FLASH BACK - World Bowls Final Auckland 1988 New Zealand VS England (Part 2 of 15 )

FLASH BACK – World Bowls Final Auckland 1988 New Zealand VS England (Part 2 of 15 )

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World Pairs Final 1988 (Part 2 of 15)
Rowan Brassey & Peter Belliss (New Zealand)
David Bryant & Tony Allcock (England)

Watch the legends of the game battle it out!

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divided open under yeah oh look at that Dennis didn't get the result he was looking for looks as I winger and have shot here it is fairly hefty weighted Bowl from Venice it gets the objective there but it shoots also onto the New Zealand bowls and pushes them out of a head [Applause] it was a hockey of David Bryant this carry all caught the English skip as David Bryant leading for him and the replay of the first end looking quite good for England a replay caused by a kill and putting them their time on the replay they score one only and the game opens with a one two England is now 1 shots – no – England we're just checking that yes it is we're just it's raining here a little difficult to see the marker and the board but it's certainly only one it's England one using a nil you're watching the legendary David Wright perhaps the greatest Bolin the world has ever seen – all that's familiar stance on the met crouch he comes up and makes the delivery this is the young man but many say is the greatest lead player in the world row and breasts his battle with David Bryant this afternoon will be one of the highlights of this match [Applause] [Applause] and of the pair's finals this afternoon is New Zealand at playing England for the gold medal and Wales playing Canada for the bronze so throughout the afternoon we keep you up to date with both the matches to ends have been played in the Wales Canada match life and it's Wales leading by six shots to nil at game for the bronze medal very hard Jeff Ryan mentioned earlier jubilation in the camp and throughout the topics will have magnificent win by the tribbles team by 18 shots to 15 over Scotland when all looked very bad early in the game using they were down by 8 shots to 2 thank you got the one down basketball of brassey's Vikas Bahl David Bryant who led for Tony or Kok for England they were in Section B had ten wins for 20 points New Zealand unbeaten with 22 points in Section A whether we all see the drama and excitement of the morning match we have yet to wait a while because this match played to 21 in its 18 for triples and it was a great wind to New Zealand to take the gold 1840 this is a bit of owl from breathy only has he drawn another shot he's also got it over the head maybe David Rees Jones would like to comment on the David Bryant style David you've played with him a lot well yes it's a style which is really unique to him it's something that he's developed from a very early age something that I don't think any other bowler could possibly manage it's balletic it's crowd styled and it's very hard on the legs and back if you have another look at it you'll see how much strain there must be on the knees and the legs as David Bryant get up from that crouch and gets the ball away with a little bump on that occasion it's not not the best David brides to live I've ever seen tonio cop was shot with his first ball and the man you've just heard David Rees Jones can they as well qualified to talk about David Bryant because he has won three English peers championships with David Brown he's won three triples English championships with David Wright and he's won three English fours championships with David run however you haven't won the singles David Rees Jones was it well he doesn't help me as much in the singles in well said well said Bella's playing the backhand covering the back the black and white disc using intro press use holding shot on this the second in a colorful scene but it's we depart from our broadcasting position it's a gray overcast and it is still raining so they're not to keep the Sun out those unbell as you see but to keep out the rain it's very disappointing for the organizers because it was felt that today had it been fine as it has been most of the week with the exception of Thursday the organizers were hoping that we would have had the biggest bowls proud that we've ever had I had a championship in New Zealand there is the stylist and Peter Bellis the contrast between David Bryant and Peter Bellis immeasurable classic style eye and resolved they're two shots you know just to cheer up David Douglas it's possibly three is it and this my man who has been named the crown prince of bowls following on from David Bryant as being the king one his style is well I think we should lead David Rees Jones who explained David Bryant style so well I think we should leave him to explain Tony Hawk style because it is certainly isn't classic well thank you very much yeah now I'll do my best when we have a look at him next on the screen fellas however he's everything the coaching manual would want him to be absolutely steady when he gets the ball away beautiful pendulum swing and marvelous delivery you're quite right completely unlike the two English players were unorthodox in every way and whereas Bryant might be said to have a have a good delivery many people say that all coach delivery is poor over the shop this is Bella's arezzo his front foot comes forward he's a got a very solid platform before his pendulum swing comes through very solid delivery indeed good to watch an attacking shot from all thank stars the Jews even balls out of the head but use the another go to win the end service has one Bowl to play to zealand certainly with one shot the bowl that's holding them out is the red disc goal to the right hand side of the jack and your picture that's the bowl that Peter bellows went for last time just on the drawer just over the drawer he would try to push again that bowl through most faraway effect just went underneath it of his last attempt [Applause] come to that bar will help one to David Bryant now measuring that's the nearest English Bowl remember there are two new zealand bowls out of the head three strike three it is three shots to new zealand and after the second day you didn't go to an audi by three shots two one take this off and invite disaster wait up Pressey delivers a three-quarter length in you sit and open to their account of the three one on the first end to top a great open bowl through impressive under 30 certainly not unpleasant conditions here at Henderson in fact it's quite quite mild and it's certain operating hard know by the look of things umbrellas down at the moment Bellus off with his waterproof jacket looks low things are alright so good opening bowls from Leeds you David and we're seeing a great exhibition of lead bowls by both New Zealand and England that's the shock bowl the black-and-white disc Bowl held by that man for you cylinder row impressive

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