FIGHTERS Film Clip - East End Boxing Documentary

FIGHTERS Film Clip – East End Boxing Documentary

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Ron Peck’s boxing documentary FIGHTERS will screen at BOX SET, the UK first Boxing Film Festival. FIGHTERS will screen 2nd November 2019 at Genesis Cinema.

A glimpse into the harsh lives of professional boxers, this follows East End fighters as they train to take the first steps up the professional ladder and former British and Commonwealth middleweight champion, Mark Kaylor, making a come-back bid.

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I was working I was living on my own and the jump wasn't bringing nothing in I was just surviving on the money I wasn't getting nowhere I wasn't putting a great doorway I wasn't I wasn't happy and I thought if I like sound proud and I thought I was good enough I think I raped me pate and I think I've done enough as a prop as an amateur and what a box though in the chairmanship I didn't win a box the win the championships and I think we're going for again hmm what's in London fine I want a few London championships and there but nothing really to brag about the nature and I just felt all the money will people Aronian I know was it gonna light sign the contract and become a millionaire or anything like that I knew that wasn't gonna happen but like the sooner I thought it the quicker I was gonna get there you know once I signed and become a pro then like I was on the road to becoming like I don't know happy I've been my bed and what I was living night in a bed set and then just surviving I'm not so much a week just through that wage a week did it give you like something to really aim at yeah yeah I haven't got there yet but I'm talking as I've got there as I'm rich man but at least now I'll turn pro at least I'm on that journey I'm on that road and I just want to get there I don't did you need to be the fighter on the strip on us on the streets anyway throw craft you need to have the aggression ready do anyway you need to have then create the question inside you more than other parts of London's you think yeah most definitely nice didn't it's always London's like a rough area but this area is a little bit wild so it's a little bit dangerous I want to be laying on someone's lips not just famous or just to crack it otherwise it's so good in yourself that's a good shape say don't be sitting in a chair around 35 Washington sitting on me friends champion in the world old chap New Britain Commonwealth champion or or just professional or to see him see him on selling just thinking look at me selfing I could have I could have done that got to think I'm pushy as far as I can go and then if it any injury stops me off we can Billy stop me well I'm not good enough to push for everything I still wanna be world champ to have those aspirations I think I can still do it and it's ironic because at 29 years of age I'm probably closer now to stir the numbers before if I don't make it it's not gonna be because of anything I did myself you know no I want to make you all I want to be carried out and the next time on care that I would so I wanna make you they're all different outside they've all got their different lives they live but when they're in that gym they all live the same life they want to make it hmm now whoever they will make it up there that's another that's another question but it won't be for the one of Troy he takes a special type of person to climb up in that room for the real thing so it's a special type of courage to do it if you it's a one-on-one job in it you know tell a method if you get a ten years paying out-of-pocket professional bothering you you don't want to go give it to him to come through to develop then once our champion if they might champion you got a strong thrashing and then use water gently it's a very very artful you

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