Dream England Rugby 7s contract for Fergus Guiry

Dream England Rugby 7s contract for Fergus Guiry

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Seaford College student Fergus Guiry has been offered a one-year professional contract with the England 7s squad. We chatted with him, and Ed Bowden, the Head of Rugby at Seaford, about the life-changing phone call, and the process leading up to it.

but so really how can it give us so quickly from training out here with a seafood then getting wrong phone call from cyma name or can I just ask it how it came about I know they'd spotted you at the Rosalind park seven sort of what was the process from there so it was they watched eton college game that wasn't park and then kind of spaced pardon mr. lochia and it's kind of saying that i was in their radar and kind of interested and then I ain't got an email to be invited in England seven split by talent ID can't that Goulet and from there and they could have had a phone call saying could have been successful and offered me a contract so it's kind of all gonna win so quickly yeah very proud really good opportunity for him to have over the next year and it's just something he's definitely worked very hard for and something he's been very good in the classroom as well as leading the team this year with the with the first fifteen as well as the sevens alongside Elliott and the captain and it's deserve the opportunity that he'll have next year and what was that moment like when he got the call offering it the other contract like I got I got a call about three minutes before from an unknown number saying it's gonna I think as a sales call you're not gonna pick that off and I was like that room and canaanites one and arranged for house room you can afford four hours and it was so it's wait waiting just kind of out of my phone and like loud and then she was good I could she kind of really it kind of felt like all that over thirty years kind of getting up and early in that drive me around the country gonna pay and pay off Freddie I was looking back at my phone over there and I had I had a picture of me and my friend can like posing for a picture I think it's three is going out took them sevens with that Norton and then kind of to either this the next year it's gonna training along alongside in beacon so surreal really can you see all these epic names on TV and then you can get the options either kind of no I only can play with them but kind of hopefully make making friendship says it's awesome really yeah and you're proud of him but I just thought the whole schools proud as well because you know it's not many they get get this opportunity in get a professional contract at his age for the filling Leyland school I definitely macorís last year got the contract with London Irish unfortunately because of injury Matt hasn't been able to play yet but hopefully he'll be stepping into London or sure and now at the Fergus with this thing when contract is is great for the school that's it as a from a rugby point of view but as I said focuses got things right in the classroom is a prefect with the school and so it's great for him to continue that and I'm sure he'll be a very good ambassador moving forward for the school and finally I'm sure you want to say something for mr. Burdon and and all your coaches here see for college because without them and the support of family year we probably wouldn't got dodge now you're a talented boy but he probably wouldn't got to anyone it's kind of a started yeah started with sausage sister and thankful for the coaches there then I'm mr. Worthing and feel likes of John Forest kind of kind of got me took the opportunity of being able to kind of trial for and of Seaford is that belong with my dad kind of driving me everywhere and in my first year so yeah it's well mr. Bowden just cookin mr. LaMacchia kind of really matured me as a player can kind of identified that talent a bit can add so we can nurtured and got me to the stage where I kind of developed my leadership into year thirteen I took much more onus for the team and kind of end up here so yeah I'm kind of really grateful

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