I Have To Take This Call: F1 2018 RED BULL CAREER MODE #94 - BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Season 5)

I Have To Take This Call: F1 2018 RED BULL CAREER MODE #94 – BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Season 5)

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So after the success of our team’s home race, it is time to head on over to my home race and a track where we have not had a lot of luck and after qualifying, that lucks seems to continue but, the typical British weather strikes, could that change everything?

So, for a 25% career race distance, we jump inside of the #1 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Infiniti around Silverstone for the British Grand Prix on F1 2018 Career Mode

okay we had the new parts come through from the fact yeah that's just that's just durability that's just the durability for us folks so we'll we'll see what what becomes of this is we head to our home Grand Prix the British Grand Prix a race where we've we've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with in the past it loves to hate others and we hate to love it but we just never seem to get a decent result without some kind of incident around here which which always seems to happen now it's the British Grand Prix so it should be raining thank you thank you yep I caught that one I called that one fair enough so there's the contract so we've got the gearbox upgrade that we needed which is good so at the next race the German Grand Prix it should be a fully upgraded car and then we will see the true pace of this car let's take a look at the championship standings and the gap counters we're at 60 points served to himself and s back on Charlotte Clare CEO Joe perez p.a Gaz Lee Daniel Ricciardo Fernando Alonso Brendon Hartley Marcus Oakes and handle and stroll round out your top ten and still with the goose egg Kimi räikkönen car sites and Nico hülkenberg well got feeling if they get a good qualifying that might that might change for this race there is the free coming for Germany watch out Germany he so without further ado we're gonna go get practice hopefully nothing happens in practice and then we are gonna get qualified and we will see you guys what's gonna be a very uneventful and a very soggy British Grand Prix okay I know you're eager to get out there but I'm gonna need you to be patient for a few minutes which a zero in on an ore leak one job you had one stinking job Jeff hopefully this is not an omen going into the race the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again and how joyous indeed it is to be back at Silverstone once more for the British Grand Prix the queues to get in this morning extended miles back down the a43 such as the enthusiasm for Formula One in this country Silverstone circuit then it's 3.6 miles long and has a total of 18 corners and of course is no stranger to the rain there won't be any DRS available in these conditions but the Wellington and hangar straights are still good opportunities to tuck into the slipstream and make a pass joining me for the grand prix once again is anthony davidson let's talk about paul that was a great win in the last race can they keep that momentum going this weekend there are never any guarantees in this business but certainly the performance last time out would have boosted their confidence coming into this one with that then let's run through the grid order charlotte Claire lines up on pole position and it's Pierre gastly in p2 looking down the rest of the grid we have Perez oak on Daniel Ricciardo and Hartley Erikson Paul Alonso and Lance stroke Grosjean Magnussen Sergei sir Watkyn and Hamilton van Doorn hülkenberg Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas räikkönen and Carlos science starts from the back of the grid and with lights out just moments away it's time to go down to the track okay I know it's your home Grand Prix but treat it like any other race don't take unnecessary risks well we had an absolutely atrocious qualifying session we were down in p8 and to be fair I think that was our pace all weekend because I don't know why but the car just wasn't there so there shouldn't be a pit stop today on the intermediates it should be a fun race but I don't know I think where we're gonna end up struggling here because it's not gonna be good let's just get out there and let's just let's just see what happens folks I I don't hold much fitness oh well folks here we go venture and voyage into the unknown as five red lights go out and it's lights out and away we go and well this is gonna be pretty off it's an awful start my god how awful was that start that start was terrible as we go around the outside of turn two and now fling it up the inside well we're already up into what p5 Wow did not think we'd be did not think we would be that high folks if I'm being honest I really really didn't actually went dad – no actually that's Ricardo I do apologize that's what else we gonna say us Ricardo and Erikson fightin each other that's gonna be something there's Alonso and Magnuson fighting each other but you're gonna get a lot of this unfortunately it's gonna be processional racing in the rain while i-40 was there those already at the inside of well done off the line we're in a good position that's a pretty good move that I give you an A for effort but that would be fine that Renault has a car to give an effort this this race but look at us from PR p 8p v went out to be 11 so all this all is good at the moment it's all looking very well all is looking very good as well so we're just going to keep it nice and tidy and make sure we don't do anything too busy because the second we do anything stupid then it's all gonna go to the proverbial 17 decks of help shallot where is a fastest as we go into turn – I had a brain moment then an absolute brain and that's not wanted to make sure that and didn't have a pin I glad we don't down the Wellington straight some information they have an issue with their car the only slows hiding here it does look like the maenge as Li hold it up the two fold Cyndy I appreciate it I do appreciate that ghastly ghastly doing me a solid from last time as we go to who is that that is let's troll that stroke connected with the back of stop all that dawn no damage was done there there may have been there a bit of damage done this van Doorn tried to come back there goes good evening so that we got sake no we've got loads they're old they were all over the place back there it's Hamilton with someone one of the McLaren's I don't know which one click aren't even look like Alonso back up at the front of the field it seems that some it's not right actually I think the problem is Alonso has got a problem so Alonso is gonna be falling back through the field here they go his van Doorn on there his teammate at a position first stop a bad dog move me to p38 should say like I said if we can just keep it neat just keep it tidy I think we can come away with a darn good result here speaking of Conway results Hulkenberg to go rally outside of Alonzo that is P 14 for mister hülkenberg I might give it a go right now he's got bata saw these tale as well it's gonna be up the inside of Cox corner that's that's a good path where will bot us do his business he'll do it going into maggots and Beckett's swoop round the outside that's gonna put Alonso in the metals path no DRS of course in the rain here comes Vettel vettel's gonna go past Madden science he's gonna go past as well it might be three wide into stone corner look at that sides got the better of their fault and then what mr. Alonso's problem is that a leader is swing state a second to switch it quickly as we go into I have no idea I was the a/b chicane oh hello there's a pass we got what we caught one of the force India's napping as we come out the village loop and down the Wellington straight yeah that's up into P Falls we got off gone now can we get Perez I think we get Perez will get gastly speaking of get his a Alonso being passed by Vettel now that's räikkönen sorry I do apologize it does look like he's already been passed by Vettel and that is one load down to last Alonso is now in 2008 p90 so we got off got out the way so we can feed up onto Ricardo let's let's go after Sergio Perez recklessly to get Perez we're gonna get we're gonna get serve gas leak because gas leak is a bit like the cork in the bottle here the Claire's not too far away Claire's lead in this race we've sent the fasiqun Joe Bates that was the fastest lap of the race so Kyle does have some pace to it if we can keep it neat keep it tidy if we don't keep it neat keep it tidy donor we're not gonna work get a lot we're now in this sprayer Sergio Perez Esteban Hakan all over our rear wings it's never been a very happy hunting ground for me my that does disappoint me that does disappoint me a lot so we just have to we just have to make sure that we we get the job done we can get the job done the trivia indicate possession and that's that's what we need we need to be inimical position just to maintain a championship advantage at once behind this Raptor that shouldn't worry too much Leclaire wait he's made the play work dude too much damage but yeah we never going back to it well they're about to Sergei Ciroc in it he's got one of the houses chased it down I believe that's going to be Roman throw John and it is really grow John that is for p10 so that's for Leicester the point payment has been groped on all they're still going they're still going at its rockin retains a p10 fair play as we go to myself here we're right around on the back of Perez here tell you what how about that the inside turn four thank very much thank you very much job done p3 p4 we might put two Perez back into the trail of akhon here let's see if I calm now makes a move on his teammate he's thinking about it round the outside of it's closed he's still thinking about it around the outside is he gonna get the job done that's gonna be side by side down to cops corner nope looks like Rosie's gonna know what God's coming back thank you very much that's a p44 esta Bano con well Perez let that go lightly I hope he doesn't they keep fighting them now all I do is get up to the back of the main gas leak we can we can do that I reckon we can do absolutely that's what we let's see here this is Colin it's – you didn't you have to bail me a second there folks I am going to take this call of what it looks like Alonso just retired from the from the Grand Prix so some information on a long time going to the Builder in his terminal they're retiring the car I should be back in a few moments sorry there we go I do apologize for that that was a very important role I had to take so what did I miss I missed we just caught the back end of a mondo retiree so by right we've missed nothing eight yeah we've mister we not mr. bilder other we've missed Hamilton pass in stock OV and or near average there's no Hamilton's pass duffel stay yeah it from the looks of it we haven't we have miss much yeah I do apologize for taking that call yeah get back that's the problem you need your phone ah here's hable to look back now we'll say I'm 40 this is the last AI pass we're going to see because it gets pretty pretty boring after this it's a bit precession so let there put it on the show at least error attempting to put on a show for you that's that's all that that's all it can be said as the home goes again who is it it's cool somebody called downstairs cool okay knee gap behind is 2.0 seconds we come darling what's oh my that would cut we have five laps of fuel Romania we see has come down yes that's going to be three records and records I know this is kinda strange this is the hardest return down to Stoke corner then down to the failed chicane yeah you see the man gallery is not too far in front with that shall the class says the fastest lap of the race LeClair has said the fastest lap of the race so far yes into the Abbey the new habit okay if we can if we can give my weight gastly here is money I reckon we're going to be we're gonna be good to go farming village who the King come to the Wellington straight it does seem that I think at best it looks like p3 is gonna be it's gonna be the the best for us we go into it with that's the field yeah definitely yeah I think no way of course 2019 this season is gonna be the last British Grand Prix let's deal can be fresh now with Media because it's just getting too expensive to run the British Grand Prix which is a real shape because like I said the British Bob Prince it's one of the favorites it's a real paper we're here a couple of seconds behind gastly but I think week as leader when he wasn't fighting Perez I think he was that good but today Charlotte lacks any other facts like Oh give it a slight avail three laps ago its yes give me the last bridge we're on brief awhile then because they're gonna take a clause in their contract which says they can take a break for a while but it does mean unless so it's Democrats called Freeman's here which I will be honest dog sad about because it is one of the stolen wish to embrace Edmond Newton but it comes down to money at the end of the day if the dryest three laps of fuel remaining the TV CPR they say they they'd say it's too expensive to rub the British well free too expensive but if the British Grand Prix can be saved why would we where would you run we're looking and looking at what in London I wanted the race in the City of London father I don't think the congestion charges the etiquette can you imagine that yeah we thought charges hopefully I'm going to perform the remit race next year gastly now sets the best so I don't know about it yeah Gaz Lee's three seconds a didn't clear sliding back towards top of a little bit taken to the red all courses took took him into school didn't oh yeah overtook him very nicely into cop squad we've pretty much burned off our excess fuel will be back on target soon don't wait too long to turn the engine down yeah we're trying everything in our power to capture ya gastly by going into hot laughing witwix but it doesn't seem to be which is really important so it doesn't look like III intermedia the bets that are going to be hoping for and fortunately and that's a shame but I think p3 our home race we widen Beckett's bring that back it doesn't mean now that that's good for a guy like the car head is 4.1 second it will be back there somewhere sweet a the most Aston Martin guys are really to see if we had Intervale for the penultimate time Sharla Clare has started the rattle at the race and set the fastest lap on yeah gasps Luke LeClair is set the fastest lap of the race Oh flounder this is your final lap final lap of the race I just think I just think we didn't have it this weekend not to be not to be for this race which is rather important as akhaten starts getting up to the back end and gets pretty poo there's only one lack of fuel remaining only a lack of fuel left that looks like we can go to it's great we're gonna be able to keep older very bad message as we hate down Wow it's looking like kefir unless what happens to LeClair will end up gastly on the last lap then it doesn't matter but coming out of last corner Charlotte Clare is going to win the British Grand Prix for salba and that was a completely dominant victory we've got to give him full props on that one he dominated from start to finish there did did the young mother gas driver well we won his race he's won a race I think that's only fair fair as we come out to Vale and it's gonna be p3 fair enough good result today chats good result top job my friend top job I was a bit worried about this one at the start of the weekend but you've pulled through thank you congratulations to Salva them for their excellent wind today and I have to wonder Anthony Davidson just what set them apart from the competition here well they clearly have a car that comes alive in the carny conditions we were dealing with today it's a very balanced package in the wet and what that means is that the drivers have confidence to attack and having that confidence get to on the power earlier they lets you brake later and can put you a long way up the road so here they come out now onto the podium after a thrilling Grand Prix it just goes to show what a strong position the sport is in that these independent teams can be so competitive what a superb victory from the Salva team [Applause] you [Applause] and after this round of the World Championship here's how things look in the driver's table moving on to the driver of the day then Anthony Davidson who would you go for I have to give it to Poole look at where they finished compared to where they started it's not easy to cut through the field like that in Formula One so it was a great effort and now let's take a look at the constructors standings Red Bull have extended their lead over the championship that's it for today's Grand Prix and from Antony it's goodbye and see you again next time [Applause] so there you have it Charla Claire wins the British Grand Prix was a pretty uneventful race towards the end there but you know que sera sera whatever will be will be shallow Claire once it wins the British Grand Prix from Pierre gastly weekend we brought home the red bull in third place esta Bano calm for Sergio Perez Daniel Ricciardo got 6th Marcus Eriksen Brendon Hartley Lance stroll and circus rockin round out your top 10:31 DNF Frankie Alonso in his last British Grand Prix for me well let's head on into the garage and we'll get stopped by you and the rest by Claire well I didn't win my home Grand Prix I'd think that wasn't really a strategy of them being honest we got a compliment somebody just the chassis everything went your way today we actually got lucky I think today importantly but we raced hard and we got the podium that's a good strategy yes you did and as I said to you in the last video I'm gonna slap you for it one mistake today no I hate the rain it wouldn't be fun if you didn't have these tests now again would you good don't ask stupid questions you know one of these days she's gonna get a slap for asking stupid stupid questions folks she deserves a slap just the way year you look at her oh we got that 600 objective thank you very much that's useful if one's rep thank you you may say your congratulations with no problem at all we've received two new historic events you'll be able to choose whether or not to participate before the end of this weekend yeah times half twelve sandwich and it's way in your favor this is my bagel we like bagels yeah we also like that next Grand Prix we're gonna be a fully upgraded car but you know what I feel like upgrading a few more durability departments let's upgrade to a turbocharger and upgrade the energy store so that only leaves what one gearbox upgrade to go and I think from here on in we're going to start saving resource points because you've got the R & D reset at the end of the season that we are do one usually get one when you the new team but we didn't get one last year when we um when we started meet our are so so all of that is coming in for Germany all of it and Germany is one of my favorite circuits because we're gonna be able to get the power down on this thing my worries about the ng UK not making it tempted leads sixty points now over Sharla Clare God be loving life so without that being said thank you very much for watching I hope you did enjoy the British Grand Prix leave a like if you did that does help me out a ton you can subscribe for daily f1 2018 nascar heat free and other livestream content and until the next time we will see you all for the German Grand Prix around the Hockenheimring so take care we'll see you then

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