I put EVERY English Club under Transfer Embargo and this happened... (Football Manager 2019)

I put EVERY English Club under Transfer Embargo and this happened… (Football Manager 2019)

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Welcome to TomFM! In today’s Football Manager 2019 video we have a brand new experiment for you. I put EVERY English Club under Transfer Embargo and this happened… it could be carnage! I’ve put a transfer embargo on every single football league club in England from the Premier League down to League 2. The transfer embargo goes on until 2040, so we have 22 years of transfer embargo. The chelsea transfer embargo in real life is only until next season and some people think that’s harsh, how about this for a punishment!

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right I need you to bear with me for a moment but I need you to use your imagination all right imagine an English football league structure where no Club was allowed to sign any play like I sell players that's alright but they're not allowed to sign players so they can't you know Manchester United can't buy a player from Real Madrid it can't happen the only way the clubs are allowed to get new players is from their youth academies alright so the only players that are going to come into their first team have come through their youth academy so some teams with great youth academies are gonna do great ones have rubbish you kind of meet not gonna do so good at all are they so a lot of the club's that haven't got good youth academies would have to improve them and hopefully that would make English football an awful lot better it would also probably change the face of the Football League as well you know we see a lot of teams drop out the Premier League a lot of new teams come into the Premier League it would be mental so take that imagination and put it into what manager and that's exactly what I've done I've put a transparent bar go on every single English Football League club so hello and welcome back to the Tom FM channel if you're new around here and not seen the video man before my name's Tom and I make Footwear on your videos hence the hence the name really I suppose basically if you enjoy football really weird situations like this one and some complete bottle jobs this is the channel for you so go and click Subscribe symulast experiment we bankrupted the Premier League and there was a lot of debate as to whether or not I should have deleted the players or nots but we'll do another experiment one of those in a future where I don't delete the players and hoping that might keep a few more of you happy if you're not seeing that one yet though there is a link in the description and they will put a little card in the top of screen right now if you click on if you've not seen it yet I recommend you go and watch it either way in those episodes I said to you what experiment Yana see next we could do a transfer embargo on and you guys seem to love that idea so here we are with a transfer embargo experiments so the way I've put the embargo on is in the editor so I guess I'll show you have to do that right now so this experiment is pretty simple to set up I'm in the editor for 2019 which you can download for free from Steam if you go onto steam on the top Barbara's like store Tools library if you click on Tools then you can download the editor for free from there so that's really similar to download once they're in it if you want to put embargo on a club I'm in Lincoln City for example that's the team I support some in Lincoln City obviously the apartment experiments as well we click on the finances and as you can see transfer embargo start that you don't have to put this in if you don't want to if you want to start it in the future by all means put a start date in but you don't need if you want to write from a start of a save simply all I've done is put their transfer embargo end date of the first of the seven so now that we're back in foot manager we can gone to Lincoln City as you can see and right down here transfer ban until the second number seven twenty forty so it's currently 2018 right now so that's 22 years of transfer embargo so why 22 years specifically well by the time we get to the Year 2040 all of the real players they should have retired by then that Lee the youngest players by that point will be thirty eight forty sort of thing that are real-life players so they should all be retired at that point every play and every team is going to be a region because these teams can't signee players they're all going to be youth region they're all gonna be grown from the club's own youth academies so teams with really really good youth academies they'll all do pretty well so even lower one so even clubs from lower down divisions with good youth academies I'm thinking like Crewe Alexandra they've got a good youth academy but they're only two by the end of two experiments they could be Premier League champions because of their youth recruitment and it's so good linking on the other hands their youth academy not so good so unfortunately despite me wanting them to do really well they'll probably be in a non league system maybe I think that brings a fianc of a neck sort of factor that is the non league we've not done a transfer embargo for non league clubs one because we want to see the contrast you know if normally clubs can sign players as they move up the league being the only teams that can actually sign players where those players be released from other clubs or of signing them from foreign clubs for example they might actually have a really easy route up through a system and by the time he gets the end of us experiment maybe all the non league clubs will be in the Premier League it's an interesting concept but I reckon that actually could be the case I reckon we might see a few non league Premier League winners by the end of this experiments also I just couldn't be bothered to add in embargoes for every single non league club because that would have taken quite a while right then because obviously we're going 22 years in the future this does lend itself to having a few episodes so there will be a few episodes of this so if you're excited for the experiments drop a like on the video and make sure you do subscribe and hit that notification bail button so you don't miss a future episode obviously experiments for this first experiment we're only gonna go far bit in the future and I don't think we're gonna see massive change in the first five years because a lot of atop Premier League clubs Liverpool Minh City they've all got very very young squad still you know Trent Alexander Arnold he's only what 2021 so potentially he could be around almost right to the end to experiment playing for Liverpool still because they've got such young squads they will probably be able to win the Premier League for quite a few seasons before we started getting some regions come in for the other clubs and other clubs and non-league clubs maybe be able to sign players and challenge those top clubs I don't know something like that because these top clubs have quite young squads at the moment they probably will still dominate the Premier League for the next ten seasons or so I think so don't expect massive change in this first episode but I think in the next two episodes or so we will see a lot of change happening in the Football League structure so I'm gonna go holiday we're gonna go to 2020 three to five years in the future let's go and see what happens right just like that we are five years in the future we're gonna start off by looking at the Premier League just it's the top flight top division in English football start by looking at that and by looks of things mantids you have won the reason most recent title and it's not changed too much yet and I sort of predicted but I think it will change in the future still quite a lot looking down here and we can see you know how to bring the first season then followed by two titles with Liverpool and two titles for Man City so it's yes it's still pretty similar at the moment but as we said they have got young squads they're gonna keep that young squad for quite a while still no massive changing the Premier League they Brent and put her in there now Swansea Middlesbrough Stoke back promoted West Brom back promoted as well so there is a little bit the difference but not massive change in the Premier League right now Brighton in 10th they're doing pretty well they did pretty well in the last experiment as well so maybe experiments a pretty good for Brighton into the championship then Leeds won it in the first season followed by Stoke reading then Swansea then reading again so reading back in the Premier League next season alongside Fulham and Sheffield United interestingly looking down the table but I can't see messaging old Chesterfield actually alright Chesterfield relegated from the championship but that's the first that Chesterfield in real life for a non-league side so within five seasons they've got to the championship and then I've gotten relegated again so Chesterfield clearly this experiment is working quite well for them because they're able to sign players so I think we'll look at Chester cold in a little bit looking to Ligue 1 and it's Stockport County that had been promoted from Ligue 1 to the championship and against Stockport in real life or in the van Rommel national nor the they are a decent non-league side sweet firm they've done very well so already we're seeing great stuff for these non-league side so Barnet in ninth as well I mean they've got promotes from non league as house Alford as well any of the non-league sites down there no but like somebody fell I didn't expect it to be this quick but we are seeing non-league sides racing up the football pyramid right now and that's pretty interesting other than I'm not quite sure it was massive changes in Ligue 1 Colchester were there I suppose who love dropped down to Ligue 1 as of Birmingham it's which have as well or they've dropped down in real life as well so a bit of change in Ligue 1 looking at life in lis two crew have just won at the league on 101 points so to be fair maybe the region's that crew are now starting to come through I did say they do quite well obviously Ligue 2 just been promoted after five seasons that's obviously not quite as well as thought they're going to do but perhaps they are really starting to creep up now to non league sides and older shot and Dagenham also being promoted from lead to so again this non league dominance continuing we're gonna drop down to Ligue 2 as well Scunthorpe half Halifax are up in that league – they've been promoted a few times Mansfield forest-green going down you love to see that Lincoln finishing just above Grimsby aim a table as well I'll tell you what we'll look at the National League as well we need to look at the clubs that have been written in Wycombe they've had a bad son they've oh my goodness they've been relegated from a national league on two points Wycombe Wanderers alright we'll look at Wickham in a little bit as well that's an interesting one if we look back up Billy Ricci promoted Harrogate promoted a few teams down here who have been relegated to I can't see elite Football League sides in this division that have been relegated so are they actually down further we're looking at the National League north for example National League North you've got older and being relegated from the National League north that's mental they're now going out of foot manager database territory they are they're into the depths of non league now Macclesfield just about a void as well so some of these Football League sides having a real bad time looking to the panorama south as well see what's going on there in that division any other teams that we recognize from the Football League down here not that I can do Ville actually over the drop-down but they've done all right this season Gillingham down in 14th well so it's really hit some of our Football League clubs massively hard this embargo and of course they're still going to have that transparent bar go in the National South they've got it until 2040 so before we have a bit more of an in-depth look into similar sides will quickly look at England as well just to see if it's done anything for them having all these new regions coming in from the club they're the only players that clubs can sign the region so that might have done something good for England they did get to another World Cup semi-final in the 2022 World Cup lose it to France then lose the the playoff to Belgium so that sounds relatively familiar you have been championships though then it got knocked out in the second round so early on we've not seen any difference for the for the World Cup sides and the European Championship sides of England hopefully though by the end of the experiment because all the youth players are getting game time and they're all English hopefully almost and will be English we should see maybe England winning the World Cup so time for a bit more of an in-depth look now we'll look at the transfers in the Premier League of players that are leaving the Premier League because that's quite an interesting one to look at for example in his first season the 18 19 season Sacko has left Crystal Palace to go to Monaco for 21 million meteo Darwin has left man United to go to Cologne for 8.5 you know that seems like a bit of a steal Perez for a Newcastle to Rene for 3.5 million Carl Jenkinson from Arsenal titter sent a team for 2.9 million again that seems like a bit of a steal if we move into the next season if we look down here Chelsea of sign hit glean now I did think there could be a little bit of no I did think there could be a few loopholes in this embargo because he guanine is currently on loan at Chelsea in real life clearly thought manager seems to think they've got an option to buy him and because he's already technically half with him at transfer they can complete that transfer outside the embargo that's also why Danny ings assigned to Southampton from Liverpool and it's why dang dong Kerr is signed to wolves ROM from under legs so that's an interesting one so there are a few little loopholes but we have seen MANET leaving to PSG for 84 million pounds now that is an awful lot of money from the report to PSG Liverpool probably weakening the side quite significantly by selling money because they can't buy in a replacement for him season afterwards Willian has gone to brown which over 21 million that's quite a big transfer as well again William Chelsea gonna struggle to replace willing she's a very very decent player David Luiz has gone to Shakhtar as well for 7 million pounds that seems like a bit of a steal to me I think David Luiz is worth a lot more than that 21:22 season now and Nabi cater has gone from Liverpool to RemoteApp with 91 million pounds to Liverpool selling a lot of play water-ice a lot of players I've sold two big names that they're gonna really struggle to replace unless those regions they've brought in are absolutely incredible that's gonna be really difficult to replace Fred's gone the shacks all gone back to Shakhtar I could say for 14 million pounds Calum chambers has gone a rosbach he's gone to Atlanta unite in America for less than 10 million pound that seems like a bit of a steel as well and Dwight Gale has gone for less than five million pounds to a team I've never heard of ulsan they Korean yeah they are Korean I think you like get that right they are Korean brilliant and then the season we've just had Mara's has gone to Lazio from man city was only 16 million pounds again that seemed quite cheap not co-signing three players actually Lucas Mora as well as Daniel Amity kalbert luhan's gone as well sink Towson's gone as well past Alex gone as well some some big players leaving I've got to say to be fair so either they're just trying to get some value for money or some of the regions that have come in to be fair they could be quite good so let's have a look at this man to decide by looks of things most of the players here are still like players that you'd find their first team because they are so young in real life they're they're still doing pretty well at the moment Laporte is only 29 five years in the future as is edison sterling the only 28 hey-zeus is only 26 the Brawn is only 31 as well so potentially still got you know five or so years to go left in their careers at 20 years old though Brent Unsworth looks like he is going to be a region playing at left-back so if we use the in-game editor we can have a look at their attributes so he's got a current ability of 142 which is pretty good and a potential 1846 now potential and the current abilities out 200 so the maximum potential you can have is 200 anything over 150 I think is described as wonderkid I think if I remember rightly so this guy's nearly a wonderkid offenders nearly fulfilled his potential so obviously playing consistently has gotten to nearest potentially 20 years old so that's quite good for Man City they've got a very good region there most other side those you can see is still players from real life and I'm looking down here again players from real life sort of make up the rest of the ranks till Phil fold and for example is only 23 years old still Southampton is a team that I'm quite interested in looking at as well obviously they are known for their regions but look at the age of the players down here 22 that's the youngest but I don't think my caliber firm is a region he's not of course is not a region so they're not as far as I'm aware in their first theme or the starting line they haven't got any regions if we look a bit further if we actually sort it by value let's have a quick look down here I think Gary Lewin looks like he's the first player that could be you know Neil Brock actually worth 30 million pounds 19 years old he's a region if he's 19 obviously so what kind of potential are we looking at here if we look at player details he's got potential of 155 and a current ability 146 so he will be classed as a wonder kid and with a hundred forty six current ability right now not got long to go before he reaches that so he's a very good player hopefully he's played more games he played about half a season actually so pretty decent stuff for him at 19 years old well have a look at Gary Lewin anyways he was another good REO another valuable region at least let's have a look at his attributes then he's only got a potential hundred 36 but that's still pretty decent 138 sorry but it's still pretty decent like he could be a good player so Southampton I I still reckon could be a very very good side in the future they just need to really focus on that youth development which they've always been very well known for now I am very interested in looking at Chesterfield because they are the best non-league side that we've seen so far now they don't have to rely on regions and they can get players in on loan as well so I think it's worth looking at their transfer history and they are spending money on players and they are signing players free transfers loans and getting players in on fees as well so this past season they spent eight hundred and twenty five thousand pounds the season before that 2.9 million and they've just got the pick of the players basically any players that get released the only teams they can sign for our non league size and because Chesterfield are doing the best all the best players will want to join Chesterfield so that makes sense to me while they're doing so well and how they've managed to get so many good players and and rise up the table so quickly they are just able to sign players and get anyone they want basically on a free transfer by looks at things pretty much any player they want comes in on a free transfer they buy a few players in as well but they don't need to they've got the pick of every player that's ever been released so no wonder just steeled are doing so well why I am interested though to have a look at their facilities now have they upgrade anything they've got good training and only adequate youth facility so it's not looking like they're actually bothered about investing in new facilities and why would they they can sign when they want to I think the final team that we'll look at in this experiment or this episode of experiment is Oldham I am very interested to see what's gone on here plenty of relegations are now relegated out of the banner ama nationally ignored into the abyss of non-league now and manager turns at least this has been an interesting one so let's have a look at their players senior squad who have they got to be fair looking down here is all regions every single player the region here maybe not J Sheridan he's 23 years old he's still a real player he seems to have stuck around for quite a while but I'm interested in to what what's what's happened here so if we look at their released players because in this first season no players released okay second season only to play or three players released three players it's not like they're releasing all their players then so if we look at all transfers and they're just selling everyone means a few flares sold they're a few they're wanted to bit out on loan more than anything like that so I mean I don't quite know where all their players have gone maybe they just had a really small squad in the first place they had a really small squad and then couldn't sign anyone so they maybe they just didn't have enough players to field for example well I just don't quite understand where it's all gone all gone wrong for them I mean a few youth players leaving of course but that happens every time to be fair actually Ryan skulls bid is a real player I know he's a real player so maybe actually they've got a lot of youngsters and they just let go as well I mean I'm not entirely sure why Oldham have no players but pretty much their entire squad at the moment are regions so most valuable one is gray imports now he potentially that would mean he's the best region at the club his potential is only 90 and if he's potentially the only 90 that's it's not really gonna cut the must in the Football League sort of thing I don't think the best average rating is is grant morally but he's been on loan somewhere else so he's not played at Oldham Adebayo Kareem he's the best player on average rating so perhaps he's a slightly better player if we look at his attributes he's protect was only 76 in the credibility of 64 so it's just things have gone wrong for Oldham and they have been able to get the regions in at all clearly the regions of rubbish and that is why I think they just keep going down they can't improve it they can't sign players to make the team any better they've got to rely on the youth and because they keep having atrocious youth intakes by looks of things they're on the down so already in this episode we are starting to see the signs that's done some of these clubs can't cut it without transfers they just cannot survive their youth systems aren't good enough and they just can't do it other clubs doing quite well but they can sign players like a non-league clubs they're doing very well but they have the ability to sign players arguably Brentford them quite well as I've read in because they both been promoted to the Premier League on more than one occasion I think that suggests they've got some good regions but it also could just mean the players they've got in the squad already are actually good enough for the Premier League anyway so there's it's hard to tell at the moment next episode we're gonna go ten years in the future from now so 15 seasons on from the first season that we started on next episode I think is gonna be really telling I think we're going to see massive massive change for next episode which I'm very excited for and you don't have to wait long for it as the football season has finished and you still need your Saturday football fix part 2 of this experiment is coming out at 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon so look forward to that one if you've enjoyed these episode then please do stick around for more there's gonna be a subscribe button in the middle of a screen right now and then I'm gonna give you a choice you can either watch another experiments or you can go and watch my Lincoln Loco series that we've been doing we've taken Lincoln United from step 8 of the English pyramid and we'll try and take them all the way up to the Premier League and it's quite a challenge but we're doing all right so far so I'll see you in one of those videos thank you for watching good bye

21 thoughts on “I put EVERY English Club under Transfer Embargo and this happened… (Football Manager 2019)

  1. Haha Lincoln City , League two champions 2019 wheyyyyy !!! Come on Tom you can’t just support the imps , everyone in lincoln has a first team

  2. Cool experiment! And like many others have said, it's no wonder Wycombe are doing so poorly, with no finances or youth team, and I honestly don't see it changing further on here either. Being a supporter-owned club, they'd need investors to afford buliding a youth team, and who'd want to invest in a team that can't buy anyone? 😛 Also, David Luiz was 33 y.o. at the time of that transfer, so £7,25 seems pretty fair. And though Oldham didn't sell/release many players each season, it did tally up to 26 players in total (34 minus the 8 loanees), so not that strange that their team is already full of re-gens. Looking forward to watching the next videos. Would also be cool to see if in the future there will be more English players having success goin' abroad. I guess I'll see in the next videos. 😉

  3. I miss the old regulations of before the bosman ruling and champions leageu only for champions .
    Its also a shame there is no legacy option where all previous games statistics are in the data base.
    The franchise runs since football manager 2004 15 years of statistics and players can make some great game play options, realistic carreer modes for players and clubs. Youth development, injuries realistic player carreers.

    Lets say you start your management carreer in 2004 as a lower league manager you can actualy grow and make a reputation for your self and become a big shot manager lifting the world cup or you stay a small time manager at a lower tier league.

    loads of options there.

  4. The problem with Wycombe is they there youth academy isn’t rally functional because I played for them but none of there players go on to actually play for them no matter how good they are

  5. Sorry, I got a little confudled. Is it all Premier League teams on a transfer embargo, or all the football leagues?

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