How to Curl Short Hair 101 | ANN LE

How to Curl Short Hair 101 | ANN LE

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So many of you have been asking me to make a hair tutorial for short hair and here it is! Want to learn how I do my Curl Hairstyle? If you guys remember my traumatic experience with a colorist a few months back, I lost my long locks in a color disaster. But, one needs to turn lemons into lemonade so I came to love my new shorter hair. Short hair can be a challenge to style because it’s too short to braid or do many of the other popular hair styles, but I find that for me, curls looks so effortless and fluid! On todays video, I will show you my hair care routine and how I curl my hair! I hope some of your ladies can get some inspiration from this video and my short hair curl hairstyle!

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45 thoughts on “How to Curl Short Hair 101 | ANN LE

  1. love your hair. and the curls!! I can't get my hair to do this.ugh. it turns into that old school curly sue look. I hate it.

  2. does anyone know where i can find this shirt my friend loves and ive been trying to find it to surprise her but have had no luck

  3. Loved this video! I've recently cut my hair as short as yours (little shorter) because I donated it to women with cancer. It's fantastic to see new ways to do my hair.

  4. do you have any other idea how to make your short hair becomes wavy at the bottom? I have a super straight hair..i used to perm it and it just last for a few hours..and i tried so many ways to make it wavy but it doesn't work…can you help me with this?

  5. Loved this Video, my haircut is exactly as yours. But here in my city I have been looking for years a nice curling Iron but they only sell those thin ones…T_T

  6. Is there as specific side you turn the curling iron?
    It looks really nice ^^ I have short hair similar to yours since last week, so these tutorials are very useful to me

  7. This video has helped me so much! I have recently cut my hair off and it's about the same length as yours! Ands it's nice to see how to style it since I'm so use to having long hair!
    Thank you so much! Please do more!

  8. I've been waiting for you to make this type of video, whenever I try to curl my short hair I mess up but it's so boring when it's straight, what curler do you use Btw?

  9. Hey … Can we air dry our hair once we have applied hair mousse in wet hair? Is it compulsory to blow dry our hair?

  10. I just went to the hairdresser and got my long curly hair cut to a new short coupe. IT IS AMAZING, and this is a rare saying, coming from someone who used to hate the hairdresser ๐Ÿ˜‚ I loooove my hair now, but idk how to maintain it yet cause my hair is naturally curly.. Anyone tips?

  11. So glad you put up this vid cos I chopped off my hair after my wedding and have been trying to curl it, but it never looks that good. Thanks for this! <3

  12. its crazy how fast you can do your hair when they are short. now my hair is growing out and i can really feel the struggle.
    I was having a blast when it was short.

  13. Wow same story with me and my hair and i had it the same color omg ! Where have u been all my life your beautiful ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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