Hackney School Sports Championships 2012

Hackney School Sports Championships 2012

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the UT pie-o-my card the hacking school's championship so that's a range of different okay my name is Blackey school sports championships been money for five years over 10,000 children have now participated is amazing again I'm life lettings coach they get the opportunity to try different sports nice find something they enjoy doing and continue doing it yeah I had a great twenty today I would definitely come back I mean to so many school sports days and that's supposed to be like this but this has been the mess Judah's judo is a wrestling and a throwing game we come from a marshal at jujitsu the aim of the game is to throw a partner flat on that automatic tempering score if we get them in the Lassen automatic but for this particular event because judo is an Olympic sport in politics who knows what my Judas how to do too it's really good of self-defense and confidence builds up so you don't feel like you yes we had fun as we learned in sports like volleyball I enjoyed it cuz I got to play with learnable body athletes and I got to understand more about the disabilities I really liked it because it helps understand what how hard we got to train and like do work so they can come to a point like this and the Paralympics for the championships or anything and it's a really good way to understand and to comprehend how people can like do all of these types of things well what we do gotcha takes BOK Choy's and Paralympic sport by two is very much like the Tong our ball balls you have six red six blues and underwire which is a jacked ball the idea was trying to get your colors as close to the jack wheelchair basketball I am a wheelchair basketball player porch organizer it was really fun to see how to save the debt maybe that leads to work together and we got to see lo we got to see some actual real athletes it was really fun sailing I work here as a Cyrenian couch and the panel sports it's giving young people opportunity to take on a sport that's probably the normal title the game is essentially an adaptation of the standing game a conventional game pretty much all the rules are the same for that it's whaling national report with a lower net coach just and Michigan football it's full football player learning's thanks that loan interest it brings together schools so it's great to see young people sharing opportunities and events with each other so I think it's a really brilliant thing partners to be proud of hi my name's Alan Walsh and part of my job is organizing this event I'm so a front of house manager for what experience just got better year and one of the things is that immediately the innermost Florence but events like this to sport in other places outside aha we have very very inclusive so what I think things go together so many different people and making new friends is a more integration it was good to see the same food athletes could work together we'll be targeting over the 2000 kids it is not just inclusion with with able-bodied and disabled but anything in terms of gender yeah yeah girl again will really like it because I mean it's fun I would really like to go personally because theoretical experience and get to meet new people it's just slightly easier to understand I'd really like to go getting me so fun and revise those more people to go and take part in it

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