How Leyton Orient won the National League - 2018/19 Season Review

How Leyton Orient won the National League – 2018/19 Season Review

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All the action and reaction to another thrilling season of Vanarama National League football as Leyton Orient earned promotion to the Football League as Champions.

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is a commentator is anyone working in the media we're looking to do the job that we do I think that you get emotionally invested in not because you follow in any one of the particular teams but you know what it means this year was probably the most open year that I've come into a league where I felt that picking a winner outright is good always gonna be difficult I had my team that I thought would be but it was always going to be difficult the teams that came up I just knew is going to be a stronger division for them this year but I was expected it's being competitive I think it's all I got for me it was just harder to call this year top and bottom when you cover this league it's always about stories and you get hard look stories but you also get stories of redemption so you get those stories but then you also get the new kids on the block the the teams that have come from nowhere how far can they go it's phenomenal Salford rise from the 8th tier to the cusp of the Football League had been well-documented after Manchester United's class of 92 took over the club back in 2014 messes skulls gigs but and the Neville Brothers have enjoyed three promotions in four years as their football league dream edged closer after clinching their National League North trophy but it would be a summer of change at the peninsula Stadium I think sulphate I think the major thing for me all of it was either to get the right manager and Graeme Alexander for me was that right manager when you sign players like Adam Rooney you can't hide the fact they spent a lot of money I suppose it was the story that too many people announced that Salford were in the National League it brought it to a national attention Adam Rooney's and sulfur's promotion credentials were to be tested on the opening day of the season when they welcomed aside with our own ambition to return to the top tiers Leyton Orient arrived at the peninsula stadium with much of the same squad that ended the previous campaign but with stability and the summer under the stewardship of Justin Edinburgh it was difficult to tell who'd make their mark first boys will be chase [Applause] workers in support ordered the morning [Applause] it goes to us at the post [Applause] I'll be like with the opportunities we create and we play some real good football yeah I wish it and we should have by the time if that should be a consolation goal for me and I think we should have scored at least one or two more and but it's an opening game you know we win don't know what we're coming into the level the opposition the league and yeah it's a good marker for us now to see where we go from here credit to the players I went to the end there and I think they've got their just reward because I think it would have been harsh on us if we hadn't come away from from here today it's a very good team with something that ya know I'm sure that everyone at home enjoyed they're going I think you could just sense the first day that without a shadow doubt them team's gonna be up there elsewhere John still was pride away from Dagenham and Redbridge by freshly relegated Barnet still has one promotion from this level more than any other manager but would have hope for a better start with the B's three losses and two draws in their first five games saw their campaign get off to a bumpy start they won their final two games in August oh the last one sore still gonna have to one Victor's over his old Dagenham side I'm comfortable with the way we're playing I thought we played okay today I think we'd get better and better at it but what we do have to do we have to make more of our opportunities to score clubs in an odd twist of fate Barnett's previous manager Martin Allen moved to fellow relegated side chesterfield in the summer he won this title with Barnet in 2014 and brought in a whole raft of new players looking to repeat that with the spy rights in came ex West Ham strikers Aaron Hines and former Celtic and West Brom frontman marc-antoine fortunate as they won their opening three matches unfortunately they followed those promising results with six straight defeats we kind of got he worse couldn't get any worse no it was it was a very poor first half an hour I mean a lots of waters here remarkably patient parting after lifting the National League South trophy on the final day of the 2018 season haven't Malta Louisville will be playing at the highest level in their history led by former Bournemouth manager Lee Bradbury life at this level wouldn't come easy one win in their first eight games proved many early predictions the club would struggle to adapt every game sell every game that could go either way that's showing a lot of results today as well Braintree town achieved an unlikely promotions from the National League south after the Essex I'd finished sixth in the table the iron managed by club legend Brad Quinton returned to the fifth tier but it was a rude awakening for the part-timers who remained winless in August JV Fullerton's Halifax Town were the league's early pace setters with Wrexham showing promise under new manager Sam Ricketts AFC filed new comers Harrogate town and Leyton Orient the only sides unbeaten in the opening month Dagenham and Redbridge had replaced their old manager with the experienced Peter Taylor but their financial issues off the pitch was showing in the league table they joined Braintree town without a single victory in the opening month and we had our first managerial casualty with J Saunders losing his job at Maidstone after only four games it was certainly going to be a long season for them among others with just an edinburgh showing faith in much of the squad he inherited from last season he was looking for that trust to be repaid McAuley bond flourished under his leadership in the previous campaign scoring 22 goals and the opening few months proved to be prolific as he helped fire the O's to six wins out of seven in September scoring six in the process call upon thing all the way I'm really proud of it kind of takes down the exact obesity what impresses me [Applause] well this is this is cherry so my schools a lot faster me I lived in this house now for nine years but I lived in Chari just a back end of it my mom leaves actually farm it's up for me so this whole kind of area just laugh about my whole childhood I got a call on a Tuesday afternoon when I supposed to go out to Facebook card and park on tall collar stuff and when I call saying it's Leyton Orient I was I don't know why because ever since I've been younger playing or Ian's always been lucky there's nothing really to it but always been a big game but then when playing at Richmond Road for college estar about it I enjoy playing there and then when they said ask me later know where I was I thought you know what they would do this I need to I need something different than my life now so it's a chance and it's got more from me I just wanted is my zimbabwean Nash debut sure I was training on morning according office by the receptionist I said you've been called it by to Bob Lazar okay and everything I want you to fly to Morocco in three days so that's all happened so quick that's go and get sort and then is exciting out there flew of you boys from England's got and trained him for a week for the game come to the game so I was starting I like what I started I couldn't send him field is it was different role for me I thought why not if I'm gonna I'm gonna play like a where up like operate as long as I'm playing and to go on a school for in 90 minutes in against team like that full of primary players who have been in and done it was actually a minute wins the state stadium went mad they are I'd had a few questions man you sure we're not Moroccan because the team was on it like blending more with a broken team I was like now I'm sure but it was a ruger experience and I do how I don't forget I think the Mesa fire season is would be promotion which has to be in the time we should fuse ago that's been the conference they everyone got a big expression of a orient to go and do well and we have ourselves we will wonder one thing is to get mechanically the way we do it is gonna be hard but I think this season we've got a players and enough quality and up from the club and the staff to go and do it no concentrators job here for this season and then you know if he continues to do that hopefully we grow with him if not then you know we happily say if we can continue what we're doing then hopefully we can grow with it I'd like to say in five years time playing the traineeship that's why my goal is to be I'm not gonna go sit and say yeah I won't get for me player factor obviously ever wants me for me but you think you've got to be realistic with yourself in Footwear nowadays that you can't go and because if I go and say now I'll be premier player and in five years time I'm not there that's just me saying I'm not GPA so me for me I want to say hopefully I can be great in the championship if I get a chance gonna play the Premier League that's me lavona so that's watching Halifax it's decent start of the season was derailed in September that would lead to a run of 12 games without a win seven points from a possible 36 made dire reading for a club who narrowly staved off relegation last year many feared it would be another nervy campaign Tim flowers move up to management at Solihull Moore's after previously being assistant to mark Yates was proving an inspired decision by the laws board their good run to the end of last season continued into the new and finished September with four straight wins inside the play-off places Dover meanwhile were led to 5th 6th and 8th place finishes under manager Chris Kinnear but they had a disastrous start to this campaign with just one win up until the end of September and it posed the question whether it was time for a change at Crabble with Dover five points clear of safety and showing real signs of struggle the board decided Kinney as time at the club had come to an end eighty three days shy of 1,000 games in management Braintree Town Dagenham and Redbridge alongside having two more salut built for all having poor starts so it was no surprise they surrounded Dover in the bottom for Salford meanwhile were a point clear at the top of the table heading into October there was only one other side with nine wins on the board oddly that was Solihull Moors who were real relegation favourites before the stars of the season Leyton Orient and Harrogate also had good starts with just a single defeat between them and after the break we pay a visit to the leafy town of Harrogate that the England manager calls home and where a father-and-son operation were taking the nationally by storm people forget that this level of footballing at the national league you're talking about people who could not be able to pay their mortgage if they don't get paid and I think we've seen that on the pitch there was definitely the effects of that the American consortium that have come in with Tim Howard it's a bit of a rescue out really I think it helps that they're in London I think there's have been a lot of talk about Dagon over the last few years Tim I obviously have done his homework spoke to people around the London News he was there and he'd been in around it so I think for them to tackle I think they could see is a fantastic opportunity I respect any player that's and a fantastic live and played at the highest level and maybe wants to go in a little bit deeper into the national league and try and find that Club to stabilise and take them forward save this and they've got a feel-good factor Batman will come as well we have something that we feel like we can impact from the ground up with Dagon and fallen on hard times financially Peter friend who is our principal owner he just said to me this is a no brainer week we've got to get in there and revitalize it what we saw here was an opportunity to come over and take some of our savvy that we think we have in the United States and apply it here this was something I think we saw that we could come in and like as Peter said make an impact we could do some things and that's what we're excited about is to kind of walk around here every time we're here talk to the supporters and take action on the things that you know can help us on the pitch and around the grounds Tim first got involved with us in Memphis with the soccer team there and then this opportunity you know sort of popped up on us and you know sort of a natural to bring him you know in on it you know I've been back home in the States playing for a couple years now and and my time playing is soon to come to an end and I want to do other things and ownership is something that I thought would would be something I'd enjoy would be something difficult of course but I didn't really know how I would get into that I met Peter we you know we've hit it off from day one we have a lot of the same visions and I have so much experience in the game that for me it's a no brainer trying to give back and use some of that to help cultivate a football player that jet paths crossed before nine til about a year year and a half ago obviously he owns he owns the baseball team there in Memphis and I live in Memphis that's my home and so by mutual friends we were put together and we chatted and it's you know the rest is history our priority is to get this club back to the English Football League and if we have that supporter base and we have a London location and we have a beautiful ground really the sky's the limit on what we can do from my end where I sit with with our ownership group it's about working with Peter Taylor who's a brilliant manager who I've known for years working with him to see how we can best facilitate the squad to push this up the table all that said so that a football club up and down the country wants is its win football matches nothing will be built overnight we know that but with the right amount of investment right amount of commitment most importantly we see things turning the daggers ended a run of five straight defeats with an impressive victory over a high-flying Harrogate in October Peter Taylor side ended them up strongly winning six out of seven games propelling them out of the bottom Hall meanwhile Dover's search for a new manager came to an end when they prized Andy Hassan Tala away from Eastland Heston Taylor had managed at crebbil before however the timing seemed strange as he left easly in a healthy position just outside the playoffs for rock-bottom Dover but at this time in the previous campaign were fighting for top spots münster Evans would step up to take charge of the Spitfires one manager in and another out of the door brain trees Paul starts the campaign led Brad Quinton to leave his post as foster the club he'd appeared more than 500 times for as the player one win in their opening 15 games made for very bad reading early on to the iron pack an high Retton returns to the club he'd managed in 2017 throughout October and November Chesterfield would go on an incredible run of nine straight draws but thankfully for manager Martin Allen that ended with a to nil victory over sulphate city absolute had made the decision to part company with Darryl McMann on the 7th of November after only two wins in 12 games for the change spurred a reaction as they didn't see another defeat until December it was tight in the Battle of the top spot only six points separated first and fourth in a topsy-turvy tussle for supremacy like so many clubs before them Chesterfield word finding life outside the Football League easy by the end of November they were in the bottom before things hadn't picked up much for Dover but happens in Waterloo Bell found some form and it forced themselves out of the relegation places going into Christmas well this is the deer that are Glatt they were my outside tipping together father a phenomenal season what we saw from Harrogate this season was in my view the best football I saw all season in the National League it was fantastic to watch Harrogate is a beautiful spa town a lot of visitors come into her ago to go to Betty's tea shops amongst other many delis and restaurants but it wasn't known for its sport football wasn't really on the map and therefore it wasn't trendy wasn't a fashionable place to to come and watch a game the first few years were a big struggle the pitch was rock hard there was no stand it was broken a bit in terms of the the terracing but there was no roof on it after my second season in management the chair monville father they pull me to one side and said that there's two things that could happen here either we resign from this level of football and went two leagues below to make it viable or there be a new owner he said I can't see anyone many people being interested how about you dad of which up I did feel a little bit sick at the time bill asked me if I was interested and to be honest I never thought for one minute I get involved in football as a business but thought about it thought about it and we thought well let's have a go at it it was you know forget it wrong we got it wrong together we relayed the pitch and we had a 3G pitch and then last season we became full-time team and we've promoted was the most emotional place I've ever been in in football I mean we were living a dream now we are in a dream because things are bubbling we've done well recently this has take me by surprise this year this start plenty drama in the first few game for what it did give us was a lot of Billy we've got a real good atmosphere within the club because we run it on values and the strong values of honesty I know myself thirty sometimes you need a breather that's that's all there is to it it's worked I think because we've both got separate jobs I look after the business side he worries about the football if you do get tense when things don't quite work out but we've seemed to come through and we've never really had an issue of his role my role relationship it's really good to have a partner match at it when I got the prize another way for that I respect him and I like him and I think he's a fair man and I think that's why he's done well in business because he's generous that he says the truth on it press press press e you did shouts you're only here because you dad that in all honesty I think bill father B saw something in me if we go to lead to then we've achieved a legacy while harrogate were enjoying their debut season wrexham were desperately trying to end their 11-year stay at this level and the signs looked good they've made one of their best starts to a campaign in years but a familiar theme returned to haunt the Welsh side oh no not again I've heard rumblings and then in the morning I read the statement saying that sambucas have been asked not to attend the game oh it's a strange one I've never been involved in a situation like that but just got a phone call off the chairman so to speak at the club and explained what was going on then obviously a phone call off the manager himself and then spoke to Graham I've seen the assistant who's taking a game so that was it really and just obviously relayed it to lights I've been in this game a long time and you know I think did this three times at Wigan like and you know it's just part and parcel of the job we've seen this now happens to them on a few occasions where their manager when they're doing well has been taken away from them by a Football League club partway through the season and when you lose that person just when things are going well that's football people might say but it must still really rankle with them it was supposed to be a fresh start for Hartlepool with a new owner in Raj Singh and a young manager in Matthew Bates things started well with just two losses by mid-october but they were in well form by the stars of December a run of seven straight defeats for the pools broke the monkeys back and Bates was gone after nine months in charge Richard money then came in to steer the ship but the former Cambridge United boss was gone himself after just 43 days and director of football Craig hignett took over in another turbulent period for the club the league's most successful manager John still could achieve promotion from this level three times took the decision to retire from football as he left his post at Barnet still would provide the mother of all turnarounds though was by January he was back in the dugout with his first Club Maidstone United Martin Allen's Reina Chesterfield came to an end by the 27th of December for wins all season with three of those coming from the opening month gave the board no choice but to reevaluate the club's direction formal manager John Sheridan was appointed in the hope the new year could bring a new Chesterfield despite a run of 20 games without defeat Salford were on a run of three losses going into their game against Barrow in December Graeme Alexander sighs desperate to end their year on a high that seeking to stop the rots and reignite their title challenge indle goes on ball is given the ball placed by Jacob Blythe who hasn't scored yet the Barrow [Applause] which was not good at all with the shop we'll save for a thirsty [Applause] stick with hip back for a second time and the cup brilliant [Applause] [Applause] she's unbeaten in the national [Applause] salford slump allowed Leyton Orient to continue their promotion charge January would prove a difficult month though as they saw ten games pass with only three wins despite Wrexham's managerial woes they were still second four points from top spot under the stewardship of caretaker boss Graham Barrett Aldershot were having a torrid time of it at the wrong end of the table three points taken from a possible 27 and the New Year was not going to get any better for the shots Dagenham and Redbridge season was looking up the table though they went seven games unbeaten with six of those wins staving off a fear of relegation at least for now after the break we countdown to the incredible playoffs but stay tuned for the thrills and spills of a title race between Leyton Orient Salford and Solihull making it the tightest run to the finish line in years he fascinates me Danny wrote because I've watched him live on several occasions now for BT sport on live games he hasn't schooled in any of them he's not quick he doesn't drop back but I tell one thing you give him the ball if he scores cause I think with Danny you just can't argue with his goalscoring record it's just absolutely phenomenal he's very unassuming he's very quiet he's very laid-back a lot of people looking at football especially at this level will look at what they can't do thinking what you've got to do is embrace what he can do it was long road really as it United human kit in a support money night so it was a great thing for me that I was released at sixteen and didn't do good for me confidence and stuff so at that point I kind of fell out fill out the game I were actually playing for about a year and then different people had asked me to play locally for one of the teams and I started doing that and started to enjoy playing again and from there I kind of started to go up or not end up at Fleetwood Town as released from Fleetwood when I was 22 I think it was end of Lincoln first season and then came to filed in there before four years or so we've had him here he scored over 40 goals a season which is phenomenal he rarely celebrates his goals he sees his responsibilities a job within the team and complained quite well it's got quite a few throughout the season so people would think he's kind of pressured to be honest but I go into games myself confident that I'm gonna score we come away and we haven't worn obviously I'm disappointed scored I'm disappointed sometimes it'll be a passenger in games there'll be nothing to show from him and then he'll score his body language sometimes we'll say that he's not overly fussed he doesn't maybe look like he works hard enough there's lots of loss and they bought that's also its strength in the fact that when he gets out on goal is so composed we definitely wouldn't change your hopefully cuca teams that keeps going in the gold as he asked them over the past four or five years it'd be the biggest achievement in my career to win promotion from this league I've won promotion before when as athlete would you see the celebrations that they are and obviously you kind of look at I think you want it again from well err the call had been building me and stuff what I believe in he's playing a football league and that that's what I kind of want to do despite ROS potency in front of goal he and file just couldn't match Leyton Orient we're just an Edinburgh side ran out to kneel victors in March that sent them top of the national league table with two games in hand over title rivals Solihull and sulphur there was shock at Sutton in mid-march when their manager Paul Doswell took the decision to step away from the club albeit temporarily due to personal reasons Doswell had been at the Surrey side for 11 years longer than any serving manager in the top five tiers but the hiatus became permanent with Ian Baird finishing the campaigns in charge of the use gateshead future as a football club was thrown into serious doubt when owner dr. Rankin Varga a put the club up for sale in March doubt became disarray in the Northeast when the local council kicked the club out of their Stadium after unpaid debts in the dramatic month for the club Gateshead would fulfil their home fixtures at the Gateshead International Stadium but they would only taste victory once from March until the end of the season Barnett's had the high of reaching the FA Cup fourth round but the lows of languishing in the bottom half of the table for much of the season a good run of eight games without defeat between March and April cemented their fifth tier status and Chesterfield under John Sheridan would go on a seven match unbeaten run winning four of those underlining just how strong they could be the next season I think anyone who meets Tim flowers walks away thinking what a nice guy it was great to see Chris Sutton doing that interview with Tim flowers and it was a real nice insight into Tim flowers the man and Tim flowers the manager Tim great to see you again you're looking well that's very kind of it so are you are you going great guns on you've got a chance I feel ha we've got listen we set out not to get relegated that was the that was the call obviously we ain't gonna get relegated but we got ourselves in an unbelievable position with 12 to go don't think so many people would have given us a prayer being there it's tight there's just five six seven club still probably think they've got a chance of making it and it could be a blanket finish there's a lot of teams very similar goals roasting their points you've got a good run in there wasn't you we have on paper I mean listen this time last year we were in the bottom four and we were going away and we were just trying to throw punches to get a drawer or whatever it took to get the scoreboard ticking and we've got four a bottom five and they're under pressure to win we just gotta take it as it comes and try and get over the long as best we can and most your involvement today I see you've got you pamphlet there here this is just a few set pieces et cetera et cetera because we're at our our style is almost probably 95 percent of the teams in the National League the set play dependent they like to get the ball forward usually to target man's you're sort of physique they like to get it up there support it get on the second balls play high up the pitch and we're no different we sort of tried to recruit with that style in mind we don't want to be easy to play against last year before Christmas it was you know people had rock up tickle out on me and go in with three points and wanted to try and get out of that it's ain't nice to watch and you wanted to try and be a bit more aggressive stand up for ourselves a bit man we've we've got better I don't think anyone would have expected soleal to be where they are right now everyone thinks we're going to fall away I don't see it's crumbly if I'm honest I don't see is crumbling going into this run in there there's not the pressure which there is it Leyton Orient and wrexham and you're sulphate is er yeah will be definitely a lot more pressure on on those guys and than the results and that's listen that's part of playing for four big clubs with a big fan base then it's really the bottle those ought to be above all so finishing the playoffs would be a monumental achievement from where we came from we're 12 games to go where we are in the league now and me being like I am I'm demanding more I think for the sake of 12 games now don't die wondering you know if we can win over half of those we're gonna be in with a shout so we'll have to wait I see by the end of March it looked ominous for all the sides in the bottom for Aldershot couldn't buy a win at home they had only two victories in a run of 22 games and both of those were away fixtures Dover's season despite having horrific start looked like they would live to fight another campaign in the fifth tier and Boram would aside had reached the promotion final a year ago were just happy to be out of the relegation picture it was incredibly tight at the summit of the league with Leyton Orient only two points ahead of third place Solihull mores Wrexham was still in the type of conversations – with Bryan Hughes their third manager of the season steadying the ship going into the final month make stone United and Braintree town had relegation confirmed in early April Salford City provided the killer blow to the stones slim hopes for survival as their two-year stay at this level ended Braintree on the other hand went out in a blaze of glory winning three of their last four games [Applause] aldershot towns time in the fifth tier was over to a one all door with Hartlepool sealed their face on a sad day for manager Gary water who'd led the shots to the leaked title just over a decade ago the shots would go out fighting though their to nil victory over haven't Waterloo built on the penultimate weekend mentally Bradley's men join them in dropping out of the league so with relegation confirmed all eyes were on who would lift the title on the final day of the season it was Leyton Orient who had the best chance with just a point required to reach the Football League and after a sedate affair at Brisbane Road their two-year wait for a return to the Football League was over [Applause] the moment where all the funds in the pitch at the end it was one of them moments waiting well a team of where the word look where they are now to me that shows a title winning sight to me that shows real bottle real character the pressures on them is still open they're born with it much in playful to fantastic football Justin was a playoff spot was secured by bench trevin's easly in a remarkable job for the young Spitfires manager and Simon Weaver's Harrogate side clinched a top 7 finish to in their first season at this level it wasn't a scintillating finish though three defeats in their final four games at this supporting way to end the regular season but they went into the playoffs with hope after the break it's brilliant it's real energy rush they just had a real buzz about them like those confidence but it was just like wow I just start to be shocked the hearts beating probably just as much as the play is any time across winning you just felt like this it was a real reversal to what had happened to filed the previous season in the playoff Eliminator against bull wood when they were away from home they can see the two early goals themselves in that match and the damage was done they did get back into it but they couldn't recover the situation and it was the complete reverse they showed to me it seemed them learn from their mistakes thoughtless timers came with a desire to really get out the trash really go after her [Applause] [Applause] Kunis looking to get on the how'd they scored them going into the start of the second half I think they could really advance Abed esteem it's a pressure penalty I think Folds deserve to go through in the end but the second half was was an excellent game of football has to be urgency about here [Applause] Bradlee on the turn and there's the shot [Applause] they chat on a site through to the last war alight it to wit playoff football can bring anything it's obviously to be tense and edgy and although we've had chances and come out winners the game as I thought put it on either way most people going into that with a little suit easly the amount of goals that they've conceded home advantage for Wrexham surely they've got they've got a wedge this haven't they I actually said on the night that I fancy Lisa to win there just had something about them I wouldn't have called it the day before they just had a real buzz about them Wrexham had to play it off the line they hit the crossbar twice and they had a pretty controversial disallowed goal and this is the playoffs this is why we look the Miss just the drama the unpredictability of it no I mean I scream down the microphone didn't I though I don't tend to do that really but it was just like wow it was just an unbelievable goal a special girl in a huge game for them not to win that game think you must have been so frustrating so disappointing you could feel the sense of anticlimax at the racecourse it's all been built on team spirit togetherness and we've gone under the radar we've joked about a few weeks ago you showed the tops if you do down to seven going into the game Solihull are probably the favourites because we're not convinced that filed can deal with the aerial threat we're not convinced that filed can deal with the physicality of Solihull that was the big talking point that was where people saw that the game would be won and lost and but fear of failure thoroughly a victory playoff football is brutal but brilliant I saw a performance from filed that day that they had to dig in deep and they didn't do that for the first 20 minutes against born with last season and they did that against Saudi home Wars Solihull it's died through the battle with the moor in ten it was a great finish for Phyllis bootcut you can town practical say you need your goalkeepers have a great game and J did that fantastically well I think that kind of file court look will quite happy we'll take what you're giving us what will take your long balls we'll do that we'll try again in the counter-attack but cross into the middle daily clear it's going to be one of those days which in Flour Solihull then Challinor side have done it Solihull season ends here Chuck to take but in flowers in his place it's a phenomenal achievement to get me where we got what we also got to recognize that we're not there yet we got another real big hurdle to get over so we'll enjoy it listen we said support before they gave up going to Wembley and the trophy final to do it once in your lifetime is that it's an achievement to do it but if it's twice in a week it's gonna be amazing [Applause] to clubs who've never played at Wembley solve it and easily are seeking a first ever Football League promotion the stakes could hardly be higher dreams will be made and shattered overall it was just a really really exciting game of football and credit to sulphur they show great character they were absolutely exceptional beastly they travel all the way to the North Wales to play Rex and they get taken to extra time then on the bus on the way home from Wrexham a plane come off injured Joey Jones his ankle blues or so this whole squads have to go to A&E with him then they have to travel north again and then they play salt hoods and they get taken to extra time again the pressure pain and pleasure of the playoffs makes them unmissable bench driven stop the bowl look we're just kind of going over right go and see where it takes us which way this is going to go is anybody's guess it's often really needed that goal when it came just before half-time – right floats it in again a piane [Applause] rafi Singh we're gonna win the playoffs they needed at least one big performance and then we saw it McCallum fantastic headed the nervous energy any time across winning you just felt like this and it just went over the bar I just saved it's just it was so tense so dramatic and so engaging nothing to separate Salford and easily after 90 minutes so this place any final will go to extra time easily two seem to have got stronger and stronger and I just could not believe that the energy levels they has into the box it goes the flicker I don't think many people would disagree with me you want to say they look the pressure at the end of extra time I just thought don't blow up I was wrong again then when they went to penalties and he misses that first one you think it's not gonna be selfish time it's really and then all of a sudden the pressures back on easily it's the best way to well what a horrible way to go it's never nice missing penalties to decide but what to say from Chris no it was a fantastic save there's summon the Prudential a stadium here that can barely look East Lee I felt really sorry for the wave of emotion the release of emotion people in tears people on the pitch notes people have won Champions League titles in the crowd in tears well that tells you what this means this Football Club in any football club that gets promoted from this level watch a wave of emotion can do this to us [Applause] sulfur and fire to clubs who've never graced the football league both are chasing a dream it's the right final in my opinion because I felt that filed with the best team in the playoffs and I just think sulfur they deserve this opportunity Wembley in May this is where and when so many of the prizes are handed out and they don't come much more precious or sought-after than a place in the Football League I think it's nice now for the Football League to have a new club coming in the class of 92 are here I've got to say we don't want penalties today at that ten minutes last week was probably the worst ten minutes about in football right next to NICU it makes it extra special yeah clubs gonna be experienced in the Football League and a very first time in their history I could give you arguments for one I could give you a mystery over for the end the Dro generally clients but so 90 minutes possibly more to decide which of these clubs plays in the Football League next season I mean this is a real concern for a new channel no Luke Burke down could this be an early blow to file wrote it in by Redmond all and there's a big chance and it's it and let's take at the back and it's been seized upon by dear Saru a 7th minute of the second half sulfur's knocking on the door so Brooke here at Wembley is very chic a second it's it it's a second it's PG Arnie the surfer can't say how big this gold is now in the context of this massive massive game it's a long way back now for files oh it's in Suffolk city are now so close to the football league cricket almost reach out and touch it promotes it so are coming up a football league club for the first time in their history eleven seventy nine years in the making sheer joy not describe it's going from the friends and family there at Wembley it's an incredible feeling and fair play to all the boys filed a top topside to play and we've dug in really really the pendulum exceptional performances all year round bought every single one is that another massive contribution to to going up and obviously were absolutely blade made up and notice that the pi-star there's a lot player two out there today the managers who aren't here today who have done a lot of this last five years for promotions in five years we said we do it in eight and that wasn't that we thought quite aggressive but once we got on the momentum of the role we just thought right let's go for it and it's tough but we're gonna end with we're so proud and we're talking life to get me we had Thunder Nate's fans five years ago and today we've got a few thousand this is amazing chauffeured sitting our winners of the 2019 national league promotion choir [Applause] so congratulations to Salford City who bring the curtain down on another memorable banner Amin nationally campaign they join champions Leyton Orient in promotion to the Football League but with every winner there is a loser and for AFC file they'll have their chance again next season from myself thanks for watching and we'll see you again in three months time [Applause]

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  2. Tim Howard is the coolest dude… Dag and red are so lucky with these new owners, seems like they’ve got a great thing going over there.

  3. My predictions for 2019/20
    Champions Chesterfield
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