Gareth Southgate and Marcus Rashford on Bulgaria match

Gareth Southgate and Marcus Rashford on Bulgaria match

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The World Cup semi-finalists take on Bulgaria and then Kosovo in Euro 2020 qualifying matches.

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I think it's how like as as the incidence of Upland everyone's coming together the minute that starts that's when I think that could be a problem and because right now obviously everybody loves loves the sport and loves football and that's all that's what we wanted to do when his kids and it's told we want to do a mousehole for these issues to be to be coming up all the time it's just it feels a bit a bit strange to me um and I think the man if it can so saw the situation huh the better it will be for everyone Gareth just finishing on the football with the euros now looming zuv quickly into science do you feel you're looking at a squad especially with the younger players coming through and the blend with the experience that is capable of challenging for a trophy that would be lifted on home soil well we've got to take care of qualification every day we have to work to be the best we could be and over the last couple of years I think we've started to put together an exciting team that now sells out won't be very quickly hopefully we're playing in a style that the supporters look forward to and we have real competition for places and we're going to make sure we have a mindset that every day we train every session that we read we're operating at the highest possible level push ourselves and then if we do that then our performances will be right arcus possible how big of an opportunity to see this for you to kick-start your season to be honest every time we come to England it's always a huge huge opportunity and you know at the end of the day yeah you play for your country and it's always a problem and you know you want to do you want to do the best you can and I think as a team we love that that mindset coming in and I think that's why I ever saw I'm just William and spoke today but also said the part of the mental health work that he's doing he wants to bring racism work on racism in that did you welcome I think to be honest this whatever the individual that's been abused needs and you know however he needs to be supported and for me it's all about steps going forward and if he needs help in order to sort of move on with his career or move on with his life and I want to present giving them the help that he needs and but it's a big one for me that the campaign's need to need to step up and and do something about it Cary Grant I'm I'm just wondering how much everyone's talking about sitting since you do it is part because this is affected players throughout the age groups you were talking about it collectively now their support is everyone just asking what we can do is it a big conversation so be honest I've always said the more we speak it doesn't it doesn't have much of an impact you know we've tried and there's been examples everywhere where people have spoke out and I would say they've been ignored but you know nothing's nothing's really changed and so just to see it to see you saw spike in a couple of moments it's been it's been unbelievable song and you know we're gonna users come out with a very old pace that they would monitor the accounts of fifty black players what was your reaction to that suggestions and I think that doesn't that doesn't change anything what I said before the amount the number of accounts are out is ridiculous and you know so the way to the way to sort of control that is if everybody in the world that uses these platforms they can only have one at home that's one way to solve because a lot of them they're not doing it from their own accounts they're just domi accounts and so that way they never the identity of the person who's doing it is never never seen there is great regulation in some countries how you can set them up Twitter Instagram with the social media sites all going to stay matching when everyone is talking about it when it's making back pages and pages front pages would you like the government to stop intervening to telling them they must change to be honest I think the people start to come off of the platforms and if it's doing more bad than good and I don't think this is a reason of of having the channels and for me the only reason why I actually have the social media term media channels is to sort of help help the because a lot of my fans are young young people and you know you want to help them in the future and just lifestyle are all related and if you can give them bits of information that might help them in the future to become whatever whatever it is they want to become that's what the cause of social media and the minute sort of the cons outweigh the pros is indeed you have not really much point fresh faces coming into this place so we've been talked about in creativity in the midfield the service to yourselves like sterling and Harry what's it be like with the new players wasting months in the mountain communities yeah it's been mmm it's been brilliant and I think they just just seemed to fit right in and I think since since powers come in and the way the younger age groups train in comparison to how each I mean is very similar so when it's time to sort of take the step up to the first team it happens seamlessly and you know it's a message time for us and the more place we can get come in coming up and coming through develop last week's about subjective opinions in football Harry clean was the subject to opinion at the weekend went on penalty have you spoken to the players about this yeah to be honest we were into camp so as soon as the game is finished I want to just checking everyone's fear so I didn't see I tend not to watch so much of the analysis i watch about 15 matches a week either live or or remotely so we've always analyzing the games ourselves but then yeah I don't have time to sit it's the only international we can listen to the opinions there's been a suggestion that they're making too much we just because it's a play distinctive you know I think I think we have forgive me because I don't have time to read the papers David go to him we have had the updates week so that's where I get I think we have a group of players who in an attacking sense are always going to be attempting to take people on getting themselves in today there's positions there's always going to be contacting the box and I think we have an honest group who they want to score goals first and foremost so if they've got the opportunity to score they've gotta go and and try and take that so I haven't felt that's been an issue with our team certainly in the England match is that we've had a couple recordings that where I thought anybody had tried to all that stepped over their mark so I haven't felt the need to do that at this stage gareth bruce Schoenfeld from ESPN in the state's putting aside which three of their for attacking options would happen to be playing tomorrow can you tell me about Jaden stylistically and some of the things that he offers you that may be a traditional English winner doesn't offer you and how that creates some different kinds of options than even in on terms of talent just in terms of style yeah I mean I think it's very difficult to say what a what a traditional winger would be because every individual player if you go back to Chris Waddle job bars they all had slightly different technical attributes and different styles but Jaden in terms of his game is hugely exciting in terms of his balance the quality of his is his cross as he gets into areas behind defenses to with the way that daughter plays a significant part that plays lots of those low crosses across the six yard box he's why I really like his his decision-making when he's moving at speed he's able to get and make the right decisions in terms of weight of pass which passes the best one to pick out and that's not an easy thing to do when you're traveling at speed with the ball you know very often unless the player has got a focus on on the ball itself so you'll see him play moving at speed and then and then identify an option of movement outside what you would think would be is is his gaze and I think that's a really difficult skill that something which which is very exciting for him so is his actual dribbling ability and ability to go past people is obvious but I think that that was going is I believe in this election playing outside their league at this time countries it's 2019 you can watch every one of everyone's games no matter what but is there any is it all difficulty but issue to have an entire squad well aware week after week of what each other's doing an entire group of selectors well aware right there in the same watching the same players we carefully and then have this one and now two players outside of that situation no I think from that I think its brand from their perspective they're getting a different challenge a different sort of education slightly different style of game you know Jayden as a young player and a young person is a brilliant life experience that clearance finding the same you know having to learn a new language different culture that you're living with in different types of training methodology working with two of the top coaches in the world so I don't see a negative at all it's certainly clearly isn't harming their chances with us we monitor everybody extremely closely I think more and more of our young players are living abroad we've got players young players playing in France in Germany and we've had players go to the Netherlands alone regularly make some else had a spelling test of this score so I think it will become a little more apparent I think young people now for many of the more prepared to travel across any number of industries they don't see that as you know they have to stay on the island whatever happens politically so the the program's outweigh me I don't see a negative positive for England to have players immersed in these leads all the different leagues play with different styles and they come back and group to the selection a different experience than the bulk of the selection has had yeah I think it's definitely a positive as you've identified different different styles but Kieran's playing for one of the most successful teams in European football over the last ten years one of the most successful coaches Jaden's playing in front of 80,000 friends adored every week that brings huge pressure and we want our players to be feeling that intensity of going that expectation every week Marcus has it play for Manchester United you can't have a enough day without there being a huge reaction to that and that's part of what we have to cope with when you're played for England so it's definitely Vivint I'm certain that the wall players will follow their part

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