IT’S FINALLY HERE! | Snooker 19 First Look (PS4/Xbox One/PC) | First Impressions

IT’S FINALLY HERE! | Snooker 19 First Look (PS4/Xbox One/PC) | First Impressions

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A BRAND NEW SNOOKER GAME – Snooker 19 is out on Wednesday on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC and later this spring on Nintendo Switch! Snooker 19 is developed by Lab 42 games and published by Ripstone, which include some of the developers of the old World Snooker Championship games. The game is the first official snooker game since WSC Real 11 as and features all of the official tournaments and the top 128 professional players! Today we look at a quick match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Neil Robertson. It’s time to get back on the horse and see how it compares to the old World Snooker Championship and WSC Real games as well as the new Snooker Nation Championship 2019 game. This video is my first look, first impressions and a mini review of Snooker 19.

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hey guys and welcome to the moment that we've all been waiting for for about six months now salute there 19 is here and today we're going to be giving you our first look and impressions of the game I'm sure if you new around here make sure you click that subscribe button for daily snooker 19 content a big thank you to Holly and the team at rep stone for allowing me to play this game a couple of days early a lord or a few you guys have had the Box copy since Saturday but today we're gonna be just having a look at the quick matches and just getting a general feel for the gameplay itself I will be bringing out a full review on wedding stare at the 17th of April which will be the release date for this game and in that video we'll look at career mode and stuff like that so that's goin wit here we go snooker 19 we are often often Ronan and hopefully everything will be good oh we've got a short tutorial here I think I'm allowed to show this but not entirely sure but I guess I guess I'll ask good if you're not here at this there no no I wasn't allowed but this short tutorial will guide you through some of the basics of how to play the game so phase 1 shot set up use the left stick to adjust shot direction so that the black ball is directed towards the highlighted pocket and continue the next phrase affairs sorry okay so here we go shot refinement refine your shot direction okay hold down the l2 button and move the left stick okay I'd like to move it a bit boss that's alright Lords mark selby shot execution so apply the power pull the right stick back to start the power bar and push it towards okay there we go beautiful black early on in this career mode it's probably the last one that you'll ever see your sketch bode well the new pot the target ball you can we play this stage just a tutorial or continue on the basic pew spin okay so we're doing a bit of a tutorial here I think I'll leave this out for the rest of it you get the idea let you guys go through it once we're in and I'll show you guys a quick match in just a second well turn now that was all in that spin tutorial which is absolutely fine and so yeah this is the the menus I won't look at anything else today we'll do that in our comprehensive review on Wednesday but let's get into quick match so instantly my team there are three types of snooker will probably have videos on all of them at some point you can do any length of match up to 35 frames and it's got all of the venues official venues from the World Snooker 2018-19 calendar so you can see there's the Bangkok Convention Center for the six red tournament the Beijing Olympic gymnasium as well bell Belfast waterfront there's so many things Cheltenham Racecourse you know we don't even see that and they're sneaking in a horse race again but we see it in soup again but we are of course going to pick the crucible for our first encounter in this game I'm going to do a best of three friends they try and look at this game for about 20 minutes in this episode so as you can see there's four different types of sort of the emanate we've got amateur pro if it moves I think it should move or maybe pros there I don't know it wasn't moving past parole for some reason so god I'm a chef pro master and Norway emanated quite obvious what no am Aeneid means but we're gonna start on broad holy for today and it's got all 128 players in the in the game or professional 128 players so you can see there's easy medium and hard if we can go to medium there you go so Jimmy Robertson their European masters winner of course this season so first encounter for us I think it has to be neil Robertson the Australian the guy who's been given Ronnie the biggest challenge really over the last half of the season since the Masters they've met in two finals obviously the the player Players Championship and the 2a championship recently saw yeah let's have a little look I'm scared whit I love this screen by the way head-to-head three frame match first player to win two frames at the crucible of course this welcome to this exhibition match at the home of snooker the Crucible Theatre in Sheppard thank you ladies and gentlemen the first frame neil Robertson to break so let's see what Bill Robertson looks like on this game opponent is thinking apparently oh here is or I think I've accidentally played picked six red snooker that's hilarious I didn't even need to do this but hey it'll speed up the batch a little bit so we've got our three phase shot so I mean that's what pretty good for us there and we can move the power up and down using the right analog stick and we can also sort out spins and stuff like that buzzy so as we're on the cushion we're automatically set to sort of top speed which which is very very good and yeah then we move to our next phase of the shot which is solid the Q cam as they like to call it you can actually get down on the oh yeah you can actually get this this level or you could stand up a little bit I believe that you can walk around as well this is through hold and triangle we can walk around the table which is a nice little feature we can have a look at the pack and stuff like that off messed up me any shot now but here we go let's give it a go that's or to crack angry it's a good start one I think oh I didn't mean to do that there we go there we go let's try a little bit of backspin but here you can see the nakorn effect in full force that's a great split you'll be unlucky if you've got anything here so commentary in this game inspire or sports tinted headed and Neil falls rather than the BBC fork which you know this is a refreshing change and something I'm looking forward to listening to throughout the game let's drop this one in always using their the spider very strange-looking spider there and saw like they're the the the half buttressed that you get in a in a snooker club Oh oh it just did just wobbly good job we played it at that pace but this game is played beautifully so far I'm absolutely loving it should we go for a dice long blue just drop it in rest we'll make this any easier so some reason it jumped forward a little bit they are pretty sure it's meant to go to there the cucumber after that after the the overhead view but who knows I don't know the controls yet so I got that wrong what a wonderful part 14 was that good boys come on right so reduce that power a little bit but that this difficulty seems good for me we will move up to master difficulty eventually 15 agreed is the shot here plenty of topspin and right-hand side yeah that looks good to me old yeah well mr. greed by an absolute mile well he's left half a chance Ronnie O'Sullivan 15 the Thunder from Down Under he's off to a good start here one I like the air the opponent is thing good thing nice black from from the away he can speed up the shot Susan there are two or Artie [Applause] who will make the first mistake six teens played position remember this to top shark white tight on the cushion oh that's always good to be difficult at that sort of speed does take Willie their best frame works out quite as intended Neil Roberts Emily this is a tricky safety play and see if Neil oh it's a crack right in the heart of the pocket and I do like the the audience of this game very very good well the game is it's very fluid and feel Zurich was right just so blue required are you joking I don't see there's a couple of comedy glitches but it's not the end of the world for me we just drop that in well that's just a little bit that should be it no real way for his opponent to win the frame now well hopefully Neil aware the allure concede you'll have the same thoughts as also could have play the cut here this is a tough shot off press Iran this is a really tough shot though well well clear that we were playing the safety as this could end up behind the green not quite that's okay Neil will be popping on from here six so five points in the lead Neil's just playing the rest up well he's got it great shot oh it's touching glad that Brendan said just before I took the shot there because that would have been a foul pice is absolutely critical here trying to get this behind the black if possible looks pretty good oh just called the black if it just missed the black we would have had a bag in trouble over the pace of the white with this shot I do like the camera angle so pretty good you can see Ronnie over there oh is that gonna reach nicely played 13 ball oh it's touch it again got to say Brendan right try and sneak around me it that's a rather handy tool we'll see how much Pierce we need I do just what I hit it a little bit further and wanted to bounce off the cushion so that we trying that this behind the pink here on stop stop aw just keeps on rolling Rizzoli was after definitely not mmm Neil's played not a Daffy chop again this passes the Browning in the middle we'll definitely be taking it on he'll be aware how important paste is sure it does this is this is half a chance here tough four nope nope and there's Neil Robertson's chance led to this opening frame he just drops it in he's left himself a long green I would have been tempted to punch it round of three puffs this is a tough shot now he's got it though but he sluggard himself what an idiot Wow level pegging first chance to see the AI get better soon yes and I'm glad to say though he played a pretty good shot there we have got an opportunity here though neil Robertson 5 this should be fairly straightforward tough shot oh I did expect the cue ball to keep rotted like this left ourselves a tough shot in the the yellow pocket down he's taking this blue on boy is this a tough shot no no not quite pretty closer than that balloon to pull on any solace leave that pluie to pull up oh look at this great for the community as Neil says a good opportunity for Neil here position on the pink here and he's okay on the pink you should be able to hold this for the black so it looks like Robles gonna win the first forever associated with playing this with too much pace just about causing Marc Williams style tough black but I fully expected no he's not surely no pops the black and Neil Roberts Edwin it's the first frame moment in this frame an Orion Neil Roberts and now the frame is nice and seems in pretty fine form yes he's looking good at the moment and will be pleased with that last frame thank you the second frame Ronnie O'Sullivan to break it's a tough one to decide what to do here cuz I've never really broke off to six threads before I haven't in real life I've actually played at a six thread tournament before but where plates Elliot so I said the final actually back when I was about 11 16 nice long pop there for a meal thought we'd pretty much nailed the break off but this is a half-decent chance yeah nice shot where's the cue ball going no no quite yeah a nice straight putt nice and the pocket doctor see it that the AI are very trusted – there enough of the cloth just roll it dreads in roll it up to the the ball as well David and critical if he'll Robertson played that last shot I see what he's doing nope he's playing it down the cushion good shot pull off you wanting more pot less we've tried it nice let's just played the safety there well I'm sure John Virgo in previous games would have would have claimed otherwise top safety he is a tough safety here to play it with her hold on want to play it with a bit of left hand side just to help it round don't know where the Reds are gonna end up here but oops that's not what we wanted he looks like he's trying to get the cue ball tight on the cushion here yeah that's just too thick need that ball to bounce all the yellow to come to our rescue and it hasn't neither has happened so Neil's gonna win here there's a shed let's see where that ends up to play this with too much pace or he could leave his opponent on is he going off piss oh just down it goes he's cueing extremely well here so 21 points ahead 43 available in quality cueing they're really good eight yeah so I think this is gonna be curtains for us so this red and he's won the frame right here good shot on the crowd like that one and that should be past the point of no return in this match officially lost our first match of the game 19 bids to be seen whether we would have lost on a 15 red game but you know tremendous shot 21 we're gonna see our first clearance of the series unfortunately it's not gonna be from us well yeah we'll have a few more videos out over the next couple of days we'll try the shooter board we'll try obviously 415 red suit and we'll probably get the six red head another goal as well have a look at some of the other players in the game will be out Jimmy white gone as well but there we go Jimmy Jimmy white male Robinson with that wonderful break of 46 wins this match by two frames to nail but there you have it that is our first look at the 19 now I can't show you the career mode or anything like that until Wednesday book you know be sure that there will be daily content on the career board we're gonna do a Ronnie O'Sullivan career board from weddings day there'll be two videos a day for the first week and then daily content of snooker book we have a few videos planned before that I also have me full review out on Wednesday once I've had a while playing on the game we'll try some online as well but yeah hopefully you've enjoyed that if you have then make sure you leave a like down below let me know your comments your thoughts down below in the comments of what you're thinking of saluting and Idina I think it plays beautifully and you know I certainly didn't notice any weird glitches I he said like I feel commentary slave ops book that's nothing important that's something that be easily patched but there you go that is that subscribe to the channel for daily snooker content and once again thank you to everyone at lab 42 and rip stored for the early access to the game I really do appreciate it so thank you very much to them and yeah hope you guys are having a wonderful day thanks watching and good bye

42 thoughts on “IT’S FINALLY HERE! | Snooker 19 First Look (PS4/Xbox One/PC) | First Impressions

  1. I think this game is the best snooker game on PS4 so far. It's quite easy for beginners and hard if you want it to be.

    I've played Pure Pool's snooker, 3D billiard's snooker, Snooker Nation and this game.
    * Pure Pool: Not beginner-friendly at all. Little bit boring too. Server is almost always down so multiplayers beware!
    * Snooker Nation: Nice graphics but it seems that the game decides where your ball ends.
    * 3d Billiards & Snooker: don't even bother. This game has everything wrong with it! Waste of money.
    * Snooker 19: Nice gameplay. Long career mode and real life characters. Characters are quite rough looking and commentators speech could be much better. Long career mode is nice.

    All of these games I've played I'd recommend this. Apoligies for my bad english. 🙏

  2. I'm thinking of getting this, do u think it's worth getting? Just played snookernation 19, the graphics are great and it's very realistic for such a cheap game but doesn't seem to be many playing online.

  3. I got the game off playstation store and I won the Riga masters in career mode with Ronnie and there was no trophy presentation did you get that on purchase of the game

  4. Please can someone tell me why the frame rates are better here? Iv got a ps4 pro with a 4k monitor and the game has poor frame rates for me

  5. Why do these sort of snooker games have that after shot thing. It makes it feel less realistic. With pure pool you take the shot as you play it.

  6. Game is good but still room for big improvement,
    1, have ability to create your own player
    2, when you win have talking like fifa on youe reaction to winning could be good player and say as eg I take every win in my stride or be bad and say I knew I win
    3 locker rooms for clothes what u unlock

  7. Everyone saying this looks awesome, I mustn't be seeing the same game. It looks utter shite! Ps1 graphics, horrible player animation, terrible commentary. I'll be sticking with the snooker mode on Pure Pool, a million times better. Pish!

  8. Just got the game.. the viewing angles are terrible for taking shots.. the white ball looks brown ??? And I still can’t figure out the unique game code to send for a private match ??? Still work to be done on the game…

  9. Thanks for this video! Will definitely buy it to support them but as many have said there’s a lot they can improve on.

  10. 2019 and no online mode come on graphics look the same/worse than the ps4/xbox360 version buy atleast we now have a snooker game for the gen on consoles and final thought the commentators are still annoying as f**k ''what a great shot'' ''what a great shot''''what a great shot''''what a great shot'' well he has left half a chance etc all the same sh#t as older games but im a sucker and will buy it RIP £24.99 lol

  11. For a game released in 2019 this is really poor. The animations and graphics are abysmal, the table seems like it's made of ice, balls move so unnaturally and even something simple like the commentary just seems like it's completely at random. There are snooker games you can get on your phone better than this.

  12. 11:43 this shot makes the game unrealistic, in real life nobody would ever ever play these kinds of shots. Game has a good potential, but needs quite some more work. Looking forward to seeing further improvements.

  13. My only complain with the game is whenever I do a good safety shot the AI manages to squeeze a red in which for me 9/10 would go wide of the pocket

  14. Hi there, I have just across this video, I bought this game on Wednesday but I have not been able to even hit a ball I don't have a clue what to do .

    Not having a booklet with controls don't help .

    Could you explain please . Cheers 😉

  15. That's not Snooker. That is an aimbot on a snooker table. Playing with the indicators takes all the fun out of the game.

  16. The commentary seems to be almost at random. I know there was a patch since then, but it's not much improved, they're still no indication the commentary can recognize going for a safety, and they think just the (color after the last red) is required

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