How to manage curls after digital perm | momo hair - Toronto

How to manage curls after digital perm | momo hair – Toronto

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This short clip shows you how to manage curls after digital perm. Because this is one of popular inquiries I get from my customers, I decided to make a video to teach you. I hope you enjoy~

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27 thoughts on “How to manage curls after digital perm | momo hair – Toronto

  1. I can't do any chemical treatment now. My hair thinning on the crown. So, I have to double the volume of my hair first.

  2. I just did digital perm and my hairdresser shared the same tips, except that I'm horrible at remembering the exact way to do this. This video is so helpful!!

  3. The stylist is very cheerful even though she must be tired from standing most of the time during work. P/s: Digital perm and tips bombbb. Beautiful

  4. i just get my digital perm, did i need to using curl cream or not? and im about to buy ATS curl cream, is it needed or not? thanks 😀

  5. I’ve been contemplating on getting a digital perm for days now and this video made want to get it even more. This technique is so simple yet the results are amazing 😍

  6. Momo. Thank you for this. Clients love education…it brings them back to your chair and brings in good referrals. Still trying to understand digital perming thou. I was learning to use with shiseido relaxer solution or this Korean perm product but didn’t understand the mixing ratios. Eager to watch more of your videos 😍

  7. I got digital perm at a salon in Montreal and it made my hair look like ramen T_T I didn't get big curls at all. I didn't like it… I wanted my hair to look like this

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