't think coaches could really really say much I mean who was the second string but now I probably dropped off drastically yeah you're in high school and maybe a coach is telling you chill out like how are you just confident enough to just be like now I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing because it's working and it's gotten me to be this successful like I said man I practiced all that stuff man I've spent hours upon hours doing it so I'm not I'm not I'm not wasting all those hours practicing and they're not gonna do it yeah you know I heard a story that you wouldn't even shoot when you used to practice you used to go and do just behind the back passes for two or three hours trying to hit at X on a wall yeah I'll true it is true a little bit you know I mean I shot a little bit but but I'd rather definitely pass the ball and try to find a partner that can shoot and I'll be rebound in the pass in the handle perfect yeah one of your most iconic moments is the crossover against Gary Payton walk me through this you get the steal and then what are you doing from here well well if you can pause it yep the play before that I came down and I probably shot one from like 30 feet and made it so people don't really see them they have no idea about that play so this one was kind of was set up from the last play coming down and he had to come up with me because he was gonna get it and it was just too late as soon as he started leaning I mean if you want to try to trick me I think he might have fell forward that's what I was gonna ask so he tried to trip you after when he got when he got got well that's what it looked like that's my man GP didn't try to trick me man What did he say though he didn't say anything after that really but before that bro I was scared to death I'm I won't lie he was talking a lot you know some things I probably shouldn't say mmm-hmm but see Webb and he was talking back and forth to one another I wasn't saying anything because like I said I was scared you know the first time I seen this guy and he's talking this but after that he seemed to show respect like he was in awe I think he even after the game he said in the postgame like just respect to him well I mean yeah I mean I think I think everybody everybody's gonna get God at one point right was this one of your I made it moments cuz he was one of the best defenders in the league and immediately your rookie year you're like oh I just crossed Gary Payton you know at the time I really weren't even thinking of it like that you know I didn't like I said I'm still shook scared a little bit you know I don't want I don't want plus a little bit of me wants to act like I've done it before yeah but but inside I was probably jumping for joy and then when you were teammates you talked about it at all uh it came up a couple times but you know he's like you said you know he paid their respect and owned up to it so if he was trying to be like a bully about her like I'll know when a good move ah I think it'd have been a worse worse off time for him you have then but but he was cool okay now the behind the back move against Philly when did you know you were gonna do that probably my 11th grade year in high school I'm just waiting on that stage I mean I've done that movement huh yeah I did that move in high school for sure but really that move I don't think it was that good because it really didn't fake to you Ratliffe out like I wanted it to mm-hmm like I think I think he probably should have blocked it yeah if we did that play again here block it nine out of ten times I'll bet what but what made you break it out was there anything that Theo was doing his stance that made you say all right I'm gonna break it out now no no really because it was just like I mean I was just trying to bait him to drop the pass off really mm-hmm and I probably still should have dropped the pass off but I said oh yeah I'm already halfway am I doing here where did you get your confidence from um I think it just come from hours in the gym practicing like I said all these moves you see me I'll try them before so once I walk in the gym I feel like I can do anything yeah did it surprise you at all the buzz you had your rookie year like you were top five in jersey sales I felt like everyone was talking about you the buzz your rookie year was it just something you expected or did it kind of take you off Club for sure it took me off guard Devin never expected anything like that but that's just comes with my team brother wasn't it everybody like it was me me me but it was like everybody else was passing that thing to and catching and finishing and shooting threes and everybody had a little bit of flair just some people had a little bit more yeah Paige has a ridiculous behind that back pass it's really famous Chris Webber was a really underrated passer that in Tonica pass yes there's like a whole montage on YouTube of just like the Sacramento Kings best passes so that whole team was very flashing I think you forget it was a good old days you also passed it to yourself we did a similar movement needed a lob against Golden State do you remember this I do because it's against my fellow West Virginian bimbo Cole's number 12 okay this is kind of the same thing I'm just trying to set them up with the behind the back for just to see what they're gonna do whether I can pass or shoot and it was something I can jump you just they got no chance on two-on-one yeah you're handled that's just another thing you work did you do anything specifically because everyone works on their handles but it felt like you just were on another level when it came to it yeah I did all kind of crazy things when I worked with gloves and everything like that but but like I said I could go in the gym wheel in there like six or seven hours man and never shoot just dribble yeah I mean our work pays off I think because I think some people say Jason Williams is the best handles ever Jamal Crawford Kyrie where do you kind of rank yourself I'm not one to rank myself but I think carries got the best handle ever man to me Lee to me just because he can he can get he can get to anywhere on the floor that he wants to get he can get through cracks and crevices you know and he's fast and he can finish with either hand he's he your favorite player to watch right now in the ya know Russell I'm a Western Westbrook guy yeah I'm a LeBron guy too I think LeBron is the best player still but Russell's my favorite for sure I think it's a bad rap you know you you know as long as he won and didn't score a point or didn't get a rebound or didn't get assists that's all he would care about and I think a lot of people think that he he's caring about the triple doubles and things like that which he's not he just wants to win and then just so happen gets a triple-double yeah and you've had moments against Kobe you've had moments against Gary Payton now and I ever sin was there anyone that surprised you like you're like oh wow I can't believe I crossed this person or faked them out even like you've said everyone has to get got eventually yeah but was there anyone that stuck out of like in particular um I had to be Gary Payton them yeah but just because he's the best one-on-one mm-hmm point guard yeah defender / scorer that ever played to me yeah when you run the Grizzlies you also had a moment against Philly where you faked out AI a little bit and so what is that was that just you faking a pass real quick yeah I think it was just like a fake bounce pass to Gasol yeah just to get because he's always gambling for steals and you kind of just were able to kind of get him to I think this just just to get him a jump so I could get my shot off were you ever asked or no not really I mean I could school I think you know just enough to help my team but I would never be the guy that have to get you your buckets okay never that guy I don't know what to call this is this a jump shot on Mike Bibby is this a travel no it's not a try no I can't be a travel can it I don't know I don't know the rules you tell me between they didn't call what I do I mean I don't think it was a trout waters jumped mm-hmm kept one more dribble right how do you even come up with this I don't know that's what I don't know about that one there I don't I mean I don't even seen by over it I was gonna be able to pass it to you really but you say you practice all the time this entire interview you told me you practice in the gym all of these moves and this is the one you just had never practiced well I mean I'll probably did a couple a couple of them did you ever break it out again I don't think so nothing nothing to like I don't know what baby was doing like why would he back up yeah I don't get that either I really don't get that at all yeah I don't know but I and where did you get the name white chocolate from but I think that came from somebody in Sacramento's uh PR department mm-hmm um you know people's asked me all the time does it bother me they said no no it doesn't bother me a bit you know I mean I mean the word the word racism or anything like that is like so far from my vocabulary yeah I mean I just I don't get into any of that you know just I just go out and whooping and people talk what they want you play with a lot of good players – right like d-wade Shaq was there anyone that you wished you played with that I didn't get a play one mmm and I played with some good ones but I mean forever or just like whatever no I'm out I'd love to play with Larry Bird yeah Magic Johnson a lot of these guys I'm like my my top five that I could be the sub want to be like mad you could be the one Jordan Abita to LeBron Abita three and Larry Bird to be the four and Shaq will be the five yeah how did the your relationship with Shaq start because he's always been a big fan of yours I think it started like back before I got drafted I used to live here in Orlando before the Mon draft and I work out here so we played pickup ball together and I think it started there you know you know I think he saw the way I passed the ball a little bit you know I love to pass the ball in and obviously he likes to score so I think I started then back in like 97 oh wow yeah I remember when he when he was in Miami he said the best thing that about you was that he couldn't put his hand up and the ball would just be there right and you would always be able to feed him there will be repercussions if it wasn't yeah I think people also forget that it's been 20 years since some of these highlights and you're one of the few players that's really just still stayed popular throughout all of these years and it doesn't happen that often like I have a page that most of the people on the page are younger than 25 so they've never seen Michael Jordan play and believe it or not when I post a Michael Jordan clip it doesn't do as well as that Jason Williams ultimate mixtape why do you think you've kind of stayed relevant more than kind of these other legends over the last 20 years I'm not sure man yeah yeah crazy people that but I just think maybe just that the passing you know I think nowadays a lot of people can score a lot of people works going I'm not saying a lot of people can't pass or do this stuff I mean that's just passing the ball but I think a lot of people were scoring nowadays and they're not seeing any of this you know behind the back any of that getting a teammates excited type thing I don't know you got to ask them though the elbow pass everyone loves it is that the number one play that everyone asks you about probably like teach me the alicante elbow pass do you like like like I can teach that vision two days or two minutes did you know going into that game that you were gonna break it out I didn't you know I've always wanted to and that was like a perfect perfect game to do it in I get it like an all-star game it really doesn't matter but man which he would have finished it me too what was the reason for breaking it out like is the defender have to do something for you to be like all right now I'm gonna do it I don't think the defender has to I think it's just got to be said it's got to be a gallon of oh no oh no left side of me because I can't do it the other way yeah ever even try to do it the other way so it has to be somebody behind me a little bit and obviously somebody on the right to look at him like you're going that way flirt make sense I don't think people have also known that you actually finished this play because you've done it a few times so that we have some clips from China where you broke it out and this person didn't get fouled and they actually finished the play which was nice this is this isn't China this is a good old days over there you're there a lot right the Chinese the Chinese fans are great well they love the NBA people talk about vision like court vision can you teach that I don't think so I think I think a lot of it comes with imagination too I think a lot of a lot of these kids nowadays are are coming up with trainers and things like that that you know they meet them in the gym for an hour or two and they tell it like I'm all right now that you go do this you go do that now I'm not knocking trainers or anything like that but but you know when I was gonna fight and have that trainer so I'm gonna gym do my own thing thinking of different drills different situations and and things like that so I think imagination is like there's slept knowing nowadays yeah the place so popular you surprised that no other players really tried to break it out mmm probably you know I think a lot of no had the balls to do it too you know I'm scared I'm scared of messing up I think I think I had that going for me a little bit I call it going for me a lot of people's they got it going against me but but I wasn't scared to try anything because I think you know I was thinking I can I can pull this off the behind the back pass against the Grizzlies [Applause] I think it without store occupation being able being ready and having nice hands I don't think it was caught you know cuz I don't think it was a very good pass it was off target a little bit MBA guys should catch it that I gonna do you ever wonder how you would be in this era sometimes you know I wish I could play couple games maybe maybe like 15 minutes a night message know if you were in your Prime on your prime I think I'd be a lot of fun I think I think I'm a I think I'd struggle a little bit this because I don't score enough I didn't look to score enough but I felt like you were a capable scorer though well and I was capable chucker yeah but wouldn't have because you were a past first point guard wouldn't you have been able to get 20 25 assists cuz playing with everyone to score now everyone's a shooter I feel like you would be able to set up everybody I think so if I got the minutes you know yeah they depend on all the minutes but but yeah for sure I mean they'd be tougher than I think just because at some point I had to look to score yeah have to yeah was there anybody you emulated growing up not really man I'd like to watch all games on TVs you know whether it be Pepperdine verse Cal Riverside or whatever you know I will watch that game just you never know someone might see a move that I like and try to throw that in my bag but but basketball was my lover I love basketball and I watch it all the time everyone makes the Pistol Pete comparison is that fair um I don't I can't answer that because I didn't really get to see him play like like I wish I could have but but I mean to see some of the highlights and things like that yeah I mean he was good don't get me wrong now I mean but I think our games were different yeah 1000 I mean they were different but they were both had a little bit of with him but but different yeah I mean when you play against John Stockton are you nervous beforehand at all oh the first time I was mm-hmm just because again he never really said a word to me ever not high not by not not not anything you know so it was kind of intimidating at first but it was also a part of me one of killing because he was really good you know people you looked up to in general ever say to you like yo you've got it like you're your he never deal like I said he never said a word to me I mean use I don't know I don't know if I did something to him or not I never really had a chance to do anything that bad to me but but no not really not no I mean people told me no they liked my game and things like that but nothing to like get me on my hot horse I know there's an internet comment and I want to see if you kind of agree with this it says J will is arguably the only player ever that was able to combine the street ball game with the NBA game successfully I think it's fair no I don't because I don't see I don't say there's a street ball game in an NBA game I think it's one game because played the right way I mean obviously Street ball there's rules to games the street ball rules are different I guess right yeah a double dribble and travel really call fouls well yeah if I could double dribble and do all that I could do a little bit more than I did and I'm sure Allen arson and Kobe and whatever it could have done a lot more so that street ball stuff it's basketball so I'm just doing what I do yeah Tracy McGrady said that he never wanted to guard you because he was like I'm gonna end up on a highlight reel did you ever notice that with players when when they would have to guard you they'd back up a little bit or they're just a little intimidated because they don't want to end up on I I would not want to say intimidated and I would they were back up a little bit it's just just to probably that's what the coach want him to do wanted me to shoot the ball but uh but yeah I'd back up to you know and I'm everyone's backed up on everybody and yeah everybody's like I wouldn't say scared to get crossed over or anything like that because like I said earlier everybody's going to get crossed yeah the tipped past so there's his play you fake him out then the ball gets tipped and you still complete a behind-the-back pass well I think I was going behind the back from the get-go so it was just all in one motion there's no way I could have got the ball up with my left yeah around you made a point in one of your interviews you said there's a difference between a good passer in a willing passer and can you break that down a little bit of course I mean a good passer is just like somebody that's always making the right pass or making a pass on time on target but a willing passer is like you know I got a wide open shot but JJ Redick is in the corner mm-hmm that's his percentage is way higher than mine so you got to be willing to make that extra pass for the team what was the most underrated part of your game I think I was misunderstood I wanted all I wanted to do was win whether that was three behind-the-back passes or zero behind-the-back classes or five points or thirty points it is I just wanted to win yeah you know it seemed like you always play to have fun too that was that was Jonathan I think I try to tell people that today and in every job you know your job their job you gotta have fun or what's the point exactly good find something that you like yeah you know if you weren't playing basketball what would you have done tell yeah well I had a story of this talk not too long ago I would honestly be like I know my personality bro I'll be like I'd love to be like a FedEx driver UPS driver no way I swear bro just like load me up tell me come back at five o'clock and I'll be back bro just let me do my thing do you think you would have been good we give them behind the back passes with the packages I don't know how I got in trouble all these your veiled cameras and things I mean videos go viral all the time of FedEx workers playing basketball and we post them and he gets three million views so that maybe that would have been you grow out of love I give these kids buckets so you also had a pass against Steve Nash like how did you officially could you grasp the ball do you have like just big hands I do have big hands but but like I said man I've worked so hard on my handles growing up mm-hmm like like I'll always be able to get in till a day I'll be able to go between my legs right to left the heavy and get a jump shot off on anybody I think what was the best way to guard you like in hindsight what should have teams done to guard you and kind of stop this in a way man out of just tried to force me right out of crowd of me mm-hmm and put some pressure on me and put some hands on me and try to force me one way yeah was there anybody that guarded you best that sticks out I don't think like one-on-one yeah no not really because I never really got into like a one-on-one match but like teams that I hated playing against were like buh outlaw because their team would score basket now he's doing his guy's bringing the ball in he's denying me the ball I hate it yeah yeah I want the ball I want to go you know I hated that and then like Brian grant when he played for uh Miami when they yeah come off a pick-and-roll a trap the pick and roll yeah and I'd always run my knees in his need eight of that hated it how did you get that creativity like I said I think earlier in you know when I was in the gym by myself without trainers you know just you know picking the ball off getting trapped at half-court things like that just like put myself in all types of different situations you have a one-handed pass against the Pacers and I found out from Nick who's here with us that it's not your favorite pass against the Pacers well I mean I was kind of set up pretty easy I mean no one was even guarding Corliss yeah is this this is your favorite highlight ever yeah that's well that's top two three for sure I saw the whole thing happen as soon as I got the ball there was three guys in front of me and I knew I was going to be able to get past them and the Vlade doing it's all bloody had to do is just keep running and he did so I just threw it through there and it's I wanted them to to bang into each other being better it's like right there Rosen Smith with a banging each other but Jalen Rose is my guy though you know what sucks a little bit though because in this era everyone's highlights can be cut within minutes and now it's just so hard to go to from 1999-2000 those clips are hard to get on YouTube so I wish you kind of played in this era because I'm sure we would have you more moments like this trust me raw which I've played in this era the Lakers was that a team you just always kind of wanted to play against like because you have a lot of moments against against them well the Lakers were the Lakers you know back being a coach Shaq I mean how could you not be ready to go with them but I don't know how when I play for Sacramento I don't know I don't know if we could've beat him honestly down deep I when they made a trade to get Bibby I think they had a chance to beat him so you you think that was a good trade I do for for the Kings to get what they wanted to get done – it was I'm not just saying this because of me yeah this thing is because the whole dynamic of the team changed there is a lot of people that say they should have never done that trade action oh well I'm not sure there's gonna be a lot of people to say they should have been probably doing them but honestly to me for them to get a championship mm-hmm we were gonna get a championship playing that way I don't think really and when they changed I think they got way better to win like what is Kobe doing for you to kind of fake him out that way well I think he kind of helped me out a little bit but if Nick Anderson was stopped I'd have been stuck because I wasn't thinking that was like last minute like desperation yeah you know that's the only thing I could do or just travel how much of it was planned like you're going down the court you're like I'm gonna jump up and fakes this guy out and pass it well I think what I want to do I wanted to go to cordis Williamson if in the back but he I look back you see when I look back yeah he kind of I know he slowed down so he didn't want the ball anymore I don't think mm-hmm and I was kind of stuck like Nick had to keep going who did you enjoy playing against the most I liked playing against Jason Kidd a lot just because I watched him a lot growing up Young's at number five Dallas Maverick jerseys was the only Jersey I roan growing up you also had another behind-the-back pass from the three-point line I think it was against the sun's bounce pass yep this is a good one to everybody everybody was coming this way because I'm looking this way and see where I was going the opposite way I don't even think he was ready for the ball where do you rank this in terms of kind of the passes yeah this is up there cuz this is near the three-point line and just the ability to fake everyone out and just manage also the opportunity to do that the crisp yeah Rondo has his special behind the back fake and I didn't realize you did something similar the elephant yes he asked me about every time he sees really granted we probably see each other once every eight years you didn't even in high school though yeah I like I said mom did all this stuff yeah teammates also said they didn't ever knew when to be ready they would say to themselves that there is no way he's gonna be able to pass the ball from here yeah and you were able to pull it off time and time and again and this is a good example of that because you hit a lot a in the face oh I should have shot the ball he always got mad at me really maybe why shoot the ball man what do you say shoot the ball does this remind you of the Rondo move at all um it does is it the same move uh I think I think maybe sometime he brings his like way back around a look yeah and how often would you break this out it's pretty effective move because I can set my hands are so big I can do it and still pass the ball pretty good with it yeah you also have a poster dunk is this your only poster dunk was probably the only one they caught on on a film I mean I've got plenty okay you know what whether what they're reaching the archives though this was a foul two and one your reaction was I was mad at a coach before because the coach took me out early in the first half and then put me back in with like two minutes ago or something like that yeah I didn't want to go back in Oh see you and a Hannity the first play yeah so it is Mario Elie my bad dog what did you enjoy more dunking on somebody or breaking their ankles um definitely breaking ankles because the dunks and that was probably maybe you know there was a couple more like I said oh yeah you have an ultimate mix that always goes viral have you seen this before probably wants what was your favorite move because you're going crazy right here on this plate – yeah oh man Oh favorite one man it's got to be a pass mm-hmm of some sort Shaq always said he wanted to play with you and you got to play with you was there any other guys that would walk up to you before a game or after the game and say like you know we got to get you because he would set me up my man man starter for sure yes we try to play together forever we finally got to play together a little bit in Orlando but not during their primes no that would have been a little bit of fun you're also an underrated shooter – in the oh six year did you shoot like 40 percent from three I don't know I've never really gotten into numbers man I think I never really was a serious shooter you know I didn't take it serious so this you have the nice no-look pass and then what is it just staying ready so you can get the steal well I knew for sure we'll see where was about Larry Hughes couldn't touch no and there was a I think I Mookie Blaylock you know key Blaylock I do not know it's crazy so I grew up in Miami that oh six Heat team was kind of my childhood and kind of the reason why I fell in love with basketball what was it like to throw lobs to d-wade cuz he was man he was young here it was great I mean like I said about moths earlier you just throw it anywhere near the rim they're gonna get it yeah the trade from Memphis to Miami though Shaq he went to Pat Riley and said hey I want Jason Williams on the team was he in communication with you like yo I'm trying to get you onto the heat for sure I mean we live we live next to each other here in Orlando and he came over like the day before I was like ask me if I wanted to play for the heat yeah I like well sure you know get it done I didn't think you know I always thought he was full of it but he got it done yeah who was your favorite person to throw lobs to that's a tough question I mean I played with stroke – width you don't remember stroke mouse with a Memphis man he could jump to the moon Pau Gasol mm-hmm catch some lobs – and then favorite memories what do you think about this oh six Heat team because there's a lot of characters you had Antoine Walker and Gary Payton Shaq Alonzo Mourning the way James Posey any memories that stick out I mean the great women win win it in Dallas man yeah that arena was great and you know Mark Cuban try to tell Pat Riley we're not allowed to bring any champagne in there really well yeah we brought double we had a good time that night also when you're on a team with Shaq and D Wade are you just looking to feed them the entire time like what's the mentality I think I think I think you got a pick and choose because you can't just get caught up and just trying to feed Shaq and D way to hold the whole time because you know other guys that just get stagnant or whatever but but if two or three trips go down the floor and Shaq hasn't touched the ball he'll let you know that it's his turn yeah by the way was Pat Riley as tough as he seems no I don't think so I mean as long as you did what he wanted you to do I mean how tough could it be you know yeah I'm but he loved his finds he does he did love his finds but he was cool about the finds you know he would try to give the finds back at the end of the year was really like half quarters or you know everybody should make three in a row three-pointers like Shaq make three you get his finds back some Shaq made threes in practice no no I'm just saying like at the end the end of the year when the one define money was being yeah giving back out I don't think that's known about Pat at all well I don't tell nobody that's too late now was this your best season statistically yeah I'm not sure I mean I'm gonna say it's my best season no matter what just because we want yeah like I said that's all that matters to me and you asked all 15 guys on that roster as the same same mentality what was the biggest difference between Jay will and Miami versus Jason Williams in Sacramento in Memphis I just think that the the way we play the our team my teammates were different you know we didn't we weren't running up and down the floor like you said we get we had to stop and play half-court sets to get Shaq and D Wade the ball whereas in Sacramento heck the best shot may be a rebound one past three yeah that might be the best shot where you know here in Miami D waiting Shaq need to touch the ball yeah what did you learn because people talk about the game slowing down so like what did you learn from your rookie year to this point definitely you know like I said early on in my career I really wasn't thinking championship like when I got here to Miami that's all it was about you know like I don't think we were we were gonna be able to get by the Lakers with that team yeah you're on and then the O six championship my childhood this is this is it for me this was like peak for us and obviously peak for you sir when you're down o to though I think most series especially the finals feel over for sure what was different about your team or did something happen that gave you guys confidence that you can come back and I don't think anything just I don't think anything happened I think it's just we just you know it sounds cliche but we just got to get when you're down o – you got to get one win yeah whether it's at home or on the road you got to get that one win and once we get that one win then you know it starts a little bit of momentum that way and then God forbid we get another one yeah and now it's just a three-game series and is it true that even though when you guys were down o – Pat Riley said we will win the finals in six games we're gonna win four straight bring one suit bring one tie don't let us bring one and I don't think we wore I think we all wore sweat suits today the truth uh-huh but but Pat Riley was real and what was it like watching d-wade go off like that do you weigh I mean he weighs top three teammates I've ever had you know like you know not just an EMBA my whole life the way couldn't happen to a better person or a better guy you guys did a Jersey swap this year which was cool – that was like a nostalgic moment for us like I said I think I think D way man–he top three to guard ever made to me yeah I would agree – and a better person because that's why that team was a little bit more special kind like that oh eight Celtics team – like all those veterans kind of come together at the end try to like just win one yeah I think we were able to pull it off yes and then Pat Riley leading away yeah no but yeah who else better to do it than him and then winning is that exactly what you thought it would be like oh I mean it's hard to explain people asked like what it was like no this it's you can't I mean explain a little bit but but you got to be there ya feel it get something poured on your head or something like that you know that if somebody was dry we were walking around in the locker room at the end of the game there and I was walking about parents girlfriends wives if you were dry you were getting something yeah did it feel good for you though because you were able to kind of science critics maybe people who said you were too flashy or maybe you know the way he plays isn't right for sure I mean it felt good a little bit but but at the same time and I'm not worried about what them people were saying back them you know it's just it takes it takes too much energy to be bitter at somebody you know so yeah to hell with them last couple clips you have this bounce pass from half-court that you also didn't Asia without me [Applause] so he said well the concentrated circle timer is there any moment where you would have tried that in an NBA game um yeah for sure but yeah yeah I'd try it yeah we'd have to be a certain guidelines Carter maybe Vince cars drove mouse with make it fly everyone in Orlando talks about Jason Williams plays at YMCA or JCCC or whatever pick up court you're at and they say he just dropped 50 on everybody and then leaves well is this true I'm gonna say no it's not true what my team will probably get a win no that's for sure I'm not gonna drop 50 okay I probably could drop 50 I wouldn't be able to play golf for the next week though yeah be too sore how often do you lose not often but I got a good team no it's not that everybody thinks it's me it's not me I'm like heard Nick's very good I'm like the third or fourth guy on the team you know I mean so I feel like you're being humble I'm not I'm not really I mean when it comes to like you know scoring getting buckets I'm not that guy yeah do you talk trash sometimes sometimes you're still able to do everything you kind of did 20 years ago and that's got to be cool to see that like you just like you said earlier like I'm still gonna always be able to go between my legs do another pass and I'm gonna be honest with you man I don't know if it has to do with me mm-hmm or these kids today just don't know how to play bro I'm telling you these kids really don't have any idea how to play the game right wait they just trying to go get buckets and they can do that yeah they can go get buckets they can go dunk they can do all that but man to play the right way it's different it's not just about getting buckets has the defense gotten worse overall like not even just a pickup like in the NBA you know I don't know if the defense has gotten worse or it's just people just forgetting about it you know or more worried about offense there if I get 30 in high school I'm going to college or if I get 25 in college I'm going to the league yeah that's what people think and I think that's bad for the game yeah because it's the total opposite I want to say thank you so much thank this is so much fun I mean it was kind of going through memory lane but also kind of going through my childhood is so much fun thank you for the oh six championship I will always remember that my boy knack he was here – he's gonna remember that – yes sir but this was a lot of fun you have all the highlights in the world so just felt right to do it man I appreciate it thank you so much for having a bro

49 thoughts on “Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights!

  1. God he was fun to watch, he could score, he averaged over 17 pts at Florida and his best season in the NBA he ave 15 pts. FYI he was not the first to do the elbow pass, Scott Skiles for Michigan State did it in a NCAA tournament game.

  2. If I was an NBA player, I wouldn’t want to guard him. Don’t wanna show up looking stupid in highlight reels.

  3. Those kings teams were screwed by the nba,they would have made the finals if they were in a larger city. Everyone is aware that the refs were extremely bias in awarding the Lakers instant fouls sending the kings in foul trouble and on the opposite end shaq would clobber thier bigs and not get a whistle. Totally rigged 3peat.

  4. I think this guy was in that one movie, bout them White boy drug dealers in Orange County that was based on a true story….. I forget what it's called.

  5. Answer to question at 11:34

    No matter how the game changes real fans will always respect creative passing and ball handling and J-Dub just had it.

  6. Bimbo Coles! Now that's a name I haven't heard in years! Salute to J. Will tho easily one of my favorite players growing up.

  7. I love him saying "capable chucker." He's so aware of what kind of player he is and you don't always get that. Humble and honest guy.

  8. I've always been a William's fan but his integrity,modesty makes him that much more awesome to me!!by far the coolest..
    And the reason I think he stood the test of time is the same way the globetrotters have. They pulled off some amazing shit…

    Props to the interviewer, man you nailed it. Perfect questions and timing. My hats off to you. Such a cool video!!

  9. Damn near turned this shit off when the interviewer said he did not know who Mookie Blaylock is. Wow. Or Stromile Swift. Smh

  10. The Eminem of the NBA in his time!
    Sick with it🔥🔥🔥
    Much Respect to J-Will for keeping it real in this interview specially about the trade to bring Bibby to Sac.

  11. 34:07 my favorite moment of this interview… "I'mmo have to be honest with you, I don't know if that's me, or these kids today just don't know how to play bruh". As a 40 year old baller, this is so relatable. They can go and get buckets, but they're not playing the right way.

  12. I was playing a few years ago, when I hit a behind the back pass that stopped the game, I'm a righty so to hit a left hand behind the back bounce pass in a double team, straight to open man under the basket – I still dream about it. He was a willing passer as well, so when he caught it right in the zone, ready to put it up, he had to stop the game. And I was like, why'd you stop, and he was like, it was so perfect. #bragging

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