F1 Quiz Time - Round 4 (Aarava vs Tiametmarduk vs Tommy WTF1)

F1 Quiz Time – Round 4 (Aarava vs Tiametmarduk vs Tommy WTF1)

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A game show of F1 quizzes and challenges with three competitive players. Who can grab the most points in an array of trivia questions, opinion polls, parlour games and tactics?


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it's time once again for another episode of the f1 quiz time variety showcase I've got another three contestants here ready to go head-to-head in a jumble of Formula one themed challenges I know there was some awful audio problems last time when it sound like a gp2 engine in your earholes but I put some safeguards in this time including recording myself on two microphones so hopefully it should be sounding clear as crystal to you so let's introduce our contestants then luckily these three are no strangers to quality microphones fingers crossed in a better Claude er we have up first teaser an f1 youtuber probably most well known for his alternate universe f1 my driver seasons and modding the heck out of his f1 game he's also part of the four luxury sports content team its Arif from yo hey welcome to be here feeling confident oh no good well it's alright because our second contestant is a longtime rival of yours also f1 youtuber eSports our official f1 eSports qualifying attempter [Laughter] coming best known for acing career mode cutting corners and begging codemasters crank up the difficulty he also works over a lot Jay it's been daily notice I'm gonna watch this up tier met mardik oh my god you got it I'm looking to avenge my with our of around a certain race track which will not be mentioned anyway but you guys will both have to contend with a third guy who runs a small modest f1 blog in that small time darkest corner the moat universe you might have heard of it if you're a bit of a hipster it's called WTF 1 and our guest is Tom Bellingham Tommy thanks for coming on board I've seen you in the audience for these quizzes so I knew as a matter of time before this happened everyone I'm yeah hopefully do away I'm little words that people always say I know about f1 but that's because no one else knows about was all true that you know by I form compared to you'll be all right because there's a mixture of sort of classic f1 trivia and a bit of sort of audience based polling so I'm sure you'll all have a balanced approach this game so why not let's go on to the first game formula fortunes I pulled my own YouTube audience and took the first 300 for sponsors to a bunch of opinion-based questions like who's the greatest driver of all time my contestants will take it in turns to find the most popular answers earning points equal to the number of people who pick their answer and also not in the top answers will lose a life the round continues until all answers are found or until three correct answers in a row are given we play three rounds so each contestant gets the prime position of going first so we're gonna start with our of course you've got the fortune of being first alphabetically in your entire life yes and it's never come in handy ever for moments just like this someone wanted you to sit in the front of the class oh all right I'm gonna reveal our first formula fortunes question all right in which I asked my audience who do you think will be the 20-21 drivers champion okay yeah you get first pick okay I'm gonna go I'm just gonna go with I think the majority Basin off f1 Twitter or an Instagram or people are going for me to go for Charles a car he is that is the 225 points straight in your bank Arif love it love it okay so subparts has gone Ben curry already behind I mean there's no there's no surprises as to like who number two is gonna be I was always gonna be between Stefan and LeClair say I'll take a a big fat number two at the Stefan please I'm pretty confident with that yeah up there he is it is the number two yeah 133 points so quite a drop down oh you're right Tommy you're not that great F for knowledge my two answers as well so on the back foot purely by coming third yeah that's my name we're looking for the top nine so there's still seven left defiance I don't think you're gonna beat them points why's this okay and I am gonna say Lewis Hamilton not go with the whole future thing and just say Mercedes will dominate forever guys so each of you picked the best possible answer but there's still six left as we come back to this is difficult thing people are gonna be that confident veil so 2021 let's go you know what I'm just gonna play it safe and go Sebastian well cuz I can't think of anyone else that really Singh Lee would be I knew that wasn't gonna be good okay oh I'm gonna say complete step in the dark but he's got to be higher than Vettel I'm gonna say hülkenberg bold bold without audience but not today I knew that was bold stepping out okay I am gonna go Lando Norris six Oh only nine points you're still trailing nobody points let up for grabs as we come back to Arif to find those final four I'm gonna go for Esteban off con it sounds bold but there with you also seven points a fool tied with Vettel so we Basie with all three of us start really well now or should get the robots and one spot in the middle one surprise are these sometimes mm-hmm okay so fourth fifth and seventh still left to get been you've got to redeem yourself for your lost life I'm gonna say the most obvious one Daniel Ricciardo is that their fifth place 16 points to one above Daniel Ricciardo one above s Bela Khan difficult to know is go for newer drivers or it's not that far away I could just say if you you know use arrows my driver if it helps you because it generally does Bobby I should have gone back to my videos yeah let's go about three podcasts felt we bought s is that false answer 1914 yes had a very good season this year so far so aro just seventh place left who on earth is gonna underneath Norwich but head of oak on I can't even trying to fake you cycle through the midfield drivers maybe get a take a stab and go for someone like I talked of Perry's gone Perry's gone I was praying that our wouldn't say who I was gonna say but this is also a bit a bit of a punch considering where he is and what car is in right now I'm gonna say toad Russell oh that's gonna be my one the gob I am cuz he's in such a irrelevant car right yeah it is George Russell another eight points for been so well done you filled up the whole board Erev wins that round but he did get to go first okay the next question Isles boats which race would you remove from the current calendar going forwards I go with my head I'll go with my heart I see this goes against everything I believe in but I think a lot of people want to take away you Monaco triggered but yes it is Monaco not all but 61 points so your competitors can speed it away from you Tommy gotta be a tilt Carroll track doesn't it just go and Abu Dhabi yes marina is that there is the second Oh 70 points so still that top arts to go as we come Bessie's Arif tough um try think what tracks to people for I'm very oh you know oh you know okay this might not be one actually because it's kind of out there but Russia that's always boring right so once again arrows taking that top spot wait everyone else say oh damn it six more hours to go as we come back to Ben I'm gonna go for arrows most hated track on Twitter I'm going to say Melbourne yes it is the fifth highest answer mm-hmm 31 points so Ben you could still take the lead from this if you play cards right across Tommy first day I go Spain damn terrible track asking me up there squeeze me now and yes knew it 41 points so it's quite close to the moment Arif 119 been 92 taught me 111 for more answers to go Arif what okay we've taken out most of the popular boring tracks aren't I'm trying to think about getting the mind of a nitpicking f1 fan yeah I'm gonna go for Singapore but it's only 9th Oh mobile mobiles damn 11 points to Arif so still plenty up there Ben this is your chance I'm gonna say China simply because I hate it so everyone else must hate it too never done well there in the games will you be right spicket it's the seventh highest answer 30 points to you because you within sniffing distance around Tommy [Applause] let's go pull record that horrendous I saw of the runoff area better than Beauregard is the Sikh best outs at 31 points per story in the lead only one left the eighth best answer could you pick it off over right I'm good based off the last two real-life races there whenever Canada oh hey Scott you virtual I love it but last two years have not been classics to its fullest all right then I could tell you the this last answer is worth 27 points so if you get it round um complete stuff in the dark I'm gonna say hungry because it's mana go without the barriers hungry classically tedious track it was hungry Oh 27 points you very close round but then you sneak it as I Bank those points have still has the lead because that dominant first round okay okay one more round of this before we move on to our next new game final question for which Tommy's gonna go first I asked what new manufacturer would you'd like to see enter f1 as a team or engine supplier okay difficult let's just go because there's a rumor seemingly every year there's currently 60 points Wow okay cycle background – Arif alright I get linked with the Red Bull a decent amount then they go in Aston mine estimating we talked about for a while it is up there it's the fifth answer 33 points shock it's a strange look into the mind of my viewers bad lady about sister grab now first I'm gonna say Porsche is that top answer I nearly said Porsche before I switch that let's go BMW stick with the German team Germans and you're a right to do that second-highest answer is 78 points they're half of what Ben got right out of fourth and then six on earth do we go now harm gonna say Lotus okay Ben five more possible answers that's probably shook me now I don't I'm gonna change what I'm gonna say well I was gonna say I'm gonna go for Lamborghini and you'd be right to seventh best answer 22 points Lamborghini cementing your lead what I meant you surprised me I must say okay Tommy literally trying to think of cars let's say jag you soon as there are stones done quite well well it is very surprising okay well it's up to you over to pick them apart oh god no I'm trying I'm trying to think about a number four spot what on earth number four P Nissan Nissan is an answer but it is only the night dancer Oh ten points so forth six or eight still up there been getting closer with the Japanese trend and I'm gonna go with its weirder Toyota left in disgrace but lady wanted to come back sixth best outs at 32 points I have no idea for what could be this just maybe Tommy knows Lucy all I can think of is VW well I can – I'm gonna go with Scott across the pond Chevrolet Chevrolet is the eighth-highest answer another 15 points yeah very small Oh yep one left it was I was gonna say this first but then I forgot it's it's Ford it is Ford 54 dominating performance Ben you beat everyone by over a hundred points good just now giving you the lead overall as we look at the current scores Ben you've got 565 points Erik 427 Tommy on 366 so far but three more games to go so and we know it can all turn around and we've gone to our second game which is a different game we're not doing out of the points this time we're going to go onto chicanery [Laughter] in chicanery contestants face four rounds with four questions each in each round the two possible answers for all four questions will be the same so we have to choose to dodge one way or the other depending on the questions in each round each additional question is worth fifty more points than the last but if they get a question wrong they are locked out of that round I could score no further points until the next round oh I could see this going wrong okay okay so we're starting to Katy with round one in the first round the answers are either Hockenheim or Barcelona your question is 400 points which had the quicker poll time in 2018 okay I could reveal however when Hockenheim Ben and Tommy went Barcelona the answer was Hockenheim how can I've had a 111 Abbas there at 116 yes in there my name is really that sure Wow yeah shorts are in in track time anyway Wow right so better Tommy you are now locked out for the rest of questions get in there you've got a chance to make hay now right next question which track has held more f1 races okay Arif you've got Barcelona but it was well let's Bank those points there now you've got a hundred points that round I mean I'll take it I'll take it so you don't get to see the rest of questions which we go on to the next round in which the answers are Weber or Ricardo in Z exactly insider-trading question one is the taller driver okay I can reveal all three of you have gone with weather and it was whether it's wrong redeemed yourselves okay yeah Webber is a good six said to be just taller than Ricardo all right so you get it you'll get the chance to move on to the next chicane which driver has never used the Ferrari engine in f1 I don't know okay Arabs gone Webber family's gone Webber Tommy's gone Ricardo and the answer of course as as we just said Webber has never used for origins because Torah also had Ferrari engines when Ricardo was using them for 200 points I polled my audience who would you rather get a drink with buzz for Weber State for Ricardo five four three two one okay you've both gone Ricardo okay you've both gone Ricardo and the answer is Ricardo yeah eighty-eight percent we prefer to get drink with Ricardo I thought it'd be closer than that right you both got the chance to go on to the final chicane in this round which has more career championship points as of now okay once again you've both come with Ricardo the answer is whether my logic was race back in the day when points or less I know your record is some house managed to get over in but not quite at forty seven point five compared to nine hundred ninety two so I know is close not not too bad if I'd asked that question a few races later yeah hi guys okay we go Bank all those points as we go on to the third round the answers are either as I feel we're moving to air over territory front wing or rear wing okay first question 400 points can be adjusted during a pit stop all right all three of you think it's the front wing and of course all three of you are correct nice ok moving on to the second chicane the question is is used to create huge vortices of air I don't know ok Aero you've gone front wing Ben you've gone rear wing tell me you've gone front wing the answer is the front wing yeah that's produced vortices but it's not specifically designed there be a meems round Alvin all right question three however told me you're still in it next question which one costs more all right there's a split in the vote arrows on front wing Tommy's gone rear wing and the answer is front wing front wing costs twice as much as the rear wing of roughly Wow I was hoping DRS and become complexity my adonai okay well you've got twenty fifty points that round but however you get the chance to move on to the final question so next question is a poll from my audience right I asked them which one more urgently needs changing in the next rule set I've done four front wings in a row but the answer is front wing it was the front wing yeah that's quite close fifty nine to forty one I I think four front wings in a row do you want to guess what I dissipation was on your now Tiana massively Arif that's bad you were right there's one more round of these chicanery questions the final round the answers are either LeClair or gasoline and the first question is finished higher overall in 2018 Arabs gone LeClair Ben's gone LeClair Tommy's gone Gaz Lee and the answer is LeClair let's go ten more points than then guys Lee last year was close that's close I missed I misunderstood the question my bats I've only finished higher in a race all right bender still in it as you go into question two which is it's the godson of your Bianchi okay you've both gone with LeClair which is the correct answer of course leaves its price constant of jaw Bianchi right okay your third question as we go for 200 points is which one raced in French formula for I know they're both French [Laughter] okay you've both gone with Gaz Li which is the correct answer yeah mate made nice all right final question in this whole game type another poll of my audience right which I asked them which one would be the first to win a race if they were in each other's cars each other's cars returned this season yeah yeah right now if they started 19 in their opposite cars which one would be the first to win a race okay you ready oh and your spirit your splits again say Ben you've come with LeClair Arif you've come with gastly that's difficult and my uncle thought it's gonna be LeClair oh yeah by quite a margin some hi LeClair by ACE I think is the red bull really isn't that great probably swell against it but 73% thought it was the classic Ben you get the full whack that time so that's yeah the Gamble has paid off yeah so at the end of Shiki nuri Arif you're in the lead with just over 2,000 points and Ben your 1800 points now tell me you've fallen behind a bit here you're on 700 points just a bit as you know what's the betting comes in in the last round it's anyone's game right I need to gamble first we had a massive a light-hearted game where the points don't really stack up that much it's called bad commentary this is a game of description with restrictions each round will pair up two players one player the speaker will be given ten cards with a word or phrase that we need to describe to the other player and listener they're restricted and they cannot say any of the forbidden words on the cards they'll have 90 seconds to try and get to all ten cards they can pass the card they cannot return to it later each correctly gets card earns both players a hundred and fifty points oh happy right yep cool I'm ready for the sabotage you know their points are for you too bad right I know but you know I could never bring Tommy back into the game you know who may have gone rogue you got 90 seconds on the clock now maths mid-race homework parody computer engineers numbers lines red sheet post race spreadsheets drivers look at Sky Sports debrief team Ellsbury Pass pass pass doubt downforce under rear wing wing there sorry but oh damn it okay next one oh the thing that redbull didn't have in 2010 defuser no pass pass that one okay ooh the thing that is it was complex last year and they made it simple this year wing no not that something else at the front no it's by the wheel [Laughter] it's uh it's a flag so it's these stick like things that go into Ty's time or gun oh my god you're welcome Tommy things going to tires were suspension bed ah okay I could talk you through so the first one that was spreadsheet homework data was telemetry Oh No aerodynamics under the rear wing was diffuser redbull didn't have an M Guk oh these are very complex and have a simplified the front was break duct oh but Ben now it's your turn now that was a sabotage you've got it now I've got to give as many points as possible to solve he because you're gonna be describing to him okay my time is ready you ready Ben yeah okay timer starts now as a person race from race in the yes yep blessed Lewis Hamilton yes within one second DRS yes mm and not protective thing yes we will they change for this year we there a difference Pass pass okay it very controversial EF one game thought of people use it first set up it's right sorry Oh what's it how heavy if you damage that oh okay you're two of them if you're if you're one driver who is the other person mate yes yep so I think yet clearly you are on a sabotage mission you got these Vaness 750 points the both of you and with that M takes the lead and Tommy starts to catch up okay that's very fun actually all right Tommy I'm gonna drop the cards into your discord now and you're gonna be speaking to Arif this is where we worry or the sabotage coming from I just don't say anything it's gonna be five minutes of silence all right Tommy your time 90 seconds starts now it's an old-school rate regulation that was used and back in the 90s Williams would be glad yes last year Alonso did it a lot so Dave do nest up in Italia yeah the underneath the car is the pass pass pass there's and you go up and down with them too with the with you press a lever on your wheel to go up and down with them yeah yep [Applause] and the opposite of no I can't say that and the thing that ruins overtaking because yeah no no no I pass they they come into this normally wants a race because the Pirelli tires are like crazy they used to be here Oh got on twice right and the old rallies used to do this a lot in 2012 and they used to be all over the track models yes just got it well duh Marmol was correct so you also got you got five there okay decent so the real winner of that round was Tommy who actually got 10 overall Oh so your plan worked so now you can check out the scores you're all in mm so the era is not that far away from 3,000 let's be honest mm Ben you're in the middle 2500 Tommy you got 2,200 but we know there could be wild swings in the last game mind games mind games forces players to place their own points on the line and bet how good their fellow contestants are at a range of f1 trivia questions each round one player will be asked the question worth 200 points but before they get to see the question we get to see the topic of the question at this point the other two players must secretly bet 100 300 or 500 points based on whether the main player will get it right if they bet correctly they win those points and if they bet wrong they lose those points oh yeah Aaron's got refers to ask the question and the first thing I'm going to do is bring up the topic of that question and I'm gonna ask the others secretly if they think you'll get it right err off the topic of your first question you're going to be f1 records and keep that poker voice okay now Ben and Tommy if you want to tell me in the chat right or wrong and how much you want to bet 100 300 or 500 right and now gonna ask out the question in a minute we'll find out what they thought okay I have your question is so nasty and Vettel holds the record for the most consecutive victories with how many wins in a row oh how many was this think I want to say 8 okay Arif fix 8 let's find out what the others thought Ben thought you would not get this right any bit 300 points on it and so did Tommy how dare you you're a good faith in you mate I'm pretty sure you've got this wrong as well I was bouncing between eight or eleven very close oh so no points the error but 300 points to your rivals more Ben your question this time on the topic of is qualifying history if the lights place their bets okay okay right Ben here's a question now you did say anything pre-2010 and you were screwed so let's find out at the 1997 European Grand Prix the pole time was held identically by three drivers Schumacher vill nerf and which we got there was a video I made where this happened well sorry with the first two he said Schumacher and feel this it's the kind of question I bet Tommy's wishing he got yeah which I'm gonna say Damon Hill well let's find out what the others thought Arif in an act of revenge bet against you for 300 points and again so did Tommy recording a podcast about this tomorrow high tailed friends and not Damon Hill I would never guess well anyways bill nerfs teammate at Williams also scored the exact same time as both of them right so 300 points each to ever Tommy been nothing for you Tommy you've gained points in every round every question me so far but now it's your turn to answer under the topic of driver blunders could be anything place your bets now please be Maldonado here's your question Tommy average race did Lewis Hamilton crash in the pit lane after not noticing the red traffic light race idea what year was it it was the Canadian Grand Prix in 2000 eight yeah 2008 cute he doesn't come here doesn't Arif let's bet against you 300 points been has bet with you for 500 oh yes and he was right Oh Canada 2008 says God my I was sick in 2007 as well I couldn't remember which one pretty sure everyone else has gained points around him so yeah 800 points swing to bend there which is what been Arif you're in last place now oh my god oh wow wow I mean finessed but now's your chance T well make a modest amount points by answering this question correctly on driver firsts here's your question yes who scored their first f1 win in 2009 um 2009 2009 oh my god who is it I actually have no actual clue um JB yeah but you want you want to race before um yeah yeah rained in your memory not entire season um I'm gonna go with uh who was his team who was in McLaren that year um Kovalainen I don't know okay Arif goes with kovalainen let's find out where your fellow contestants thought not BAM damn then believed in you he said you'd get it right for 300 points Tommy did not believe in you he said you get it wrong for 500 place and I'm no he's wrong I also came to four this year in 2000 by Mark Webber scored his first race win in – oh my god but you took Ben down with you and that's the important thing hahaha okay so you're going to the next question we see the trivia section has pushed Tommy into the lead after coming behind in the first game right been answering the question this time company's track history place your bets on how good Ben's knowledge of track history's oh very interesting however all right here we go I know the ones who kissed you in the title if ibly not your idea was but let's find out after Monza and Monaco which race Shaq interesting factus has hosted the most consecutive Grand Prix's good putt at Silverstone is it country or track specific track specific okay okay I got it I'm gonna say the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka bold choice let's find out if you're right Arab thinks you will get this wrong to the maximum possible amount but soul but tell me think she'll get it right but only just with a hundred points the answer possibly surprisingly is the hunger ring which Fuji you forgot about Fuji yes I was also thinking South Pole though so only just squeaks in as the third most consecutive race because Silverstone so it started in 1886 but silver stones run didn't start till 1987 so yeah so Arif five hundreds to you – 100 points – Tommy swinging all over the place now Arif takes the lead back but only just from Tommy as Tommy steps up to answer Tommy your question is on the topic of f1 history place your bets now okay Tommy this is definitely 3 2010 queen elizabeth ii has attended exactly one Formula One Grand Prix in which it would take place oh my god oh my god right I think I may know this alright but there are no rules against tactical if you think the other people have bettered then you're gonna get it right hard pressed to prove it and with the secret betting its I'm gonna be super controversial and think they're going ham on me being right so I'm gonna say 1953 interesting all right well arrow do you think you get it right but he only just thought you get it right with a hundred Ben thought you get it wrong Ben thought you get from to the tune of 500 points oh my god yes and you are wrong it was 1950 see Ben I could imagine you to sing their home just knowing well cheaters never win well let's see how that's affected the scores as we do the final set of questions to everybody you've pushed right into the lead but it's very close basically not even to your points between you all of you Wow one question left each arrows up first right topic is track history cause a lot of history ones in this let's not put a bit of random order but here we go right place your bets Arif track history whereof your question yeah since 2000 this is relevant for a question that came before how many times has the Fuji Speedway hosted the Japanese Grand Prix oh if this question to come earlier Ben Wyatt's gonna say was it you want a specific number since 2000 right I'm gonna go for like three right how can I reveal Ben thought you get it wrong of course Tommy thought you get it right but oh wow go Andy modestly with a hundred points oh boy arrive with an answer of three you are incorrect mind it was just two times Oh Carl even though it's meant to start alternating mr. Lucas says he could that never happened so again you fed been a good water points been you've got one 500 point lead here you can't play tactically depending on what you think people will get here's your questions gonna be on famous quotes [Applause] send it okay big or go home [Laughter] which way you guys are gone mmm okay alright I get this if I get this right I get points yeah yeah you get two other points I'll still be leading either way which race right which is and I want the race and the year did Fernando Alonso famously complained that he had been given a GP to engine oh come on I use this one of my videos so I'm gonna say yeah 2017 I need the race as well yes in Japan Japan 2017 right before we find out whether you're right or not let's see how they bet Arif has gone all-in with you yeah that's good you got a right angle the year wrong tell me that's got all in against you ah I think you got it right 2015 I knew I was I wasn't that late see what's throwing me off if I use that the 2017 game of course yeah all the way back in 2050 well no well so quotes for Ben but Tommy's gained 500 her if you've lost this is oh my god this last few questions to cost you dear okay I hate to say it but you are now amazing and now have ended so badly and Tommy you're both on about 3,800 you're separated by about fifty points it all comes down to this the Mac so you could score Tommy is 200 points for getting it right but let's find out your topic is it's right up your alley f1 history I'm glad toto wolff pressing the tactic button your question in which season did arrows last compete I should really know this because literally our logo is based on arrows and oh my god if I get this wrong these are top-tier acting right [Applause] for a season I think it's I think it's 2000 and 2002 okay 2000 of T before we really answer and find out who has won let's find out what others bet now era for pride you've gone with Tommy 500 points trying to get as much as possible then and possibly tactically possibly not he's gone 300 against uh me Oh God if you get this wrong you've lost if you get it right you've won and you've pushed out a very close to Ben if you've if you've got it right you were right mm that was right to the end so tell me you break 4,000 points that was quite a comeback yeah Toby 4,000 16 points to you Ben 3 5 6 5 arrow just behind in the end shoot me now all over the place by the end Arivu had a commanding lead after formula for tunes but this time it wasn't to be I've done a Vettel crashed out late yep sabotage to you in the card game well congratulations Tommy and thank you thanks April for playing I hope you'll have fun with that yeah thank you yeah hopefully one day I'll have you back again I'll mix you up with some other people and you can know take it for there Ben you've got your revenge all right all right victories but in the end the the history gave it to Tommy cool well thanks you guys for coming to play and I'll just wrap up to be my saying thank you everybody to watching it's not even a stream it's pre-recorded but um I will see you next time I won't wear the oldies on it yet but probably like a couple of weeks thank you bye you you

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  3. I have a theoretical question. Lets say one of the players has 250 points, before the start of mindgames. He bets 500 and loses. Does he now have 0 points or -250 points?

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