Grimsby Town celebrate promotion to the Football League

Grimsby Town celebrate promotion to the Football League

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Grimsby Town’s open top bus parade and civic reception after promotion in 2016.

[Applause] he's going inside here – who but if it's full just a minute ago look at the Saints crazy to trade for his game overs believable very possible dinner but still good I think it was good July was not going near the end biggest relief ever there the biggest relief ever it could have gone a bit earlier Craig yeah positive yeah what was he like score nice to guys gratefully I'm puzzled by best in the world never was in the ball quick I was thinking surely is not gonna allow this goal it's something gone wrong really now you can find the playoffs after the semi-final as well strike what we what was something like it's pretty man or max collodion goal that was bringing and then the second one he got a tap-in yeah so this was the best goal we can go quite a few goals down are they yeah he's nearly casually in the last three games yeah is he score 10 in the last three games if I get that he might get that the best No really good James out here will see my coupons tomato special Norton [Applause] okay on our way Saeko respond to you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] me too in the Football League

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