How To Improve Your Soccer Skills - Your 3 Moves

How To Improve Your Soccer Skills – Your 3 Moves

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In this video, we go over how to improve your soccer skills by picking your 3 moves that you are going to try and master. This is a great way to improve your soccer skills specifically.

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If you are an attacking player, you need to know how to improve your soccer skills. So in this video, I go over a very simple, yet powerful idea.

That idea is having 3 skill moves that you have mastered! Of course, I mean 3 effective moves, not fancy ones.

Here is a list of moves that I deem to be effective.

Body feint, cruyff, step over, maradona, leg feint, stanley mathews, chop, magic circle, ronaldo chop, L move, bait and take, drag back, La croqueta.

There are more, but you get the idea.

Top 10 attacking soccer moves:

How To Do The Stepover:

How To Do The Cruyff:

Chop Soccer Move:

Soccer Skills To Use In A Game Midfielders:

Soccer Skills To Use In A Game Forwards:

Soccer Skills To Use In A Game Wingers:

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it's very important in soccer to be very effective at certain skill moves skill moves are very important especially for attacking players if they want to have an impact in a match and if you are unable to do skill moves it makes you a very limited player that's why in this first episode of how to improve your soccer skills we're going over why you need to have three moves that you've mastered I'll give you a list of moves to choose from I'm going to show you what my three moves are and I'm going to show match footage of me using these moves so you can see that they actually work and I'm also going to tell you how you can quickly improve upon your three moves so that you become masterful at them very quickly so the first question is why specifically three moves why not five why not ten well I'll tell you three moves is the amount of moves you want to have mastered I don't care if you're okay at a few other moves for example I can do many other moves very well but there are three moves I have mastered to the point where I can do them basically 99 times out of 100 well now why is this important because I would rather you have three moves you have completely mastered that with all of these moves will help you out in pretty much most situations then have five moves that you're just okay with and yes once you have your first three moves mastered of course you can go off and learn other skill moves but you want to be making sure you're always brushing up on your three main moves so here are my three main moves the three moves that I have mastered and have chosen to be my three main moves are the step over the Cruyff and the body feint so why did I pick these three moves and why should you follow my strategy for when I picked my moves it's very simple I picked three moves that I knew were effective in matches many players love moves that are flashy or fancy and they try and master these moves things like the rainbow but the fact of the matter is that move is not going to really help you that much in a match the three moves I have mastered I use almost every single match without fail and they work almost every single match as well so when you're picking your three moves which I want you to do today you need to make sure that they are three effective moves that have practical use in a game so that means they either help you beat someone one-on-one or they help you create space or they do both now you don't have to use the three moves that I just recommended or the ones that I do you can use three other moves that you choose I'm going to give you a list of moves that I recommend because I believe they're effective I'll put them on screen and I'll also put them down in the description so before we move on to how to actually get good at these moves and how to practice these moves I want to show you some examples of me doing the moves in matches so you don't think that I'm just biessing you the moves I've chosen I use all the time and they work all the time okay so the first one we're looking at is the step over this is probably my favorite move my the one I use it's the most effective I believe is the Cruyff but this is my favorite move that I use more often I love to run when I have a defender isolated run at them and perform this move and you can see from these clips that it works quite often for me next is the Cruyff another move I'll use all the time whether to fake a shot fake cross or if I need to get out of a difficult situation and next the body feint now this is a very simple move yet very very effective move it's Leo Messi signature move in fact and that's why I decided it's probably a good move that I should learn okay so now you've seen my moves in action you know how important it is to be able to know skills you know that you should be mastering three and you should have the three that you are going to master in your head or you should have picked something from the list that I gave you now how do you go about practicing these moves it's very very very very simple guys like I mentioned in many other videos consistency is the key to improvement in success also repetition so the way we're going to get good at these moves is just practice practicing them a certain amount of times each day yes that sounds simple and I'm not asking you to do lung busting drills all I want you to do is practice each of the moves you have selected five times with each foot every day at minimum and guys this will take you about five minutes a day if you do the minimum now you can make that ten reps each foot for each move if you want which will allow you to get better and faster but the point of this is that you're doing it each and every day don't go off and be like I'm going to do a hundred reps of each move every day because then you'll get burned out and then you'll want to quit so make it simple start off with I'm gonna do each move five times each foot every single day that's so simple anyone can do it and you will see progress with how good at these moves you get now if you need help with doing a move or learning a move I have many tutorials on this channel with certain moves so that you can learn them okay I will put videos linked in the description down below if you need help learning a move and guys it's really simple like I use the step over for example all the time I've been using it since high school effectively and it always blows me away how few players are using skill moves in high school middle school even college and yet the step over something I just decided to learn a long time ago and just all I did all I do is really do five or ten reps of it every single day and yet it's been effective at the youth level it's been effective at my club level it's been effective in my varsity high school level it was effective in college this is a move I used in college I used it in the College Conference final against the best team in the nation and it worked so guys that's how effective a simple move like the can be if you practice it over and over again and you're consistent with it so guys make sure you have your three moves of selected if you are an attacking player I almost want to say this is mandatory I can't make you do it obviously I can take you to the water but I can't make you drink I can show you how to do this but I can't make you do it but if you are an attacking player and you don't have three moves mastered and you have to be honest with yourself I'm saying if you want to do that move a hundred times you would get it right like 98 99 times that's masterful if you can't do that you have not mastered a move so be honest with yourself pick your three moves and from this day forward I want you to go out and do them every single day just for five to ten minutes and guys if you do this you will reap the rewards there won't be players who watch this video who don't go out and do this and then they'll be commenting on a video later going how do i improve my skills well I told you how to you didn't stick with it so don't be that player beat a player that watches this video and goes you know what okay I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do this move I'm gonna do this move I'm gonna do this move I'm gonna do him five times each foot every day at minimum and I'm gonna get better at this and guys if you do this every single day you're going to be amazed and I mean it when I say this you're going to be amazed at how much progress you make in one to three weeks all right guys all right so thank you for watching the video this has been how to improve your soccer skills your three moves the first in this series we will be doing other videos on how to improve your skills that will involve dribbling drills and things like that so make sure you come back to the channel tomorrow for another training video if you're new to simply soccer make sure you hit that subscribe button it will come up on the screen and also check out the two videos that come on screen because they're going to help you even more with your game okay guys thank you once again for watching make sure you like and share this video and I'll catch you tomorrow on the next training video

41 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Soccer Skills – Your 3 Moves

  1. I made my own skill move so I basically step on the ball and spin it but instead of stopping the other foot takes the ball at the perfect time and you go right past your opponent, sounds easy but works.

  2. I have already mastered all 3 of your main moves πŸ˜€
    edit: I also mastered different versions of the mallaroca, and can kind of do the neymar rocket and the katana cut if thats the actuall name also the elastico

  3. hey guys…any good generous person out there who can donate to me his used old or new football kits…i will appreciate any kimdness toni from uganda africa +256704837297

  4. I dont select 3 skills i selected 6
    Body feint
    Cr7 chop
    Drag Stepover
    I have 13 videos with football skills in my phone and im practicing every one skill in the video 10 times with both feet

  5. Step over
    Magic wand
    Rondaldo chop
    Drag back
    But i mostly use magic wand, ronaldo chop and step over

  6. Like bruce lee said I fear not the man who has prActiced 10000 kicks .i fear the man that has practiced one kick 10000 times

  7. Just a question. On bronze level. Can i do more than 5-10 minutes. And if so how much is the idle time for beginners? Thanks for this help

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