Hair tutorial - loose wave-y curls with a clamp curling iron

Hair tutorial – loose wave-y curls with a clamp curling iron

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I have no idea what I’m doing here but you get the point xoxo

um so I made this video way earlier because there's like two people in the whole world to ask me how I do my hair and I thought you know what today's the day I will actually videotape myself so I videotaped myself but I made a YouTube video before and I was very confused yeah and I held the phone the wrong way and there's a lot of black space and I'm just gonna say bizarre and advanced ain't no idea what I was doing however I did it I showed you I'm exhausted I hope you enjoy okay hello people but all of you will always ask how I curled my hair I'm about to show you step one depending on what your hair type is so I have what I like to call brillo pad hair you want to use a styling product based off of your type of hair so because mine is so coarse I use one of two things I use this from Oribe it's straight away so if you have like really silky fine hair I'd probably only use this if you're like straightening your hair but if you're like me and your hair is gonna hold a girl no matter like what climate irin you can use this it like makes my hair like Sookie and I've never had to looking here so I really enjoy it the other thing that I just have been very into lately is olaplex number six I also have three four and five threes grade four and five is the shampoo and conditioner and honestly it's fine but like I just it's not my favorite and then this is like a heat protectant hair Bhandar it's the best thing i've literally ever put in my hair so I have this at my hair right now starting there for curling everyone is gonna tell you that you need the most expensive tool and that's just a big fat lie okay I used this baby from Conair infinity pro I think it's ceramic I don't really know I think it was $17.99 and if you're cheap like me I used to give card so yeah so I just use a clamp for those weirdo to use a wand unnecessary sorry if I just offended you I Section my dear because I have a mop on my head I already did the bottom layer but I just take a little bit of hair down on it and a little bun on top my little noggin pony okra okra so take the final take a little piece of hair for the people in the world who go like opposite ways every girl that's actually insane please don't do that it's so unnecessary I think I watched Jojo Fletcher and she was like okay this last time I recalled this face that this time I'm gonna call this day and it's like who cares okay take a little piece of hair take your little clampy because my hair is so curly I usually go through it a couple times like it's a straightener then I curl away from my face now the hairs in front are like really silky and really fine so they don't hold as well in the clamp which is okay I like to leave like a little bit out at the ends like this little rat tail I undo it and then I pull it down it doesn't really do it that well in these front hairs just because they are like so fine but you'll see what I mean when I get to some thicker hairs in the back so I just straighten it and then go away from my face I twist it till I get like that much hair and then I let it sit for a little if your hair doesn't hold it curl that well you'll probably need to hold it longer if you're like me I could literally do this for like two seconds and it would hold so they're gonna look kind of like weird ringlets ease at first but I smooth down twist it around and then hold it now when you undo it I like to keep this hair in here and I pull it down and it kind of like straightens your ends and holds your curl down so instead of having like big pageant curls when I brush my fingers through this later they're gonna look like more wavy and I just do that around my whole head I go away from my face till I get to the back and then I just don't really care what direction I go after that okay so I'll do a couple pieces the other way just to show you and then I'll fast forward till the end and show you what I do after that so same thing I'm going away from my face the little baby hairs are weird so I just like go through those really quickly I just don't really like care about them and like they've had enough damage in their life without me like straightening and curling nothing to submission like I should probably just think the mom Roger that it doesn't really matter like how careful you are if you recall the same hair twice like who let cares the important thing is that I'm just getting this over with truly because it's such an annoying thing to do once you get used to it you can go really fast clearly you can see I don't really care I just want the little hairs up the face if I had to be straight and then I just curl it up have these little hairs out unravel pull okay I'm gonna fast-forward to the end this is what it looks like right now I just want everyone to keep in mind that one I missed hair and two that it's Memorial Day weekend and the weather is absolute and it's just cold and rainy and he made and my hair is gonna be quite large as opposed to Sookie Smith you I hold this straight up and down the entire time that I curl aside from that first part when I'm flattening it out so right as I'm done flattening it out then I switch to go like completely up and down if you don't want your curl to start up here then like don't do that just like hold it further down I just that up trying to demonstrate but you guys got the idea and if you make a mistake like it's not the end of the world just like go back over it again I promise you no one at the bar or the clerks or dinner or anywhere it's me dick not girls one curl is oh I mean maybe if your won't haven't sure about like one Carla cares okay so I've smooth smoothy smooth and then I go straight up and down hold it here cuz it's like by my face I don't want it to start up super high and then I just pull it down depending on like how lazy I am or how much in a hurry I am I'll like take a straightener and let go around these little pieces by my face I actually don't like what my hair is straight sway just I probably won't do that today I'm probably just gonna use the clamp to like straight in these little pieces um straight down like this it all just depends on like what you like and what your preference is depending on how good your hair holds a curl as well you can spray in between like sections you can hairspray and then your hero will hold a curl better I just don't need help holding a curl like my hair will stay like this for five days and so I actually prefer not to use hair spray because I think that when I if I use hair spray and I wake up the next day that curls are like kinky weird and it's harder to touch them up because your hair is like so sticky and coarse but I understand like not everyone has the luxury of like not having cheese hairs right so I get it I also don't use any like volume just because I personally like don't that's just not an area I need help in but if you're like oh it's like really flat against my roots then I would just lift up like section by section put some like volumizing stuff and then just go with your fingers like this and then see like I literally don't even have anything in my hair and like it's just large and in charge so then when my curls are like ugly like this I just I could use a brush too but I'm just gonna use my fingers and I'm gonna go straight down and kind of separate them out and brush them through c-cute I'm gonna do that all over my head and yeah that's it do a little bit at the root I like to have one like a little piece tucked like that if I'm just feeling sassy and then this is just pretty much why I like my hair um if you want to use hairspray if you want to use volumizing spray Bucky go for it it's your life don't let anyone tell you otherwise other than that I really don't know how helpful this was but I'm hoping that you found it helpful I'm not a hairdresser I truly don't know anything about hair except what I learned on the internet and what I copied from my hairstylist I actually saw her do the like clasp on the wand and then pull it down and I just copied her her name is Laura crayons and if you want to go to her I'll give you her number that's all I got thanks for watching you

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