Emily Beazley Earns Spot on England National Team

Emily Beazley Earns Spot on England National Team

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University of Detroit Mercy sophomore midfielder Emily Beazley talks about the process in earning a tryout and then a spot with the England National Women’s Lacrosse Team.

so coach Dewayne who's actually the men's assistant lacrosse coach I'm he's coached me since I was really little he coached both my brothers and he has connections pulling professionally in England so he reached out to me and said hey like you have dual citizenship I think this would be an awesome opportunity for you and so then I got an email from the head coach of the England national team and basically was hey we want you to come try out in September for the England national team and basically things just started rolling from then so I got that in May and then September I flew over to England to tryout so tryouts were really intense I was kind of weird being like the only American it kind of felt like a outsider but the girls were super welcoming right when we like stepped on that field so the first day was basically all of our physical testing so we had about like four different run tests they also took like our height and weight so we could do like weight training and weight test for that so it was a very intense like physically labor day and then after that we did some like position specific testing so 1v1 so me being a defender I had to go against several different amazing attackers and had to get the ball in my stick as a turnover for it to count like towards me so that was like really focusing on like myself in my position so that was kind of interesting to see like working as a team and working with all the girls and encouraging all the girls and like the physical aspect and then turning on each other and competing for that spot to be on a national team so it's kind of cool to see that all the girls were super encouraging throughout the entire day and then Sunday we played with the senior squad so we were playing against some very elite athletes we had a lot of STX ambassadors that are on the England senior team so that was kind of crazy to see like these girls represent these massive lacrosse companies and I'm playing against these girls right now but if you got again super intense we scrimmage for about two hours and then we did a lot of labor intensive drills like many many many repetitions so it was exhausting but it was really cool to see how all the girls encouraged each other and were super supportive of each other I'm so I felt like welcomed open arms but again like that competition level everyone was you know out to get that spot so it was kind of interesting to see that balance yeah yeah so my full family is from England both my brothers were born and basically raised there my parents immigrated to the u.s. in 1999 and then I was born here in 2000 so my whole family lives in England so it was really a kind of an emotional weekend to surprise like basically all my family on Friday and to see everyone and also like to have their support in this whole process it was really overwhelming and I'm looking forward to see them way more times in this upcoming year so I'm really excited and super grateful for this opportunity for that yes so I will basically be flying out to England every other month for training weekends and then I'll also be competing in the home internationals which are in February so it's it's gonna be a super expensive and like intense summer up to coming and then in the summer in July we have Worlds and Poland for the u23 so we're all preparing for that and so yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be an intense school year especially so I'm really excited to see again see my family but also have the support of coach Megan and coached away at pushing me and really wanting me to do this and have this like I have this incredible opportunity to have their support 100% has been something that I like so grateful for

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