England v Wales - 1995 Rugby League World Cup Semi Final

England v Wales – 1995 Rugby League World Cup Semi Final

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Semi Final at Old Trafford

accepted the responsibility and Robinson trying to cut away again he weaves he differences he dodges he beats man tremendous remodel defense there by Jason Robinson the crowd getting behind England Alison Karl get the ball away he does to put a good Jewish player here yes England a good set of six on the previous samples but then a bad cake fail to relieve the pressure this time they've managed to get it to Wales off and I think we'll see the kick now sighs shoot from England the half chances all at needy and apparently Welsh players led off him slightly expecting their kick possibly managed to stay in support on the outside and our inside Baldwin you little aspirin straightening woman the corner just at least game shot very often you see Justin Davis attornies way to put you chase mother fire all the way across the field to get all of him and put his point across quite well authority Jackson or once again stepping away from this sateen app this is what I think there's a weakness in this world side around the rock earlier Jackson spotting her yes he's a very mobile hooker Jackson Barbie Goulding's legs pumping away looking to inch further forward not Lenski he's got the height but not the direction well he picks it up again still on the fifth tackle inattentive Drago the hand raised from mr. Ward and a cheese England out further a piece of anybody quick-thinking law from the England and Saint Helens come off 7/4 well filardo said he didn't want his the England part really getting into a battle in midfield with the the ones forwards but they're certainly more than hauling their own not an awful lot of penalties were conceded in this match the game is set in quaint free-flowing let's switch it under try was a formality might have been a last-minute inclusion of Tony Smith into the side the ejection just a boy gets away from the marker defense this used to be nothing on Andrea files got the ball runs at the line of pops it back inside to Smith the phoenicians speed electric Pierce goes through the gap the ball doesn't go to handle Martin a fire but Denis Betts is there on hand to score good chuckle from coming out is coming out his trying England really cutting their wares here around the rocks the short pass to goalie on the fifth tackle babi Guling stanza cutie – for Jersey TC pation okay sixteen and of course where's with only 12 men were lacking in cupboard in defense our wider there was a man missing googling spotted it was a plan move who butter fighter linger on the wing but I think he might have been just offside he I'm not sure how fast he could of God they seem to be stationary as the king went and I think he was slightly upside though missing when they're packed troubling – choice was not happy with margin a player space against he sent him home to the sprint track he had two or three serious sessions and a junkie OD assistant and it looks to appear doc just look at the pace he roars in there and he gets it down Jones take some holding but shattered by an D flat plat has been weld well to the front door in the tackling snakes Palace gapes way forward back to Alice again Davis he made free with a little space well he's winning Gordon of all himself No tonight we've been talking about bringing this one forward and he's brooding he's first try the fresh forward will in Phillips on for the field on the field for a few minutes makes the initial break but he's well settled by Neal off sorry Pinckney it isn't and it plays the ball to shelled because there's no marketer just managed to get overlap cassadee and it is conceded er 13 that's not a lot of it a game of this intensity from those a couple of my Turtles discussions Oh Charlotte Russe English place 2:10 now where's in the past 10 minutes England strike again and it's peace that does it none of the much goal then just goes across the field drops a beautiful passing side to Phil Clark despite the touch to his ankle and scores a splendid tried Hey to turn smiling faces will be grueling but it's England finally without a final with a hard-fought victory over Wales at Old Trafford they won 25:10 after the game the world skipper Jonathan Davis who was playing in his last international hinted him in now quit rugby for good Australia and New Zealand will fight it out for the other place in the final tomorrow the distort on reports Jonathan Davis illustrious international career was almost at an end but the Welsh genius did his best to prolong his country's World Cup run giving them the lead with a penalty but England always looked at the stronger side and after 25 minutes an untidy move was salvaged by Farrell and new love scrambled over England's second try though was a classic Farrell looked to be going nowhere but the pass was met at speed by Smith the hard work was done in bets had the easy job of scoring margin a Fire's first try and the World Cup was the simplest he's ever scored Wales simply forgot to mark him but his second was a controversial affair a replica kick ahead by Golding the replay clearly showing the ball was bounced down Welsh passion eventually gave them a consolation try thanks to Clarke's quick thinking but at the end inland had stretched their lead Davis had played his last game in the red shirt of Wales

12 thoughts on “England v Wales – 1995 Rugby League World Cup Semi Final

  1. Listen. I'm a Rugby League loving Yank! I do like Union too. I understand the statement those forefathers made at the George Hotel in Huddersfield in 1895. I get it. Sometimes I get caught in it by defending League and making fun of fat forwards and collapsing scrums. Don't do it. By the way, I've seen several Union games lately where they give props to the League defensive schemes and coaches in Union. I have the Aviva Prem. Yet, I love NRL and Super League. I'm not a godly man. League does that for me. NRL and SL are fools for not showing the code here. I hate the NFL now. Disgusting. That obsession I once had is now on Rugby League.

  2. two English counties and Australia? Where do the Catalans Dragons come from? And you're also forgetting the country that won the 2008 World Cup…

  3. League is only played in the North of England because Union players were banned from playing it for 100 years and Schools too. No news flash there then except to the RU following public of England.
    7's is in the Olympics. I wonder why it's not the 15 man code, why have they gone for the version most like RL, you know with tries and no aimless kicking. The only thing more ignorant than a RU fan talking about their own history is a RU fans trying to explain what is happening during any RU game.

  4. You're ignorance is astounding. New Zealand doesn't count as a league playing country? The world cup holders? League is the national sport of PNG. Fiji now has over 30 clubs, so to South Africa. 130 schools play league in Wales. I could go on but i have a feeling your happy in your ignorance.

  5. was at this game as well! Offiahs try was never a try, but still a great game! wales had a pretty good team as well them days!

  6. both Ofiiahs tries were an absolute joke, the referee dropped 2 massive clangers there, 5:17 and he gets it down?! does he fuck!

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