Glenn Hoddle reflects on his heart attack and his recovery

Glenn Hoddle reflects on his heart attack and his recovery

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Robbie Savage speaks to Glenn Hoddle as the former England manager and midfielder discusses his ongoing recovery after suffering a cardiac arrest last October.

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[Applause] I'm good well show you specially yeah I'm doing Elias it's been free in a bit money so you know always admire him in as a player I watching him go out was a player too much before the incident happened we were in Portugal me Glen cut other friends for days to play golf first and foremost I'm a football fan and Glenn Hoddle was obviously one of the greatest players this country's ever produced so your birthday October the 27th you wake up in the morning looking forward today on starts up on set so we're you looking forward to doing going on that show my birthday yes I mean what's the chances of what happened you know I I it was a normal day I felt fine I just traveled into the studios and you driver John John takes me everywhere yeah i remember saying sherry I'll see you at 5:30 shut the door the rest is a little bit of a blown it was just like a normal day it really really was it was like any day that you walk into beauty it was one the first to arrive and then gleam that was second or third offense you might have come in and then an inkling was in you went in cleansing involved or any company it's just always football and we were just chatting football in the green room getting ready for the show we have a chat we say you're gonna be taking me on a tech ball knows I wanted to play against the legends and thought I'd never ever be a legend you know all the lads having a bit of fun we're talking about your birthday what you're doing in the evening and then we go onto the show good morning and welcome to another practition of Saturday morning savage all in the company of Glenn Hoddle Steve citral pollens and Harry Redknapp I can't remember any event at all when we started the show you know and you know sit next to the gaffer and he was on my left hand side and he kept like waving his hands you know I'm so not cold cold what's a gaffer so we told him yes that was what it's like what do you remember that I remember you and incy walking towards with a cake with a birthday cake I remember that and I remember the other one the other thing I remember is a lizard the reason the lizard came on I presume was because Harry was going in but the lizard I remember and it was only afterwards when I was talking to people that they must have been thinking I was on the medication or I was dying man he's thinking of a lizard there was a snake in it– yeah there was a big snake and she did an eating challenge and what eating shy was good at man yeah [Applause] we're all laughing and joking yeah and then as the show come towards the end I took on a fan of tech ball then right Glenn you're up do you remember anything about member the thing so we you played you didn't believe me did you can I tell ya that was to one up nas to enough then the Carolis the the show finished this is where yeah you know it gets bizarre really so right thanks wrap so every said right Glenn you know what you do go for your lunch go address room you said no let's finish the game self did we so we so we finish the game to one first of three so the very next point that we just as we go off air we're playing and then I serve you it back to me so then I hit it here which have hit the ball and it went to the left hand side in his moods and I think he's kind of tasted it him time to kick it and Andy's the balls dropped turn to his foot and as he's going to kick it I'm watching him and I'll see him stumble you just went back when I thought for a minute you know cuz I'm beating you take me and you just fell back with no control like a starfish and your head smashed against the concrete floor and you'd gone I think the one thing that I really remember from that day is the noise of his head hitting the ground I just remember running over and I remember just saying he's out he's out I think as well I kind of think back to it I think I was more concerned about him bang his head I didn't realized he'd had a heart attack because you know there was no signs first and foremost I thought you swallowed your tongue because you were you know you weren't doing anything you know you guys had gone to the back ear head so I've grabbed your head and in I've panicked the color of his face just went to a color I've never seen before I've shouted help help help and then that's when NC chief Sid were over and Simon yeah Simon Tom and Dan use so my role on Saturday savage and the score is the second sound person in the control room I look after all the music all the sound effects any quizzes or any games my responsibility is to add all that element into the microphones the video tapes everything else that we do on the program in my spare time I am a special constable with Thames Valley Police I'm actually a sergeant now so I help mentor new officers as they come through part of our training every year we have to do first aid course every single year just to make sure that we're refreshed on the latest techniques and obviously that training that I had in first aid and of course CPR is what I used on the day to help save Glenn I'd got onto the studio floor and I think I'd walked around behind one of the large screens that's in the studio and I heard a bit of a commotion and then I heard someone shout for help and as I looked across the studio floor I could see someone lying on the floor and I assumed at that point that someone had perhaps fainted and I certainly didn't know it was Glenn but I my natural instinct was just to rush over and help and of course as soon as like I got to the person on the floor I realized it was Glenn and I realized very quickly that he was seriously unwell he realized it was a very serious issue yeah and then obviously he put you on your side he released your tongue I undertook the standard checks that we do with all people who are having any kind of medical episode ABC airway breathing circulation and I felt his pulse and at that point it was either very weak or virtually non-existent I could then tell very quickly that he'd stopped breathing and it was at that point that I knew that I had to start doing CPR and start giving rescue breaths to give him a chance of survival I asked people to you know phone for an ambulance go and get the defibrillator because the building you know has got a defibrillator and those were the first key things get those things coming get the ambulance coming get the different variety coming and I then immediately started CPR ripping the shirt and the buttons flying off and then him just doing CPR and just going into his own that I've never sort of seen someone sort of take control really of a situation I think you just switching to that moment you know if you if you know you know what to do that could have been anybody someone would have done was that clear same for you or anybody else you know I just thank God that I was in the studio's at that time with Simon there yeah and with with a defibrillator there you know I could have gone and taken a phone call I've been on my own for that 30 seconds or whatever and I wouldn't be sitting here today that could have happened at any time during that then what time to do it on your birthday as well it's you know some present I've given myself yeah it's more traumatic probably for you than the guys that were on the show then it then it was for me because I was out of it you know he's a very fit fit man he obviously keeps himself in trim and actually doing CPR on someone who is that fit it's it's quite hard work because to be able to get the blood to flow you've got to compress the chest and you know when you do CPR there is obviously the potential to crack you know a couple of ribs and I felt the ribs crack quite early on you know when you hear people say he's fighting for his life yeah so Simon kept saying to all of us keep saying to him keep encouraged him keep saying come on gaffing in the in six point of view you know I had your head saying come on Glenn keep fighting coming Glenn comically and keep going keep going stay with us stay with us come on gaffer then we will cut you know getting for the World Cup mimetic was you know this is the bet you know you're betting now and every time the lads are doing that your eyes would flicker you know you were responding so even though you you you were out yeah you were responding in some way which was that just shows you somewhere some subconscious or something still he is and still fights and Harry was showering come on Glenn and you know Harry was in bits we all would it you know in tears I was very aware that there was an awful lot of people around me you know footballers technical crew all who are witnessing one of the greatest footballers suffering cardiac arrest and I was focusing on Glenn and I wasn't thinking about it then but probably afterwards is that you know I had to do the best I could do and I was just determined just to keep going until the paramedics turned up I remember Simon company's heart pump is up one two three I remember someone else coming so let me have a go and he said no I'm going to do it I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it the function of CPR is to get the heart going a defibrillator puts the heart back into the correct rhythm so you've got to get the heart going so I'm doing the CPR and I'd shouted for the defibrillator and that came into the studio we placed the pads on Glenn's chest and then the Machine actually tells you to stop doing CPR so that the Machine can analyze the heart rhythm if there's a heart rhythm there and it advised giving Glenn a shock so I shouted to everybody to stand clear but the hardest part for me was when the defib went on that you've got us sit back and let ladies do its business which is kind of hard when you're watching someone possibly dying in front of you that you've just gotta wait for this machine to evaluate it and then you can't touch him and I press the button and it gave Glenn the shock and then the Machine told me to continue doing CPR I think the first paramedics were there within about seven minutes which is very quick and I remember doing CPR for eight and a half minutes because the key thing is when the paramedics first turn up don't just stop they need time to connect up all their equipment and I knew from my training but I had to keep going until they told me to stop and it was only then that I kind of then stepped back and let the paramedics and doctors you know work on Glenn when they turn up they want to know obviously how long they some been performing CPR what what the breasts are but the first thing they say is know what's the patient's name or and I remember Simon saying it's Glenn Hoddle and I remember the man saying bloody are and everyone to experience it again but I really don't remember leaving the show because we can't sort of show that afternoon and I remember getting back on the train and it was like it was that kind of numbness and I just numbness in my body and I think this could have happened two months ago when I was in Portugal playing golf with him and yet it happened in a situation where we had Simon where we had a deep fib you know and Simon was miraculous after the work in the studio the fantastic air ambulance took you to the Royal London yeah and then you were transferred to st. Barts hard specialist hospital you wake up there having no recollection of what's all of it I can't remember the the air ambulance although what a job they do and obviously it was because of the whack on the head they took me to the London hospital and then they the x-ray said that I was okay there then I think that's quite unbelievable the force your head hit the ground or control is incredible over three months later now as I sit here if I tap my head just there I can it's still it's still quite tender so it must have been a hell of a blow and I think that's why they I went there first yeah they knew I was having their cardiac arrest but I think they thought possibly that was a major problem and then then it was rush and the only other thing I remember well some Jamie lives in London so he was the first to get to the London hospital and I remember just squeezed in his hand and seeing him in the ambulance coming from there to st. Barts and then obviously there it was emergency I can't remember any of that and thankfully the doctors have stents in – to just keep me going really until they found out you know that I needed the that was quadruple bypass in the end but that's quite big when you're an Oscar on your medication I didn't quite wasn't taking everything in that was coming and I take it in and then forget but when they said that you know that it was quadruple I realized that I was a lucky man so lucky not just because of the synchronization of the time in that we spoke about on the day but you know this there was something going on for quite some time and you know that could have happened anytime and there could have had a massive stroke he went through it all with me and again that hit me big time afterwards it could have been any it's gonna be a bad sleep in yeah my grandchildren I could have been wherever so I'm so thankful again for that I was then I was in the right place at the right time and at the hospital at Saint Barts I gotta say was they were quite incredible its former England Chelsea and Tottenham manager and player Glenn Hoddle is seriously ill in hospital tonight Glen was transferred to a hospital in London and his condition is described as serious whatever Glenn Hoddle is to you whether it's one of the greatest footballers the country's ever produced a wonderful colleague a much-loved family member the outpouring of love and support today has been quite something to behold playing we are right behind you in your recovery he's somebody I admire greatly he's just such a nice guy with a huge passion and love for football over the years I said it's funny you become a better player when you pack in and you become even better when you pop power supply see make it make it even boss that was close to that obviously but it's only since probably two months down afterwards where my family have sort of told me about the amount of love that was instead of a my love and I can only thank people for their good wishes and their faults and their prayers because it does have an effect that positivity I was willing to take that in that's been a great part of healing for me on the Saturday evening I travelled over to the hospital and by the time I got there there was already quite a number of his family there and I met the family who obviously all very grateful and you know wanted to ask me lots of questions and I wanted to speak to one of the doctors just to understand if he had a fighting chance and if I'd done the right thing and you know one of the consultants said to me you know you saved his life you know you did what was right you did it quickly and you did it really well so you know three months post-operation yeah you know how is the recovery going it's gone really well I walk every day about a mile and half every day sometimes two miles used to hate walking before cuz I'm a bad knee and me bank didn't but unless I was chasing that little white ball playing golf I could walk then six miles by Easter hate walking you know now you know because I've got to do it keep the heart and lungs guy and it's been a real joy and the family have been unbelievable they're the ones that went through all the trauma like you you guys in the studio went through the trauma more than me they're the ones that it's really here and I think it'll take them a longer time than perhaps myself one of the things that have got me through all this is the sense of humor if that was my last seconds on of my life what way to go yeah playing football oh there you know that's just hit me now actually if that was my last seconds on earth which I was very close in kicking a ball without Simon Daniel it was playing football so I saw playing a couple of weeks ago I went to his house when I went in the front door he gave me a big hug and I I gave him a big hug perhaps shouldn't are squeezed in quite that hugs he was still a little bit sore and he said don't forget you broke seven of my ribs and we had a good laugh about that I don't think you know in that situation whether it was me or someone else I don't think we could have done anything better it wasn't just me there was lots of other people involved whether it's getting the defibrillator phoning the ambulance making sure that you know the paramedics get into the studio we all played a part that day and I was I was just confident that I done the best I could do and we just had to you know pray that he he pulled through and he's looking great Simon and for the team to save your life is it's just you know it's just so haben but it has changed my perspective on life I'm sure I'm sure it's change yours yeah I mean what's coming out of this is you know what if I had passed away then what I'd done career-wise or what we all do career-wise or materially means nothing it's actually how you do it if you've a great businessman or you're politician or sportsman or whatever if you've trodden on everyone to get there if you've you know done terrible things to get there you're gonna that's your life that's what you're going to be judged on it's how you do things which is more far more important yeah what you achieve it showed me how precious life is to see a friend a colleague you know a Ledge of the game two minutes earlier on his birthday full of life loving what he's doing to all of a sudden you know minutes you know from possible death is is a picture that you know I'll never forget but the reward is the picture I've got now in front of me you sitting here you know looking amazing in my last time I hope I don't have to go for that again but going through that experience I kind of know what I should be doing it connected to anyone you know and it just puts it it to me you know you go home you cuddle your children you know my kids are quite quite old but my dog was 17 you know and when I got I'm like the first thing he did was give her a cuddle because you just don't know for me and more than anything it gave me a different outlook in life you know when I'm moaning about the tea don't taste for Claire's burnt that dinner or so you know it stops me thinking well I'm I'm only four I've just witnessed most horrific thing that I've ever experienced in my life I would encourage anybody go out do a course in CPR it's a fantastic skill to have and you don't know when you're gonna need it it might be your neighbor it might be a family relative you might be at work like we had here none of us that day thought that anyone would be taken ill and you know it just happened to be Glenn and I was able to do something that has saved his life so your recovery now you you're doing exceptionally well when are we gonna see you back when are you gonna be back I'm hoping you know in the near future I think within the next three three weeks you're not gonna feel under dab northland and doubt they don't sell there's nothing and darling that might be one that we might have a rival yeah that'd be nice yeah but now I'm talking to the guys obviously hopefully we'll be back a little bit maybe even before that once I think I need to just sort of feeding you weigh in but that dental flan and Dobby would be a nice way to come back if the guys want me for that kind certainly wasn't less mm I'm so glad yeah good to see ya no pressure

42 thoughts on “Glenn Hoddle reflects on his heart attack and his recovery

  1. Love this guys analysis, he’s seems like he has a huge footballing IQ, English players are normally associated with “hard work” and they’re not too keen on flair I would say, I’m in my 20’s so I haven’t watched him play but I would really like to know how good he was, judging from the feedback people rate him highly.

  2. Maybe his heart attack was brought on by sins he committed in a previous life! Maybe more heart attacks are imminent for other sins in even more of his lives! He might have a fatal one soon!
    I mean who knows what else he’s been up to in these other lives of his! Repent your sins Hoddle before it’s too late!

  3. What a great bit of TV. I imagine it takes a lot of guts to push a button on the defibrillator on anyone let alone a national hero. An unfortunate experience for all involved but what an outcome.

  4. Such a lucky man . Just wasn’t his time . Lost my father and uncle who both had heart attack’s while driving. Both dying from the results of . Certainly it’s the fittest people who actually have the best chance of surviving. Well done to that guy Simon, he made all the difference 👍

  5. Karma is a ????? what the Angel Glen did in a former life to earn a Heart Attack. ohhhh taking the micky out of Disabled people is a move to the front of the queue….

  6. I resuscitated my dad several weeks ago when he had an arrest in a pub, after a long walk.
    Fortunately, the pub had a defibrillator and he was resuscitated successfully by myself and the pub staff.
    Please please, learn these simple skills.
    People have said what I did was heroic.
    I just see it as using a simple set of skills, that anyone can learn.

  7. I've done First Aid/CPR Training but when an old lady standing next to me collapsed, I don't know what had happened to me as I just froze, felt numb, cold, stars all over & etc instead of being able to apply my knowledge. So, kudos to Simon, he saved Glenn's life.

  8. FFS! I'm 58 all my family die like this, my 57 year old sisters had this and survived, I'm out for some exercise! Top video, well done to the bloke Simon! Like him exercise bores me to tears unless I'm playing cricket. Got to do it exercise!

  9. I was wiping the tears at least 5 times during this video – and I'm 56 years old ! Life is so precious. Thank God that landing on his head didn't kill him – that's the one to watch as well. Well done Simon and everyone who was there.

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