Highlights of the 1972 Olympics, the most fascinating and compelling games in Olympic History.

Highlights of the 1972 Olympics, the most fascinating and compelling games in Olympic History.

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Mark Spitz 7 golds, Olga Korbut, USA-USSR basketball highway robbery, Americas 2 finest sprinters oversleeping and missing a qualifying race, Dave Wottle, Lasse Viren, Dan Gable, Frank Shorter and the imposter Marathon runner entering the stadium in 1st place, Jim Ryun falling, and the Cuban great Teofilo Stevenson.

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  1. And Steve "Pre" Prefontaine, making the charge for victory in the 5,000. Not settling for anything but first where others would have taken the silver or bronze. Going for broke. And becoming a legend.

  2. Robert Taylor, USA, winning a silver medal after nearly missing the race? Unbelievable, impossible courage. This is just mind-bending.

  3. Got to say as a kid I was 15 when this happened and Teofilo Stevenson was just amazing.  Literally one punch and out!

  4. I really enjoy watching this, but how rigidly lacking in humour are the guys who called the marathon? They're like goody-goody schoolkids. Just realised that one of them is Erich (not Eric) Siegel, the eternal adolescent who wrote 'Love Story'. Fitting.

  5. the 'track imposter' was most genuine soul in whole stadium! what with all the athletes sunbathing,playing ping pong and taking selfies as folks bled out 40 feet away inside athlete housing.

  6. thank you for posting ! We didn't watch the games until the event happened that year . I remember my parents growling when Mark Spitz came home before final ceremony..with Jewish blood and bodies still on the barracks. As i grew I realised there is no right or wrong. what a bummer to be Palestinian and be bullodozed by isreali dozers ..just like it would be bummer to be jewish and be killed while in flight or murdered in a wheelchair . hate and war sucks

  7. It surely was a sham of a gold medal basketball game that the US deserved over the USSR. It surely was an imposter who decided to be an idiot and rob Frank Shorter of the marathon title. It surely was a surprise to see Dave Wottle win the 800m. It surely was sheer beauty of Olga Korbut as she dazzled in gymnastics. It surely was dominance by Mike Spitz in the 4/100m relay. It surely was utter strength of Dan Gable on the wrestling mats. It surely was pure power displayed by Teofilo Stevenson in the heavyweight box-ing fight and, sadly, it surely was pure tragedy when the Israeli athletes were all murdered.

  8. The Dave Wottle race was amazing and I watched it as an 11-year-old in '72. Now when I watch it, I see Napoleon Dynamite running with a hat! 😉

  9. Some crazy twists from these games beyond the Munich Massacre-forgot that Shorter ran into the stadium to whistles after the imposter jumped the gun, /i hadn't seen highlights of the basketball final for years-not hard to appreciate that Doug Collins and his teammates refused to pick up their silver medals since the gold really belonged to them!

  10. I may not have been born yet, but the Gold Medal Basketball game was highway robbery. The performance Dave Wottle put in during the 800 meter final was probably the greatest comeback in track. Everything still pales in contrast to what happened to the Israeli team in the village which changed the Olympics forever

  11. I'm not always totally enthralled by coverage from a US point of view, but find this very interesting footage and a fine historical account (including such tragedy), well put together. The US sprinters missing their heats must have been fairly galling at the time….maybe the sprint relay team going on to break the world record in their gold medal win should also have been included as a happier ending!

  12. Nice job again; these Olympic videos are awesome. Really looking forward to the upcoming games. It will help bridge the gap to football season.

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