How to do the Curl Up Test |Fitnessgram in PE|

How to do the Curl Up Test |Fitnessgram in PE|

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what's up friends we are going to be doing our curl up test today when you are doing your curl up test you will be on a mat and your going to see how many curl ups you can do which is a test of your muscular endurance that means how long your muscles can do something over and over and over again you're gonna take the test as long as you can continue until you make two mistakes and you make two mistakes your tests will be over in this sense you're gonna have somebody that's counting for you any time that you make mistake they will just tap you on the foot hold it but one let you know you have that one mistake you should not stop when you get your first mistake you wanna keep on going until you make two mistakes when they tap you and let you know you have two mistakes your test is over if you make your second mistake on 15 your score would be 14 so if you're a countering it's important to remember your partner sport when you hold up the tube and they make their second mistake need to listen to CD and then subtract one because they did not finish that last rep just do as many as you can you do your best and forget the rest remember if you're counting you need to have tunnel vision need a focus on your partner and make sure that you are watching them don't tell anybody else what to do for their partner your job is to watch your partner and your partner only once you've finished the test please have a seat quietly and wait for your teacher to come get your score after everybody goes one time we will switch it up and do around two people doing the test and become the counters and the counters will become the testers let's talk about a few common mistakes that you're going to be watching for when you are getting ready to do the test you're gonna want to lay down on the mat put your fingers on the edge of the first tape line so when you lay down with your hands are not touching the tape and you just stretch your arms out as far as you can and scoot your body up until you get to the edge of the first tape line that is a correct starting position you want to make sure you don't have your feet on that when the CD says up you're gonna come up and you will bring your fingers past the second tape line when it says down you will go back to the start every time it says up your hands go on the mat and slide up past the tape when it says down you go back to the start you have to do a few things when you're taking the test you have to stay with the CD stays the same speed the whole time so you don't have to worry about it speeding up like the Pacer test it's gonna stay the exact same speed and you need to make sure you're coming up on the ups and down on the downs if you cannot keep up with the CD that would be a mistake you want to make sure that your hands stay on the mat if you're coming up and your hands come off of the mat that is a mistake so you have to keep your hands on the mat and you have to make sure they slide past that second tape if your hands do not cross the second tape then that is a mistake so make sure you keep your hands moving past that second tape you want to keep your arms nice and straight so don't bend your elbows and pull yourself up on your elbows keep your arms nice and straight as you come up past that second tape and then go back down you also want your feet to be connected to the ground if you must be touching the ground at all times if your foot comes up off the ground then that is a mistake so make sure you keep your feet on the ground they can be flat or they can be up on your heels but they must be touching the ground and your feet cannot touch the mat with your feet we're touching the mat then you can use your legs to pull your body up you're not trying to measure your leg strength remember trying to measure your abdominal strength that's the muscles in your stomach want to see what your muscular endurance is for your abs [Applause] those are a few common mistakes you watch out for gotta come all the way up all the way down it's time remember friends just do your best to say personal measurement just giving you some information so that you can learn where you're at and then that will help you to set a goal for yourself and try to improve in the future everybody's different we're trying to see where we are so we can set a goal for ourselves and try to become a better version of ourselves do you have any questions please let your teacher know and then we'll get started with the Carrillo test

14 thoughts on “How to do the Curl Up Test |Fitnessgram in PE|

  1. The fitness gram test is so old that I don’t even know if it really reliable to know if you are “Healthy”

  2. Do you require them to keep their legs bent at an angle or do you allow them to straighten out their legs beyond a 90% bend? That is a problem I have with the students and I can't find anything in Fitnessgram that says at what angle the legs need to be.

  3. This is an amazingly helpful video! Especially when trying to show kiddos the "what NOT to do's" Thank you for sharing.

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