Fieldsports Britain - Shooting pheasants, partridges and grouse at Ripley Castle, episode 51

Fieldsports Britain – Shooting pheasants, partridges and grouse at Ripley Castle, episode 51

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It’s a good-sized day at Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire and we’re with a team of guns enjoying not just pheasant and partridge drives but duck and the king of the gamebirds, grouse. From the parkland setting around the castle itself to high Hardcastle Moor via the incredibly challenging ‘Landslide’ drive, this is some of the best driven game shooting in the UK – and it’s available on That’s not all. We’re also learning more tips on long-range shooting from Keith Poyser of rifle training outfit Bangs Bucks & Bullseyes. It all adds up to British shooting at its best.

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welcome to field-sports Britain coming up we're going long-range rifle shooting with the training outfit bangs bucks and bull's-eyes first we've got an incredibly varied day for you in North Yorkshire today you find us at the Boar's Head Hotel in Ripley north of Harrogate North Yorkshire it is breakfast and a team of mainly local guns are about to enjoy a rather special day at the Ripley Castle shoot Frank body who runs the shooting here is what used to be called an original a Yorkshire Minh with a capital y he calls his part of England heaven he clearly loves what he does I do adore putting days on for people and seeing people come along not knowing what to expect and then they go away with a smile on the face that makes my day today Frank has come up with an unusually wide variety of sport for the guns today we're on is what I call a mock Ripley day where we try and shoot different species that are available on the shooting area I've got Frank advertises his shooting on the popular website guns on pegs calm its founder James Hall is on the shoot today we're a website which is free to use so if you're a shoot you've got something to sell you can literally can't sign up and register as a shoot owner and then you upload your data about your particular shoot and with photographs and everything else and away you go the volume of traffic now going through the site is fantastic and so what we're finding is anybody who's putting up shooting is by and large if it's a good value shoot and makes a little sense is by and large selling it but I just started it for laughs and hooray my own shootin thought why don't we use the Internet and the next thing I knew was are the Friends of Arthur who running shoots came on to it and it literally has mushroomed from nothing to three years ago to where we are now as well as being free to suit owners guns on pegs Cobb is also free to shooters and it's growth to now November 2010 has been phenomenal it's been unbelievable got nearly 17 and a half thousand members now over a thousand shoot owners on the system and it's just been growing regularly and very steadily I mean we're this week been averaging over 66 new members a day which is fantastic Frank body joined guns on pigs right in the early days and it's been one of the most fantastic supporters of us he put the chute on and did very very well in the early days because of course we had any relatively small number of shoots and has built up an enormous database of of people coming to shoot a trip Newcastle we start with a drive called Katyn Gil I wanted to have early partridge which we got the pheasants performed reasonably well for me I wanted a few more over the higher numbers but they still had plenty of shooting so as a typical Drive its first time through and it's the what's the second third of November so it's not too bad the Katyn Guild Drive delivers pheasants and partridges coming straight and curling over the trees to a line of guns all of whom can see what the others are up to this is true gallery driven shooting happily for anyone who still needs sharpening up the birds are coming out of the woods thick and fast so there's no time to look around no point in starting on a difficult Drive we're building them up after the birds have been picked and the guns refreshed it's time to see what's next on a menu then I put a duck drive on and it's not sort of floppy ducks that you get on off a pond these are driven over the trees and we're all studying a wood and they performed well pleased with those and so he should be guns make their way to their pegs over duck boards and across little bridges through a diluvian Marsh the duck come hard and fast and there's even a chance of geese with woodland all around you have to stay alert if you want to be in with a chance shooting dunk means plenty of wet work for the dogs and on the subject of dogs gums on pegs now has a classified section part of the reason why we set it up as a free service was simply to allow everybody to get together within the shooting community and we've got a free classified section so if you've got dogs or whether you've got guns again you can sell within the website and we generate our income through advertising kept on their toes by the duck Drive Frank has a classic drive for the guns in the parkland above the castle then we finished with this morning with what we call Stevens Drive which is named after my keeper who sadly died at a very young age of English 45 46 so we've named it's our one of our premier Drive after him and well you saw the how they perform there there was plenty of shooter a good height a suitable height by now each gun is settling into his form the pheasants driven down a tapering wood on top of the hill before launching themselves across the valley and over the guns the Yorkshire countryside rolls away and you really can believe Frank's assertion that this is heaven it all ends with a welcome ball shot Frank's own recipe at his GHQ a well-appointed Porter cabin in a yard that includes his game larder this is David cock shot head gamekeeper putting game into the cold store ready for collection by the game dealer in a refrigerated van Frank sees the first drives of the day almost as a training exercise for his guns by the time they've had the lowland shooting around the castle it's time to take them to more challenging shooting on his Moors they are now at a level where we can go and try some even higher Birds which when we go to landslide on my other shoot near plate Lee bridge at Eagle Hall yeah you will see some very very testing pheasant and partridge I started my shooting here at ripley castle and around ripley we have 7,000 acres which consists of ripley castle estate and three other estates which is great good what I call parkland shooting and testing but not as testing possibly as what I'm about to show them on our mall and edges this afternoon I was fortunate in having the lease of Hardcastle more then Heath feel came along and so did the shooting below them all so we're going on to what we call Eagle Hall and ash felt side this afternoon we are actually driving them from one estate on to another Estate across a stream and landslide is right at the edge of the moor it consists mainly of Partridge but there will be some very testing pheasants and maybe the odd grouse um yeah it's you just see the it's a long drive it can go on for an hour some people will have one hundred hundred and fifty shots it'll test some of them tremendously some will perform on it it's very interesting to see when they've been here this morning and then I really put them through their paces this afternoon landslide is where these shots two-bird average takes a beating around Rippey castle they're putting in a creditable three to one here the guns have some superb but testing birds to shoot coming off a moor and down a narrow valley pushed up to great speeds by a following wind with the wind that strong ratio falls to six and a half to one it is a long even drive of more than an hour I ask keeper George reap how he keeps the birds coming for so long just the amount of ground we bring in I think just a massive big piece of ground and it's out of Heather and Bracken so that are all sort of run on and flush so just putting up steady welts and fairly spectacular Drive real it's an unusual Drive as well really it managed as it you can deal with that by the end of the drive guns really feel they've worked hard the more has grouse on it as well and Frank finishes his muck Ripley day with that most glorious of game birds on Hardcastle eats it is a little gem it's a beautiful little more and all I can say is that you just wait and see you'll see some very testing grouses afternoon the wind is picked up and there it brings a little drizzle the birds fairly whip fast the guns grouse travel at around 65 miles per hour compared to a pheasants more sedate 35 mph you've got to be quick on your toes to have a chance at any of these the guns love it plastic fun wasn't it yeah it's not often you end up shooting grouse vision Partridge dark and having a go I saw a woodcock as well so we nearly got the full amount that fantastic fun Frank runs the shooting over fourteen thousand acres here at Ripley castle and on his other shoots that gives him no shortage of drives to offer his gun well there's ninety down here at Ripley and round Ripley nineteen ninety drives yeah and then upon the moorland edges for the pheasants and the parties there'll be another thirty or forty drives and then we've got the grouse more drives which yes we've got a good variety of drives there maybe there's eight or ten on each more but the great thing about both Moore's is there's a guild drive on each so therefore you're not in butts all day long when they get settled down and they know how to shoot them out er butts I put them through their paces I put them in a Gill and that really sorts the guns out the girls they show the northern word the little valley yeah and oh yes you mustn't let them relax that I'm referring to the guns now and find it too easy we range from a hundred birds up to 350 today's a 350 bird day and we'll we'll get the bag okay my perfect my ideal day is 250 to 300 and the smaller days are run by my keepers and we tend to do the drives that won't produce 300 birds but they'll produce 150 to 200 and quite often those smaller drives are as good if not better than the larger ones I do enjoy the the keepers days and then also at the end of the season we have our farmers days beaters days I've got say our farmers days are quite amusing it's always a lot of birdshot because there's a lot of farmers but we do have fun so yeah we have every variety of day which is what shooting is all about to me yes this is just one of the shoots that guns on pegs comm offers the website also offers services including deer stalking beaters and pick us up big-game abroad syndicate places and even whole shoots for sale its owner James runs his own shoots and the website had the best possible start in life I had the guys from eBay who funded the site of eBay buying shooting from me and they came over from California to a house that they bought on the estate and I said let's make an eBay for shooting so that's what we did we did and a little bit of judicious advice from them let's put together a business plan which is all about critical mass it's all about bringing more people on and already with the biggest broker for shooting in the UK we're not an agent in fact we encourage agents to use the website we have roxton's Dave aspiring Ian Cody sporting to name three well-known agents and they use us to attract business for them so we're trying to be inclusive to as many people as we can one of guns on pegs his most popular services help suits fill up their places the website caters for both single guns and full teams and because we've got such a large database what we're able to do is if you've got two guns missing out of a team of nine we can do an email out to whatever radius the shoe owner wishes we do charge that that's a chargeable part of the website for example last Friday we had seven pegs over four days available in Cornwall and we did an email to everybody on our database of lives in Devon and Cornwall sold all seven within an hour and a half which was fantastic yes we charged but it was more than worth it for the shoot owner with the letting the sorted out by guns on pegs calm it allows Frank to concentrate on running his shoot days and we finished the day with a barbecue lunch in the shoe box on Hardcastle moor it was built as a shoe box in about the 1850s I prefer to do it at the end of the day once the clocks go back because I do like my birds to go to rest okay the the purists like to stop at lunchtime every day well I don't like shooting after three o'clock really so it's just me I and Scenic's mine I can run it the way I ought to run it guns stay on at the shooting box long after dark if you would like to go shooting at Ripley castle or any of the hundreds of shoots on offer visit w-w-w johnson pegs calm now from shotguns to rifles it's our series on rifle shooting ballistic tips we've talked about foundations and briefly were just going to talk about positions so positional stability is sort of stage two if you like of an accurate shot and positional stability something that a lot of people do seem to struggle with which isn't surprising considering there's not much in the way of formal tuition other so a bank's box and bull's-eyes one of the things that we talk about in our positional stability is getting positions that are right for you and your physiology so if you can say politely a little bit of weight you may struggle with sitting because your tummy might be in the way if you don't have too much strength in your arms you may need to use supported positions and if you are slightly arthritic you may may struggle with kneeling it just depends on you know physiology and we work out which one's work best for you so I'm going to run through the standard stalking field positions at the moment and hopefully give some hints and tips into achieving some stability in the field the one that everyone hates is standing but most people shoot standing shooting from sticks or shooting free hand many people limit themselves to very short range shots quite sensibly in many cases with standing but there's no reason to be frightened of these positions what we should do is just practice them some of the range practicing in the field whenever we can and I'll demonstrate with and without supporters I will with each of these positions so within without support of some kind and support for standing could be a fence could be a pylon it could be a tree always make use of something that's fixed and solid and the key with all of these positions really is the lower you can get for any position the better so if you can go pro and go pro you can get sitting get sitting if there's grass in there a foot prone you can go kneeling because you need to get a bit higher shoot under a tree go kneeling standing um because you need to get a shot off quickly or it's the only shoulders that is available it's fine and stable you should be able to shoot out to 200 yards quite comfortably with practice with the right kit so if we look at the standing position first of all if we look at this without aids in the first instance standing ourselves if we see a road here 100 yards away and we're in a position to take a shot we've got a loaded rifle which this isn't at the moment the the shot with your rifle coming off of your shoulder off of you off of the sling is to come up in the shoulder and to not try to stay on the target for too long you've got your feet at roughly 45 degrees to to the shot you've got your elbow up as high as you can get to make a nice pocket in the shoulder and you're not going to get a perfect sight picture at standing without without sticks you are going to get some movement on the target especially if you've got a high magnification scope the thing is get onto the target comfortably come down through the target slowly and take your shot with the same foundation that we've talked about earlier on there's no jerk of the trigger and no rush your breathing that you paused you've stopped welders the same your follow-through is the same you haven't jerked and you haven't lifted your head to see what happens because the best place to see what's happening is through your scope so that's standing again you're on into the shoulder weight evenly distributed on your feet 45 degrees to the target coming down slowly through the target and release and that standing practice it practice it practice it there's no reason at all where you can't take a hundred-yard and your Plus shots with a Stan Anning practiced position with sticks there's no difference at all and we don't overemphasize or exaggerate anything we're doing the point about sixes it's just there to support the weight of the rifle you don't want to hunch in you don't lean on you don't exaggerate anything at all it is just there there's an aid to the weight so with sticks we could be stalking in the field we've got our sticks with our rifle on our shoulder animals over their sticks going up quickly rifles onto the sticks if you've got a sling on your rifle which I usually do on through the sling lock into the sticks I haven't changed anything about my position at all apart for the fact that for me I'm holding my stick some people prefer to have their hand here I'm holding my stick still everything is the same I haven't done anything else apart from that the sticks take the weight of the rifle and poor's follow through exactly the same okay so in this instance demonstrating that standing shot standing with sticks first of all there's a crafty Fox over there top Fox top Fox target he's come along he's going to meet my pheasants nothing like motivation and I've just shot him through the eyes that's standing with sticks well we're back next week this has been field-sports Britain and in the words of Wyatt Earp fast is good but accuracy is deadly you

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