4 thoughts on “How To: Curling Dreads

  1. So, I'm guessing this wouldn't work on actual locs then? I've been growing mine for 12 going on 13 years in September (so I can't take them out), and would hate if I actually burned them off trying something similar to this.

  2. Thaaanks! 😀 Every other video I've watched on how to curl dreads told me to pour scalding water over a dread wrapped on a dowel and let it dry. Maybe I was doing it wrong, but it didn't work when I tried it, not to mention it was messy and a hassle and I hogged the bathroom for an hour and everyone yelled at me. haha Can't wait to try this, seems so much more doable in an small apartment setting. You're superawesomefantastic, as usual!

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