Cycling Tips: The Best Bike Helmet.  The Specialized Prevail Helmet.

Cycling Tips: The Best Bike Helmet. The Specialized Prevail Helmet.

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Cycling tips: What is a good bike helmet to use. The Specialized Prevail, and Propero bike helmets review and test. Putting bicycle helmets to the test. What is GCN cycling?

For lots of bike maintenance tips:

Here are some of the helmets I like alot:

Bell Star pro shield helmet:
Catlike Whisper Helmet:
Kask USA helmet:
Giro Air Attack:

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this Christian ho cyclist in this video I'm going to be talking about helmets and I got a helmet that I've been using and testing out been using this one for quite a while now I've used this actual model the s works prevail helmet for several years had the opportunity to test it I've had the opportunity to crash in it and actually break two of them so I'm going to talk about this actual helmet let me tell you why I like this helmet and why I continue to race it in this video right now so like I said I've been using this helmet for several years I'm actually writing the s-works prevail helmet right here this white model this one's brand new I've actually used this one right here for a couple years now the prevail and this is a red one and this one I've actually had the opportunity to crash in it and actually break it I'll show you that a video clip of that crash right now so check out this video here it comes so this isn't the the cheapest helmet on the market I've actually used quite a few helmets but some of the features I like about this helmet is inside of it there's not a whole lot inside if that actually goes to actually adjusting this helmet it does come with some removable pads and it comes with several of them to make fitting it a customizable to yourself but the the actual mechanism to adjust this helmet I really like it because it's very simple and easy to use it's got just this little ratchet that actually tightens it on your head and I've actually used that and I ride full finger gloves where my god my hands are actually completely covered and it's easily adjustable even with full finger gloves so I like that feature about the helmet another thing I do also like is I like how light it is this helmet is extremely light I do have the other model right here and this is a lower model this is the specialized prepare Oh helmet and this helmet itself is a little bit heavy and I don't like the weight of this helmet this one's a lot lighter but this is a lot more economical model of the same brand a specialized helmet my wife actually wears this helmet that's actually her helmet this one's mine this one's a little bit more expensive but if you shop online you can typically find these these helmets a lot cheaper than you can find them at your bike store I will leave a link in my video description I'm gonna go out and try to find this video this helmet online on Amazon but I'll leave in the description a link to it so you could actually purchase it a lot cheaper than you can get it in your retail stores but this helmet I do like the ventilation system on this helmet where I'm actually from it does get really really hot in the wit in the summer times it gets up to 105 degrees here even a little bit hotter in the ventilation on this helmet is really really good I've used other helmets that aren't is well ventilated I do actually wear a school cap because I don't have any hair so I've actually gotten Hornets inside my helmets and they've actually stung me before so I wear a skullcap in the ventilation with this even with a skullcap is really well the lower model the ventilation system it looks very similar but it's not exactly the same this this model actually been a ventilates a little bit better so there's a difference between these two the ventilation system is a little bit better in this and it's a lot lighter this helmet is extremely light and I don't want I don't like to feel anything on my head so I want the lightest possible helmet that I can actually race and ride and another thing I really like about this helmet is the profile of the helmet on my head it's not a very bulky helmet it's one of the helmets I've of all the helmets I've tested that's the least bulky and it actually rises up and over my gears so my ears are completely free where I can actually attach my my headphones to it and adjust and mess around with my headphones so I like those features the straps that your straps are very simple very easy to use but they're adjustable and they are very easily adjustable and don't move and move around once they're actually adjusted to your chin size and your next size and it's got just a quick snap so it just quickly and easily snaps and once again that snap is very easy to use with full finger gloves so one of the adjustment features inside this thing there's not a whole lot to it it's very very simple but it's a got what they call a mindset adjustment and it's got a five position height adjustment that's easy all you do is inside here you just grab these and they'll slide back and forth it'll just the height of the helmet very simple and easy to use just like the ratcheting feature that actually tightens this helmet on your head so you can get it on your head just put it on your head and just ratchet back and it tightens and it's very simple and easy to use I do like the fact that these pads are actually easily removable they're just little held on there by Velcro because I actually do wash my helmet you know every now then I'll take the pads all out take and wash them which is some soap and water and reinstall them and then I typically do that before my races get the helmet all cleaned up and ready to go but that's some of the things I like about this helmet so so once again to go back this helmet actually has been crash tested by me by me twice and it's actually worked and functioned just like it was opposed to the shell actually broke like it was and I didn't suffer any type of head injuries it's got really good ventilation it's extremely light and the adjustment system is very easy to use if you want a very very good helmet one that actually functions very well it's very light go out and check it out the s-works prevail helmet not the cheapest helmet on the market but it's definitely worth your money so go check out our video description and hopefully down there you'll find a link to purchase one so hope you've enjoyed another one of my free videos to help support my channel you can click on my subscribe button right here it's free never cost you a dime it'll keep you up to date with all my new free videos they typically come out with one every single week and don't forget to share my videos on Google+ Facebook and Pinterest it's another free way to help support the making of new free videos just share them with all your friends and we'll see you on my next video

4 thoughts on “Cycling Tips: The Best Bike Helmet. The Specialized Prevail Helmet.

  1. whats your favorite power meter? and do you like the carbon bont shoes? and do you use mtb pedals on your road bike . i do!

  2. I have the prior version Prevail, and while I like the lightweight, I found that it awkwardly sits slightly tall on my head. Not that it isn't sized properly, more like it feels a bit bulky on top of my skull.

  3. Thanks for the review. I had already made up my mind about getting the new Prevail 2 but now I have no question marks. I really love the straps, they are super comfortable, especially around the ears. Also super light like you said, a big upgrade on my heavier giro. Really looking forward to riding wearing it!

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