How to Make Deadly Blowgun Darts

How to Make Deadly Blowgun Darts

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You asked for it, I produced it. Here’ a quick video on how I construct the darts I use in my homemade blowgun that can penetrate a golf ball easily.

I’ve been making these for over 25 years and I put it up against any other blowgun out there- accuracy and power.

Check it out, enjoy and don’t forget to hit the gym!

welcome to the arts and crafts portion of my fitness channel Wow a beautiful day out here on the beach alright let's get back to the blowgun Oh what's going on YouTube Robert here you know I just did a quick video just the other day on shooting one of my homemade blowgun darts with my homemade blowgun at a golf ball and I never shot a golf ball before but this thing went halfway into the golf ball I need a pliers to pull it out so after that I got our question on how to make these darts and today I'm going to show you how to do that now when I'm not doing anything Fitness related I like to shoot crossbow rifle or whatever but I've been making this home a blowgun for about 25 years now let me tell you it is Fitness related in a sense because you got to have strong lungs to shoot it correctly and with power so that'll be another video but without further ado let's show you how to make the darts let's do it then we'll take a practice shot all right I apologize my tool table is kind of a mess here you only need about three or four items to make these darts and we're gonna start with the wire itself I like to use these little wires that are made from marking flags you see them on construction sites this little bag of ten cost me about a dollar ninety-nine and home depot it's a really good strong wire next thing you're gonna need are some wire cutters to cut them all right simple next thing you're gonna need are some beads you can get these at any hobby store I got these at I think Michaels or any place has enlike that they're meant to go on a string so they have holes in them and I'm gonna show you how to get around that when you melt the bead onto the wire here in a second and then you're gonna need some tape different kinds of tape can be used this stuff is uh it's like packing tape works okay I've got a couple of darts made with it right here but to me they don't work as good because they're a little bit rough they don't slide as good through the barrel like this stuff this is really slick camouflage tape doesn't stick nearly as well as that stuff but it works much better all you got to do for that is to put a little bit of masking or scotch tape rather around that and it'll take care of that problem so all you're gonna do is basically take your cut wire melt one of these beads to it you can use a candle a lighter or a stovetop I just use the stove top because I got the door up in here and it would probably blow out a lighter or a candle so let's go do that and I'll show you what I'm talking about and then we're almost done alright so here we got the stove top cause we're gonna melt the bead onto the wire I'm gonna use my stove top like I said you can use a lighter or a candle got this lighter here but I'm gonna save the fluid in this thing kind of cool the lighter but anyway I'm back to the holes and the beads so they were made to be put on a string for a necklace so what you're gonna do is see those holes holy – like that alright and then you're gonna melt the bead crossways into it till it goes halfway through so that way when it impacts a target it won't bust through and you obviously you can't melt it like that because that would be uneven so hope that makes sense so let's light this and it doesn't have to turn red by any means it can just get hot there now it's turning a little bit off-color alright let's melt it in here and see what happens and you might have to rotate it a little bit there that's pretty centered you can tell you want to roll it around on your fingertips like that and you can tell it's not moving at all so it's pretty straight that's why it's important to hold heat to the whole on these things like that you can tell another thing you can roll it like that it rolls with no problem alright so let's go put the tape on this and then we're done do some shooting alright so here we go this part will take the most practice but once you get this mastered it's gonna go so quick so easy it'll be surprised you don't need much tape at all for each cone all you're gonna use is about that much all right so take it off you know start about I don't know a half-inch close to the edge and you're just gonna slowly wrap it around and try to keep it flat and then you're just going to roll it around tightly pull it tight until it makes it a nice tight cone you might have a little wrinkle or two in there but that doesn't really matter so there you go almost done this one like I said this tape doesn't stick that well so what I do is I take some of this take some scotch tape and I just reinforce it you can also use thin coat of Gorilla Glue or super glue whatever that usually makes them a little more indestructible and a lot of guys say well the tape sucks because it's not strong and you can ruin it when it hits another dart well that happens with any reusable ammunition it happens with crossbow bolts happens with these things with this pistol crossbow over there it's unavoidable so don't listen to that BS alright so here just gonna cut the tape and shape it to the size of the barrel and you're gonna have your blowgun nearby just like this one so you can check the barrel size sounds almost done so as you're trimming this thing down you're gonna have to go slowly at first to make sure you're not taking too much off and then just fit it every couple times you cut some off if you cut too much off don't worry about it just put some scotch tape around it or the same tape you're using and you can make the cone bigger again and then trim it it'll take you a little bit of practice but not that long once you get it down you're gonna be amazed how good these things work let's check it out yeah I'd say that one's pretty near-perfect it uniforms itself to the inside of the barrel really easily and it's not too tight you don't want it too tight but you wanted snug enough to wear that no air compression escapes through and that's it all right let's take a practice shot test this dart that I just made out I'm about ten yards away gonna shoot that firearm spinner hard rubber target over there just got the right side of its go check the damage sorry about the mess in here alright so we didn't go through actually a dad barely barely tapped to the other side it's not very sharp you can sharpen these I have a sharpener but you don't even need to sharpen them most of the time they're gonna be sharp enough just from the cut you make good to have pliers around because it's hard to get these things out you see that one was in there pretty good alright guys that's how you do it remember shoot straight shoot fun these things can be deadly and remember just have a lot of fun with it there are a blast and they don't cost anything to make thanks for watching

43 thoughts on “How to Make Deadly Blowgun Darts

  1. … Great video, thanks… But you should remind your viewers that they need to use cutters designed for steel wire. If you use your good electrical wire cutters, you will ruin them. They are made for copper only.

  2. I know this might be a stupid question, but I was wondering if I could use sand paper instead of a file to sharpen the little steal rods? I have watched other videos on how to make blow darts and they sharpen with a file. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy a file at the moment and was wondering if I could substitute it with sand paper. I know that sand paper has less of an effect with shaving things off, but could it be done and just take longer? thanks.

  3. Ok Robert, let's make it easier. 1. Dixie used to make pointed paper cups that would fit in a plastic cup holder. A competitor makes them now. No need to take time and expense to use cameo tape. 2. you don't need to put the wire into a vise. The goal is to simply attach the plastic bead to the wire. After you have sharpened one end of a piece of wire cut to length using tin snips and a mallet to close the snips, then you put the bead on one end. Take the beaded wire and hold it for a few seconds in a gas flame from the gas stove burner. On youtube, some guy spent 7 hours in a Texas water trough and shot a wild ram that came into drink. Some people suggest using nails – nope too expensive. Also, most times a nail will plop out of a tube like a failed trp[edo

  4. for someone who has been doing this for 20 years, you sure put out a shitty video! Watch your own video a few times and you'll see, you go way too fast, your camera isn't still enough to follow you, and you talk without any consideration to people who don't know what you mean. You picked up a box and said "just like this", and never showed what it was or even explained what it was, but you kept going as if you were talking to people who understood. Has it ever occurred to you that people are new at this and trying to learn instead of being impressed by your 20 years of doing this????

  5. How long do you cut the dart wires? How heavy are the darts when finished, in grams?
    Also, I think you can get good results with the bamboo skewer/duct tape darts too. I cut a bamboo skewer to 7 inches, put a coat of grey primer and then a coat of gorilla glue to harden it up and add weight. Next you easily google how to make the cones from 2 square pieces of duct tape, which doesn't require any beads. Black/yellow/camo duct tape with the primer grey darts is f**in mean looking and deadly powerful with a 1/2" schedule PVC-40 range pipe, 5 ft. Section. The actual inner diameter of 1/2" PVC is close to .625 inches like the big bore hunting blowguns. Also similar bore to what the Cherokees used in their river cane blowguns for centuries.

  6. Guys, anyone has any idea how to straighten pvc tube? It's about 80cm/31.5ft long broom handle and it's bent. Maybe heat it and somehow keep it in line?

  7. tip if you play an instrument that involves breath ie trumpet, saxophone your lungs will already be quite strong

  8. I had some time one day and turned a few wooden mouthpieces on a lathe. They look great and make a world of difference. I use squares of tape or even Post It notepaper to make the fletch cone, poke the wire through and attach in place with a few drops of glue, it works great and no need to buy beads. I agree that the wires on those flags work great (dog fence flags are the same wire) as longer darts seem to fly better, more accurately than shorter heavier ones made with nails. Nails might have more knockdown power for hunting but I prefer pellet guns. Watch YouTube vids on Amazon tribesmen, they use very long blowguns with mouthpieces and long darts to survive so I follow their example.

    SHARPENED 20-D NAILS (more knock down power)


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