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Stuart Cameron reports from Netherdale on the first day of the new season as Gala take on Currie.

Gallas new captain george graham LED mascot Lyle Gilly out onto the pitch on the first day of the season vital for both gala and curry to get a good result to build on and after just five minutes on the clock joe reynolds put the visitors in front with a massive penalty from inside his own half gala were awarded a penalty and George grim took off up the pitch as we've seen him do so many times before he had looked petty and Ewan Dodds and support and when Craig Robertson was tackled there was been muddy and Chris old on hand to take play on God's and bream involved again and then Craig borthwick showing his speed and strength to get over the line for gallows first try referee James Matthew had a word with his assistant to make sure but the grounding was good and gallop were 53 up amazingly borthwick had played two seasons for gala at center without scoring but in his first competitive game in the boiler house he got on the scoresheet at last david o'higgin missed the conversion but on 20 minutes slotted this penalty for Hagan joining the club from muscle bruh to replace Lee Miller who's now at London Scottish with five minutes to the break the other gala lock former Samoan international lapita palaboy snatched the ball from the back of this small and from five meters out you're not going to stop the big man gala were conceding penalties tho in joe reynolds kicked two of them to reduce the deficit 24 points as the referee blew for halftime currys Joel Reynolds was everywhere on the park and after the break he kicked a hi Garry Owen George Graham when top faretta made valuable yards as he took play up towards the curry 22 the visitors tried to stop galas progress but they did it illegally and that gave another opportunity for a Hagan to kick his second penalty of the match curry were battling hard in the gala half but couldn't turn territory into points and any loose balls were mocked up by the maroon side eager to run from anywhere this break by Craig Robertson was stopped by George horn but aemond kept play alive with George Graham and Brent Somerville almost concocting another try curry were penalized and O'Hagan stretched the gala lead with another penalty to put ten clear points between the two teams curry were unlucky not to score soon after Reynolds again was in possession and saw wing a rouille Smith on his left he kicked ahead Smith gave chase rounded Liam Draycott and dived over for what looked like a perfectly good try but Smith was a judge to be in front of the kicker and the try was scrapped although it was mighty close with 12 minutes to go grim Spears collected the ball well inside his own half pastor andy mclean he sent it to grant Somerville who had a lot of work to do but he has pace to burn and after evading smithy pastor Spears who drew Reynolds and gave the perfect pass for emond to run in for the score this was textbook stuff from the Maroons a three-on-two situation perfect timing with the passes and a real backs try a new Hagan landed the tricky conversion to make it 26 90 gala was sniffing the bonus point and dogs went on a little run again good support from Murray and Graham with Russell Anderson O'Hagan and eamon moving the ball wide but old pastor Somerville was too high and the chance was gone Steve Cairns picked up at the back out to a Hagan but Higgins pastor Spears was intercepted by that man again Reynolds and needed no second invitation to run him for a consolation try Reynolds ended up with all of Curry's points the gala finally got the bonus point when borthwick simply picked up the ball lobbed it to Somerville and he went route 1 over the line it happened in the blink of an eye so here it is slowed down borthwick giving the simplest of passes and that score made the final results gala 31 curry 14 to get 5 points of course fees is fantastic yeah aim for the fallen over so that was that was a minimum that were required and and at the end every slightly grabbed a crab 25 of theft rally or fourth try whatever isn't and they're got the bonus point so it's good very happy with the win obviously made a blocker at the start Khalid came I was play well on the first 20 minutes but we should appear when we read bit before than what we did a bitch with a couple of tries myself as well it could have a loss of five points but luckily we got in the end for good good day for it oh it's only taken sort of my third season Megara it's a farce corsa know even even if it is in the second row yeah I got start and try and got the boys on the go you

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