Get healthy curls without using curling iron in minutes....

Get healthy curls without using curling iron in minutes….

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hi everyone so today I'm gonna do I hair tutorial yes I get a lot of requests to do hair tutorials especially hair tutorials for norm here but the reason I do not really here to tourists because I basically do not do any styling with my hair I just like to keep them open like I like my straight open hairs I think that suits me the best but at times i like all in my hair but since my hair is so long it takes like a lot of time to you know go and do this stuff with my hair and also with curling iron I don't know why my hair becomes so messy and like I like it to be no oh that corner recognized way so that like the cause a prominent so i found it a way of calling hairs on these rollers and a spray any whole spray on home channel videos work and a simple basic own hair dryer yes so you don't need any like curling irons of that irons nothing so if you have a seem like a basic hair trial you get these rulers I got it from dollar store so just and the donor you'll get the shoulders and you get this lovely VV curse so if you are interested if you want to know how I did this using a hair dryer Shh it didn't do anything people do so this is like the Finnish lip that I got and I think it's really good like I usually get this kind of favor with my curling iron and it's even fast and you know so organized my curling iron my hair gets so messy and um so I hope you liked it and I hope you better try it and if you try to get me know how it was and that's it thanks for watching please rate and comment and subscribe if you haven't and also my mac giveaway is going on if you want to win our mac i click the link over here you will get to see my mac give up a video so Lance editor and i hope you liked my video thanks for watching you

34 thoughts on “Get healthy curls without using curling iron in minutes….

  1. thats how I use to curl my hair when I was in Pakistan. I have very thick hair it gets too much after curling 😛 so I avoid curling my hair. curls look superb on u. 🙂

  2. your beautiful 🙂 thanks for sharing…i got a question too does this work on shoulder length hair too ? and what kinda hairspray gel do you use?

  3. hey this is so gud………i bought some foam rollers from the dollar store do they work the same way like urs………w………

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