0 thoughts on “Gary Lineker's Super Skills ZX Spectrum

  1. LOL brilliant comment mate! Had a right good laugh reading that, that's one of the best comments on my videos!

  2. @atrumdiabolus I knew pretty much what it said or trying to say but it just didn't sound very well, or not as well as the "completed" speech anyway.

  3. @atrumdiabolus The Corn Flakes Sprint! Race to down a whole bowl of Corn Flakes in the quickest possible time!…….there! Who said my imagination was fading lol!

  4. @atrumdiabolus Me too mate, I think it's meant to be saying "Gremlin Graphics presents Gary Lineker's Soccer Skills (or Super Skills), Written by Wise Owl Software…..I really thought he mentioned Barcelona Football Club for year lol!

  5. @sebastiaaaaaaan419 The completed speech is really good but the intro isn't perfect for sure. The second part is not so much fun, heading was a bollocks.

  6. @atrumdiabolus Yeah the squats were my favourite event, perhaps the squeaks were the reason. =)

  7. @sebastiaaaaaaan419 Agreed! It took me a while to figure out what it actually said – all I used to get was just "Gary Lineker's Soccer Skills", had no idea what was said before and after lol

  8. @kedeuger Well I don't really have much of a plan anyway, it's all random and all that so yeah I'll upload it shortly. =)

  9. Sampled speech at the start was a little off but the "completed" speech is excellent. Looks rather good but I imagine boredom kicks in after a while.

  10. @kedeuger I've not played Superstar Soccer nor Roy of the Rovers but I have a video for Footballer of the Year and it's sequel and maybe I'll upload them tomorrow or this week sometime. I did always enjoy this for some reason, not sure why really but I always did.

  11. @FlamboyantHardman I've hardly played Hot-Shot myself and I've not made a video for it as yet so don't expect it up for a while. This isn't that popular but I always enjoyed it.

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