How To Cheat A Flexi Rod Set | EASY Technique Heatless Curls - Naptural85 Natural Hair

How To Cheat A Flexi Rod Set | EASY Technique Heatless Curls – Naptural85 Natural Hair

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The quickest and easiest flexi rod set technique for all hair types, especially those with with thick, frizzy hair. Give it a try if you’re not usually a fan of flexi rod sets, or you just haven’t had success with one yet! You may just enjoy it after all!

I also show how you can add dimension to your hair by using temporary hair chalk to create natural looking highlights!

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hey guys don't mind the hair we've got sort of a mix of things going on here as I'm testing out different techniques using heat but I figured this would be an awesome texture to do a flexi rod set much like my perm rod sets I get my best results if I'm starting out with dry stretched hair rather than wet so today I'll show you how I cheat my flexi rod sets so to get your hair to look similar to mine you can blow dry or if you want a heatless alternative click the links on screen or in the description box oh and I finally trim my ends whoo-hoo so I'm giving myself a side part and I'm adding a bit more dimension to my hair using temporary hair chalk now I learned from my first impression of this particular hair chalk but the second day color is the best so I'm applying it before I roll my flexi rods that way I'll get the color I'm looking for as my hair setting now I split my hair into smaller sections to keep myself organized so you're gonna need your flexi rods some gel and a pomade I'm using my DIY flax gel and shea butter cream so working one section at a time and back-to-front I grab a medium sized section I'm gonna take some flax gel which is like extremely thick today totally reminds me of Nickelodeon gak and work it into the section then begin rolling the hair onto the flexi rod now grab another medium-sized section and repeat a bit of gel work it in then roll the hair onto the flexi rod bending the rod down to secure it in place now just repeat this process all over the head in medium-sized sections just wetting the sections as I go with a bit of flex gel when I do rod sets like flexi rods or perm rods I find it easiest for me in my hair texture to start under I stretched hair because my hair is so springy and curly it just makes it easier for me to roll the hair get my roots more sleek it takes less drying time and it's a hundred times quicker to install so when all the rods are installed I just let them air dry as I sleep so make sure you have a satin pillowcase and head to bed the next morning and it's time to remove the rods I was pretty shocked by how well the curls came out this was by far my best flexi rod set today I did have a bit of pooling at the ends of my hair from the chalk mixing with the gel but no biggie so I carefully separate the curls and I'm making sure to feel where the curl naturally wants to part so I'm not creating too much frizz [Applause] I love how the style turned out super soft and bouncy curls and the hair chalk did an amazing job by adding subtle highlights I'll definitely be doing this again I hope you enjoyed guys and I hope you give it a try I'll see you in the next one click any of the links to the left for more easy hairstyles and don't forget to come say hi over on my daily vlog channel to the right I'll see you guys there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

48 thoughts on “How To Cheat A Flexi Rod Set | EASY Technique Heatless Curls – Naptural85 Natural Hair

  1. wowww sooooo beautyfullllll 😘😘😘😘i love it your heir sooooo soon wenderfulll πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  2. Great video! You're definitely one of my influencers and mentors for my own natural hair channel! Thanks for so many great tips!

  3. The way your hair looks AFTER removing the rods is how my hair looks on a good day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ugh I love the way it looks on you tho πŸ’™

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