Intel® freeD Technology + NFL | Intel

Intel® freeD Technology + NFL | Intel

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As an Official Technology Provider for the NFL, Intel is bringing the game to viewers in exciting new ways for the 2017 season with Intel® freeD™ technology. We documented what it takes to bring this incredible technology to life and the impact it can have on the future of the NFL.

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Intel® freeD Technology + NFL | Intel

[Applause] Creedy is really the freedom to go anywhere on the field that you want as a family something that's really cool that's really cool technology it improves the viewer experience whether you're sitting in the stadium or sitting at home that's awesome that catch like right off the ground that's better than being in my seats for the NFL it's always about bringing the fans closer to the game with Intel's technology I think there's a great opportunity to show fans a different perspective Intel 3d footage is truly the most unique way to watch a game it's never been done before on a football field and you can't really replicate it without this technology 3d has been unbelievable for our fans there's pylon cameras now right there's the overhead camera now but what freidy's allowed us to do is provide a replay angle that they never would have been able to see Intel's brought a whole lot of power to this technology we're taking thirty eight different cameras that are installed in a stadium processing terabytes of data every single minute through 38 different servers when we film the game with volumetric video instead of a two-dimensional pixel we carry three-dimensional voxels a voxel is a 3d pixel when you look at a box so you're measuring height width depth and weight by seeing things within boxes now we can map everything that's happened on any given field or court so it's a massive amount of data that needs to get processed into uh volumetric highlights where we can fly a virtual camera and show the action on the field from any angle [Applause] the fact that we can see catches like that and the plays that these guys are making is pretty incredible [Applause] we're gonna be going with quarterback number three be the player shows you what happened but from an angle that no other camera can get last game we had the angle of Joe Flacco what he was seeing where he had to get a touchdown pass through a bunch of defenders that's what's so cool about 3d is that they're coming up with things that none of us have even considered you can put the viewers in the action that's where the true evolution is gonna come and how we cover the game that's gonna make for a much more enriching experience I can envision a world in the future where it touches football operations broadcast operations our players and coaches can learn from a 3d angle the block they may have missed or the pass that was open it is a game changer [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. I can imagine that someday highlights like these can be interactive and accessible to fans via tablets, phones or whatever we will have when it does.

  2. Its pretty low res now, but eventually you'll see high quality models on every angle, the technology itself is already impressive…

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