Irish Sailing Commentary (Hilarious)

Irish Sailing Commentary (Hilarious)

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You join us!
For the 30th Olympiad and we’re at The Sailing.
:: HORN! ::
Yep, there you can hear the Olympic horn being sounded.
Signifies that there’s only 4 minutes left in this race and it’s looking very close.. and confusing.
Alicia Cebrian Martinez De Lagos from Espanol.
And she’s at 26 points, whatever that means.

30 thoughts on “Irish Sailing Commentary (Hilarious)

  1. Fiction always beats reality. We had a a pair of comedians commentating synchronised swimming during the Olympics and they just invented random terms for was glorious

  2. Very funny. Boring and hard to figure out were everyone is going unless you've done it.
    Brilliant humor.

  3. quite possibly the best video of all time. I remember how the Olympics distanced themselves from this video back in the day, asking for it to be taken down. I hope this guy does more stuff. Brilliant.

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