How To Round Brush & Curl Your Bangs

How To Round Brush & Curl Your Bangs

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Discover the easiest way to control your blow dryer and round brush to create perfectly curled or beveled bangs!

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hi Sam via when you want a full fringe when the most important tool is to work with is a round brush now we're going to use a thermal brush because Ariel's hair is a texture of being fine so thermal brushes are going to conduct more Heat number one obviously number two what's really critical is our product of choice remember my friend's product it's not an option it's a necessity Ariel why because it protects your hair from the heat so I'm just going to go through take my iron shape 11 and just mist that fringe area come back through our tool of choice a thermal round brush in this particular case we're going to come through now what's really important let me allow you to demonstrate right here what's really important is we're coming through underneath I suggest you put your blow dryer down take the section that whole entire bang or fringe area a salon professionals call it bring that brush underneath use your hand and isolate that hair right on the thermal brush then you're going to come through pick up your blow dryer and you're gonna have a lot more control of it I think a lot of times what happens Ariel is people lose control of the flow of air and the brush working together so watch me give Ariel some hot tips hold the brush in the hand that you desire here's your blow dryer now and remember it's not so important to put it on a high flow of air I'm gonna place that on medium temperatures nice and hot hey here's your dryer let's take a look and see how you do notice how she places her dryer down okay notice how she's working with her hand to isolate that section this is critical Menken take control of that section you're working with now we're gonna pick up the dryer okay we're gonna turn that dryer on a low temperature ariel is gonna come through now one thing I'm going to teach Ariel is I'm going to go through and I'm gonna take that dryer and just follow through and roll I'm gonna release the dryer you're going to take over area awesome good now notice that Ariel's not placing that dryer directly on the bristles of a thermal brush any type of dryer and heat you're going to have a natural tendency to bend the bristles so try to place it just slightly off the brush as aerials do it now when you roll I want you to lift and roll there Weisinger that's how you're gonna get the inn's to bubble and you're gonna get a little bit more fullness so lift and roll Ariel good you're doing great lift and roll now Sam how do I know if I'm hitting the hair what I want you to do is hit your hand and then follow it down to the brush now lift up Ariel there now look at oh that was a great one okay now hit your hand again follow lift elevated perfect excellent now I'm gonna turn you loose Ariel look how she finds her hand she comes back and she lifts that and follows right through great way to achieve some volume let's take a look at Ariel and see what you've created okay you find that when you place your dryer down you're working with a section you're able to go in and have a lot more control of it now look how perfect you did this Ariel you're awesome with that so she gets a really nice full fringe that has a little bit more bevel to it that's what's critical my friends a lot of times when you want to create a sense of fullness it can be very difficult we just shared with you a very simple way working with a thermal brush and remember my friends tricks are simple if you keep it simple and control the flow of air and you're using the proper tool Sam VA here with another trick just for you you

14 thoughts on “How To Round Brush & Curl Your Bangs

  1. Damn Sam. You are Villa Wonderful. First video I ve watched of yours and immediately subscribed. I have never done that ! Thank you for the great tip for my bangs. I always forget to ask my hairdresser to show me how and wind up doing them with a flat iron and they never look right. I just don t get that fullness and they do not come out exactly together. It s always a fight btw the flat iron hair product and me.

    Myself and many others I am sure appreciate you. Can t wait to few your other tricks and tips ….

  2. Thanks to your at home styling tips I was able to successfully and confidentially cut and style my own fringe. Thank you!!

  3. Hi sam,
    Just got a question for you
    How can you ensure that larger barrel curls are properly forming and are not falling once released or a curling wand or iron?

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