Football Manager 2016 | #11 | New Signings & First Welsh Derby

Football Manager 2016 | #11 | New Signings & First Welsh Derby

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I did this commentary at like 4AM this morning so please do forgive me for being quite tired and quiet. Hope it wasn’t too noticeable. Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s episode where we made two new signing and also played in our first Welsh derby v Cardiff. If you did, please do consider leaving a LIKE. Likes help the channel grow and are very much appreciated. Thank-you, and enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

Also, Wayne Routledge left on loan to Bournemouth for a month in today’s episode but I forgot to include the clip, apologies. There’s no monthly fee but they pay 100% of his wages.

And I don’t know why I said the Cardiff game was in the last episode when it only happened a few minutes before I went into the Norwich game. I make a lot of silly mistakes!


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hey what's going on guys and welcome back to another episode in my football manager series this is episode number 11 and today we've got games gets Cardiff and Norwich in the Premier League but before we play those games I'm going to show you what happened off camera during the final two weeks of the summer transfer window and show you the players we sold and bought and show you what a swansea site now looks like so once again I'm going to get assigning separate just for the time being and show you those in just a moment's time but for players that left the club as you can see quite a lot of departures quite a lot of players who you wouldn't have seen also you know a few players left on free transfers come the end of the last episode and these players up here too but following that we sold quite a few players in a few days and also on deadline day as well a few players got loaned out Kingsley and I think it was long one as well yeah Mike Grimes and Kenji Gore just players you probably wouldn't know too much about really under-21 players really but I also sold a couple of notable players too as well as some fringe players now of course the most notable departures are for players here and there tab the new Polaski and Leon Brittan and Adair and tavern who came back from their loan spells from last season and I just didn't really feel the need to keep them a day I went for 3.1 million pounds honestly I didn't really rate the guy too highly he wasn't gonna get much game time here at Swansea so I just let him go that's totally fine with me and also tableau as well came back from loan I looked at him I thought he could be alright as a backup winger slash left back but the truth of the matter is he wasn't really someone had too many career plans for so I thought the Mo's will sell him and cash in on him but the main departures as you can see Polaski and Leon Brittan Britain's gone to Celtic for 20,000 pounds such a cheap deal him as well not even boy was sending us to check but Leon Britain's gone and auxilary sad Swansea icon been at the club for so many years 14 years that's crazy but the truth of the matter is you know I look at Leon Brittan stats and despite the funnies being there since the league two days all those years ago when Swansea were down the lower leagues I look at him I just think to myself he was on forty five grand a week did we need to keep them no was he unhappy yes was he in into our wage budget yes what was he offering us well good mental was a good you know vice captain he was wise cast nearest juanzi but I just I didn't really feel like for the long term he was worth keeping around because he wasn't gonna sign a new contract he was unhappy you wanted to leave he didn't get on with me very well so I fought to know what Leon I think your time has come to an end so Britain's gone to Salt Lake but a most notable departure is of course Alberta Pulaski's gone to mines for 10 million pounds and I wasn't happy about selling the Punisher as you guys know from my Torino save I really like this guy such a great finish already got to into for his new club that he waited to leave this summer and the line came in for him because he started his career at Milan he's a man fan and he waits to leave and he was reduced a point on me because I rejected a bid which was like 3 million pounds and he was just really unhappy about it so I decided to offer him to Club see if anyone come in for him and mites came in for 10 million pounds and I thought well that's a deal we shouldn't really look at turning down because even though he had a very successful season for us last year 11 goals in 27 games and 5 assists as well I felt to myself with the signing of Wilson and Torres and also signed a new strikers work to show you just most time he wasn't going to get much game time so Polaski is gone and again it's a bit sad to sell the Punisher I was just one year he did have a good debut year for us but it was unhappy you wanted to leave and I just felt as always going to stand in his way so Polaski has gone to mind and now let me show you the two new players of sign for the Swansea team and we start with this guy Alvaro Pereira a left-sided player and experienced Uruguayan international 30 years old now you may know about this guy you may not know about this guy but he did play for inter in Porto here in Europe but he spent quite a lot of years playing in South America Uruguay and Argentina primarily that's where he started his career before he came to Europe then went back to South America went to estudiantes although last year did spend a loan spell at guitar face spent a year in Spain and played ok he came back to Argentina and I thought this wouldn't be about signing for us 1.9 million pounds of Worcester fee and the reason I did try and sign him initially is because as much of a cheapskate as I am he was on about 5 grand a week in Argentina I like what if we can get him one like 5 10 grand a week he's got some great stats as you can see despite turning 41 in a couple of months that would be fantastic you know an experienced fullback coming in on a really low salary unfortunately though is a was willing to pull the plug in less he got a really decent deal so we go down to 28 grand a week he wanted 40 to be fair so that's not too bad beaver way 28 grand a week for karere on a two-year deal here and he looks okay at a four-year deal he looks okay I must admit technicals good mentals good physicals good for a 30 year old looks pretty decent not entirely sure whether he'll turn out to be a massive success here and whether he will become our first choice left back over Neil Taylor both of them are pretty similar but I fancy prayer to be first choice at least for now so Pereira's come in and 1.9 million pounds even if he's back up it's better than pulldown you know let's just say that he's better than pulldown it so I'm not too fussed about the signing again for 1.9 million pounds not too much and I think it's a decent deal and I'll certainly take it and now we move on to the second and final signing and this guy came in on deadline day and you'll be you'll be quite surprised but hopefully pleasantly surprised oh well free Bonnie now I'm not gonna do another song Wilfried Bonnie's coming in from Manchester City yes Wilfred Bonnie is back at the Liberty Stadium now this was a very interesting deal because last season when I talked about my striker problems we had so many strikers misfiring getting injured I tried to sign him in a janitor out window on deadline day on loan but he rejected me didn't want to come out to swansea and I was like oh forget it then you can you can waste your time at sea and rot on the bench I don't care but then he was available for a transfer this season I thought well actually let me take back those words and see if you want to come in this time with a permanent deal so we put in a bid for Wilfred bonny and he was wanted by Everton and Stuckey was on the transfer list he was on the loan list and it wasn't a Stoke both last season finished above us so I was thinking that as they got deals accepted it probably go to Goodison Park or to Britannia Stadium but instead decided to do a u-turn come back to Wales and I'm very happy with this deal because he's only cost us four million pounds now that is not bad he's signed for 13 and a half million pounds back in 2013 from the test then of course got sold to city at a during the 2014-2015 season for 25 million pounds but as you can see right here it just didn't work out for him at the Etihad so he weighed well you didn't want to leave he didn't want to be you actually butum nicely put on transfer list said they were going to sell him and I thought this is a deal we just can't afford the part sorry 4 million pounds was the fee although there are clauses where if he scores 50 Li goals and plays 50 League games then there do an extra 5 million pounds when you think about that that will be 9 million pounds in total for him no other clauses and if he scores 50 Li goes then I'll take it you know I'll certainly take that and I won't mind paying an extra 5 mil so Bonnie's come back to Liberty Stadium fantastic stats of course had a very good ghost game ratio here in Wales and it may not have worked out master City he may be a little bit rusty but look at his stats very very good good physicals good mentors good technicals as a striker a very very decent player he is on 70 grand a week that is pre Steve but after the sailor Polaski to bring this guy in for less than what Polaski was sold for I'm pretty happy with it so Bonnie returns to the Liberty Stadium and hopefully he'll be very successful in his second stint here whilst you've been away as well we played free games off-camera we lost a Spurs free until at home so that was a great way to respond after a fantastic opening day victory and they only beat Millwall on penalties in the Capital One Cup second round this was this was such an amazing game man seriously we were in front the first 15 minutes then the wall scored to start the second half were on you Dan ma then an extra time they took the lead early and then the one hundred and twentieth minute with virtually the final kick of the game Andre are you sent it to a penalty shootout and in the end naught felt turned out to be the heroes you saved a winning spot kick for us so yeah we beat my club Millwall Filosa nice bought mill wolves we beat mobile on penalties and progress to the third around the capital on Catwoman face Darby and a fall in that game we drew 1-1 with West Brom and Fernando Torres scored it Ken he scored free goals in his first three games unbelievable starts so yeah it's it's been an okay start of the season and one win wanderin one loss in the league and also progressing through to next round of the Capital One Cup and mixed bag but not too bad nope not as bad as last season that's good and so as you come to the first game today's episode n is against Cardiff in our first ever Welsh Derby in this series really looking forward to this Cardiff starting to season off very poorly as you can see bottom to table das adverse regains burning one drawer and two defeats as you take a one over here away from home though it's going to be a tough game for us this is the team wife pigs it's the same four for two you saw on the first game of the season with a few personnel changes fabbi ascii starts and go back for a pereira williams Fernandez and Trippier further forward Montero crane Vicky and I you and up top the dynamic duo of the red hot inform Fernando Torres and Callum Wilson on the bench North felt and Matt Taylor court Dyer Barrow and Wilfred Bonnie who start on the bench for his first game back at Swansea and right now as you can see Ben is still injured and also guilty citizen sadly picked up an injury as well off-camera bit of a shame is out for four to five weeks but first game today's episode against Cardiff let's get a win let's win in our first Welsh Darby so fro to Swansea Prairie goes to Montero first time I could come here prayer across towards the center and IU is on the end of it it's a first assist for our new left back Alvaro Pereira and Andre are u-turns in across at a far post and makes it one nil TD wayside fantastic start a throwing for us down the left-hand side it was such a simple cold as well Pereira playing a one-two with Montero I think it worse swung it across from the byline and at the far post as you can see are you with a simple finish goalkeeper trying to catch the air I think I would to finish one notice ones fantastic start 25 minutes to go here is Fernandez dispossesses Brown and wins possession back 40 away so I reluctant to make changes right now because we're playing okay just as good as kind if you'd say and we still have the lead by a goal to Noah's crainville plays it through towards Montero now inside tors key towards Fernando Torres tourists was Wilson Kalin Wilkes on the bull takes around his man that's the burst of pace we're looking for a great run by Wilson what to Cole for his first in a new shirt for Callum Wilson he opens the scoring over his account for his new club Kalin Wilson with a second goal and again takes it around his man great show of pace gets past two and then finishes from a tight angle good finish by two former boomer from Coventry man – no Swansea and we're surely gonna win in our thirst well star they get in you have to make changes soon as going to some fines pill cans and headed on toward soil beast Arica Fernandes inside the area Doyle crosses towards the far post okay drop to Gunnison now towards noon crosses Pilkington's surely head to Dover fabulet away good chance there for cars to get back in the game fortunately though it hits the woodwork final highlight again could come here then attack palm place that wire towards Pilkington can kind of grab a late consolation go oh wow I mean they should have done great cross to the far post noone had a basically open goal and he failed hit the tile yes that's going to be that we're gonna win the game why two goals to nil but they should have at least half the deficit in stoppage time what a bad miss can we get one chance for a third or would a referee blow for full time we'll turn the heads away that free kick from Pereira and that would do it so final score at a Cardiff City Stadium Cardiff nil Swansea – we get a solid win we win in my first Welsh Darby that is fantastic and I thought we played very well in that game as well I will be honest I thought kind of did quite well – and on another day could have at least got a point as you can see they matched us pretty much every single step it away in the basic match status screen but I felt we took our chances well Kalin Wilson's off the mark good to see are you scored once again his second in free I'll certainly take that a very good result and we're up to what he's an out sixth place good to see ah well that's that's great Anna another good player he's just about to get into good form two goals and free games and now he's injured great alright and so now we go into the second game of today's episode we take on Norwich here in new Premier League coming on to back it out win against Cardiff in the last game in the last episode this the team I've picked for the game as you can see it's the same 4-4-2 as the last game against Cardiff only one personnel change so if a be a ski starts and go back for a pereira williams Fernandez and Trippier again throw forward Montero crane with a key and the one alteration is Nathan Dyer starting now for the injured Andre I you up talked to dynamic Jew or Fernando Torres and Callum Wilson style talk together again so on the bench North fellow Matt Taylor calling guard Barrow and Wilfred Bonnie so days the team going with and the um looking for this one both sizes start off the season very very well we're in seventh Norwich ER in sick so interesting battle for us and at winning this game will give us 10 points already for my five games a very very good start not sure where we consider favorites this game or not no time a decent team but I feel it so we have enough quality to beat them and get another solid wins let's make it two ways between two Premier League free from our opening five games again another really solid result here at Liberty Stadium Oh No Torres don't get injured please free girls in your first four games I think it is don't get injured now then maybe sing the song don't make me sing the song to you Torres you got it you got to stay fit I need you first highlight a half comes to Norwich and that's not good to see as Campbell has won a penalty or Federico Fernandez and norito a chance to take the lead ten minutes before the break not good to see I think it's Robbie Brady standing up state this is your number seven for Norwich Fink years is it Brady it's Naismith Wow great great great guest Nate Smith takes it and scores it which it was Brady and Norwich has the lead Steven Naismith scores is Robbie Brady even playing why have I said Robbie braid is he playing yes Brady's playing well you watch Nate Smith score anyway so Nate Smith scores Norwich take the lead ten minutes to go before the break and so far as the starts disease has been good but we're still yet to win a home game so we need to turn it around come on alright so halftime we trail by a goal gonna have to make a change in personnel tourists struggling a bit with the injury so Wilfred bonny is going to make his return for Swansea here at Liberty Stadium as passionately telling a guy that he has the ability to make a real difference for us today go out there and do it come on Wilfred way out well I mean that's just crazy 'no that's fernandez he's long ball through towards Kalin Wilson come on Torres off the pitch that's a great ball towards Barney come on inside Wilfred Barney I'll hit the ball would a chance for Wilfred Bonnie to return to Swansea and score two minutes into his second debut and he hits the woodwork if you didn't switch off he probably would've scored oh my team talks ruined everything there is Montero through towards Wilfred Bonnie no a chance pouring down left-hand side patty with an arrow to challenge oh nice far as Montero cross to the far post died off the post the second time we hit the woodwork four minutes into the second half come on we hit the woodwork twice in the second half right after the restart but unfortunately it's going to count for nothing I actually thought we played quite wedding this game but sadly we're gonna get nothing to show you for it so we're gonna lose a home once again as our second home defeat in two games not good to see first burst now Norwich and that's a very disappointing loss that really is cuz I honestly thought you played okay in that game I really did but this is just a continuing trend for me it really is like we we seem to play well in all of the things we lose which is really frustrating because we had this last brother last season a continuing problem for us was that we kept on losing games yet we've played very well just didn't take our chance and so as you can see 40 played okay 13 shot six on target more than Norwich who had nine and five balanced possession but unfortunately they took their chance for the penalty Whedon and sadly we lose once again still we are going today's episode on a positive vibe and as you can see after the first five games we are in ninth place with seven points not a bad start for Swansea especially considering how poor we were throughout last campaign but I win in today's episode in my football manager series guys a big thank for watching video I really hope you have enjoyed it if you're on just a Zepa side of the football manager series and please leave like likes much appreciated for surigao channel grow as well much love to you all have a fantastic day and I'll see the next episode in my football manager series very soon

34 thoughts on “Football Manager 2016 | #11 | New Signings & First Welsh Derby

  1. Docks, please do more of this. I'm just getting into the game and I'd like more of your amazing (as usual) content to watch. Keep this consistent 👍🏻

  2. what version is this? on 16.3 or whatever im on cardiff always finish around 20th, unless im managing them then they get relegated:-(

  3. can't believe you loaned out matt grimes – U21 england captain, ex exeter city legend – from the home team – huge potential 😉

  4. The team talks are retarded why would he switch off when you tell him he can make a difference and to go out and do it

  5. I know this isn't as viewed as the CM stuff but I LOVE this series, been my favourite series from since the Millwall CM. Loving it Docks, keep them coming 😀

  6. Callum Wilson is a GOD. I signed him for my West Brom career and in his first season got 35 goals in all comps, in his next he got 54 in all comps!!! Amazing player

  7. Can I offer a suggestion? Play Wilson as a complete forward on support, rather than deep lying forward. It means his pace is more utilised, and he also moves in behind Torres. He will be more involved in the game, I've found.

  8. This is seriously one of my favourite series here on youtube, keep it coming Docks you're doing an amazing job, if it were possible i'd like so see it daily … but i know you have career mode as well … anyways awesome job and have an amazing weekend 🙂

  9. Just a tip when you're selecting your team try to play the players in their most preferred role, so advanced forward or whatever it is because it improves their rating

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