HOW TO: Get Bomb TWA Curls With ORS For Naturals! | Tapered Cut

HOW TO: Get Bomb TWA Curls With ORS For Naturals! | Tapered Cut

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hey what's up guys it's race if you want your dry crusty curls to go from this to this then let me just go ahead and show you I'll be using some of my favorite products from the new olive oil for Naturals line so let's go ahead and get started first things first you want to wet your hair with some plain old basic water you don't have to drink it but make sure it's nicely saturated then I'm using the butter whipped leave-in conditioning cream as my leave-in and this is a great intensive conditioner that helps fight darkness and frizz restores moisture aids and detangling and hydrates not to mention it smells incredible after that's it I'm going to detangle my hair using a pic and as you can see it literally just glides through and that's all thanks to that leave in the step for I'm gonna moisturize with the butter creme styling smoothie and I absolutely love this stuff it adds fight a monster to my hair while adding shine and enhancing my curls and also hydrates to help protect hair from daily styling I'm kind of going overboard with this product but oh well it's just that good next I'm going to add my butter glaze gel souffle and this stuff is incredible for extremely dry and frizzy hair and it really does define micro powder I'm not even jumping you guys can clearly see it for yourself but it doesn't weigh my curls down which is everything a natural girl wants right once the gel is in I go in with a comb and my fingers either/or to define a few curls to the front nothing too major so now that we're finished with the meaty stuff I'm just gonna go ahead and snatch these edges girl and know this isn't a toothbrush this is my edgy three-in-one styling brush it's way better than a toothbrush and should you buy it I promise you'll make the same claim if you want more information check the description box after our brunch imperfect my fade I just make sure everything is nice and in place since my hair is going kind of out of control now and this is literally all I do every single day here's the 360 look of my head for you so I can't let you leave this video without giving you a chance to win all of the products that I use plus more goodies so make sure you check that description box to find out how to enter thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye

47 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get Bomb TWA Curls With ORS For Naturals! | Tapered Cut

  1. Hello, I'm new to ur channel, please I need more information, please can you tell me the name of the reliever, d cream und d gel u used for ur hair

  2. Thanks so much for the video, but I over did it with the deep conditioner had to rinse it off now the back of my hair is curly but not the front. Any other suggestions to retain my curl I have a thick afro I loved the products.

  3. You are so incredibly gorgeous!! You make everything so easy!! I'm not a black woman, but if I was, I wish I looked like you. You're stunning! 😲❤️

  4. You literally sound like you're 7yrs old. Too cute! Thx… running out to get all 3 ORS products. Just did the big chop and have been playing with 6 different products… I'll give these a try!

  5. I cut alllll my hair off it was so uneven. I have watched hundreds of short hair to curly vidoes and this is the winner. Thank you i will buy all products and start my journey.

  6. I have to say you look stunning! I love the cut on you :). I recently got my hair cut off for the sixth time since being natural for 10 yrs and I’m loving it! It’s very different for me because I also had my sides and back taken down and had a barber give me a line and a heart in the bottom back of my hair. I love it! Great video 🙂

  7. this could have just been a TWO MINUTE video. There was a LOT of RUBBING your scalp LOL. Thanks 4 encouraging me to CUT MY HAIR SHORT AGAIN LOL

  8. Good afternoon just watched your didn't get the names of the products that you be using could you let me know I be putting mousse in my hair and gel please let me know the name of what you use thank you

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