Creme of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator VS Miss Jessie's Honey Curls | Do They Compare?

Creme of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator VS Miss Jessie's Honey Curls | Do They Compare?

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Miss Jessie’s Honey Curls
Crème of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator
Water, Sorbitol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Acrylates/Steareth-20, Methacrylate Copolymor, Glycerin, PVP, Polysorbate-20, Carbomer, Fragrance (Perfume), Disodium EDTA, Honey, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Ethylhexlglycerin, Glycerth-2 Cocoate, Yellow 5, Yellow 6
CREME OF NATURE (First 5 Ingredients)
Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol….
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I sometimes go back to our channel I'm Taylor and I'm voting and together we are mad girls and welcome to another Mac girls review and tutorial this time we are bringing you two products we've never used before like I don't know what we're gonna name this but it's just like to like one of Dunn's like oh my god I'm sorry one and Dawn's we're here for the one and done yeah yeah yeah like our own one enough so yeah we've done one another we both done the same one another video yes what time we're each doing a one and done but bringing you two different options so totally different products I watched that actually totally different yeah what a theme going on it looks like two shells of products that we just have not tested tried or anything and so it's kind of like just like playing with us today we're just trying to see if they work Tipton anyone and does because the summer's here we are guys the church band is out okay it is hot and the noise the background is the area good night it's that time of year yes so we just want some convenience we want something quick and easy and I'm sure you guys do too so we are here to test to see if these can be won and donesies products yes so should I go first okay so the product that I am going to be doing it's actually brand new to the cream of nature brand it is the cream of nature pure honey shrinkage defense curl activator so this is their newest product they add it to their pure honey line I saw it I wanted I bought it I got it put in the line there is a mask there is a shampoo and a conditioner there is a twisting butter which I absolutely love love we did a one I did a one and done on that we got a line on our channels yeah we have the pure honey line on when they came out with it last year absolutely love that's when I saw that they expanded the line I was like ooh I gotta get my hands on this so I got my hands on this but barely I got it off eBay and it came like all exploded it's hard to get right yeah but it's here for the purposes of the video testing and trying it yeah um it is here so that's what I'm doing and just stick with the honey theme guys I just kinda want to delve back into the Miss Jessie's line I was going to kind of start on like a summer series kind of like I did last year Sultana calls but today you know the opportunity came up so I said I'm going to try this one today at least this is Miss Jessie's honey curls this is brand new I've never tried it before I think it's like one of their newest products along with kind of like a it's on edge control refresher refresher and oil yeah all of that so I used to definitely be a Miss Jessie's Girl I haven't touched a line in years but here we are so this is honey curls sweet almond oil and honey of course you know always the best start honey haircare up period they say it's like a one-and-done directions are evenly distributed a palm for more today a freshly washed conditioned and detangle here spread a generous amount until you have good coverage bah-bah-bah so it's basically explains that this should be like a one-time product it doesn't say anything else though the miss jessie's line has since come out with a leave and since I used to use it back like nine or ten years ago and I did buy the leave and I bought it twice you know everybody always you know that over shopping when you're so friends not gonna get enough for something so I bought it twice in two virtually full bottles were part I think we did like on our products – and like for videos or break down our each of all of our products and I believe that that product was in there hadn't been touched or at least one hadn't been touched and one might have but I didn't grab that because number one doesn't say and I think all the parts were always make kind of gets a one in job before we knew about all this layering and I can't wait to see what this does because I know people compare it to the Camille Rose those leaving she did like the consistency they say it's kind of like that or like is it like that I don't know oh and I wasn't really a fan of the Camille Rose so I can't wait to see all that honey one that yeah but that one that heated up yeah so I can't wait to see how this is gonna go down in your hair as a one another color so far there's almost like the color of my shirt so I'm not quite like the color of honey like the cameo rose but we'll see we are going to see all of us together yeah as a group if you keep watching this video right so if you want to see us apply these products see what they do hear more about them then please keep watch a see watching okay so first things first water girl does not go with you know out of it I'm gonna so we were coming off of our treatment Tuesday so this was just better for treatment Tuesday so it's still here our teal here water is water no matter what color the bottle is should we talk about the base for our hair yes it's coming off of the treatment Tuesday the base is I shampooed my hair with the honey's handmade cherry almond and I think it was I'm happy oka yeah tapioca co-wash loved that onion slip went right through my hair that hadn't been washed about five days from the Miss Jessie's that lasted great and then I went for the first time trying this it's my L is Babbitt Sue and I said on my glasses I would say it absolutely meant love this oh my gosh this lip is incredible pleasant surprise and so this is what is the foundation this is what this is right here and and so I think it's a great foundation to get started with I'm pretty happy with my base to I kind of had an eat a body work day trying some new eat and Body Works product I've never tried before I washed my hair with the Eaton Body Works natural cleansing co wash the coconut shea absolutely love this this is a great co-wash amazing slip smells good cleans your hair make it makes your hair moisturize clump thick it was nice really like this Commissioner Kailash if you conditioner I use if the Eden Body Works natural deep conditioner the jojoba monoi which you guys raved about I didn't jump out the window about it but it's a good deep conditioner it did its job I like it my hair looks shiny actually I like it it looks good right now so that was my base for today yeah we both got this Honey theme going on right now and I'll keep my cute little shirt it says sweet like honey so we are now what your close and fast would you call us I mean guys they they call it an Ambassador Program yeah we you know I love love love these t-shirts these kind of like logo t-shirts and have people messages and things I've been wearing them forever and this year we saw that they had an ambassador program so we signed on this cup company is a power and black and we love their t-shirts you see this is what we can't do okay well can't we so when it exploded in the packaging because it exploded up here so like I see it coming out the top I'll try the tape that down okay oh yeah if you tape it down then it'll stop down so I don't know if you guys have seen or if you've tried the the cream of nature the pure honey line like their butter and stuff it has the same exact smell to me the smell is a little bit stronger I don't remember the twisting butter smelling this chocolate it's definitely stronger so this is supposed to define elongates and coils creates bouncy soft curls moisturizes and add shine and this product is supposed to be used by itself they don't say to add anything else under it or over itself we are going to see of it's pretty thick almost sticky you guys see that like oh yes it is okay right and this one says okay so watch you go you couldn't blow dryer here or let it just dry out in the air it says oh honey miss Jessie says whipped up something wonderful for you and your girls can't craft with love and enriched by mother nature's natural nectar honey the honey is a natural ingredient that locks in moisture and adds natural hold inspired by our grandmother's attention to detail we blended Miss Jessie's honey curls to a perfect consistency to be incredibly smooth for maximum coverage without any greasy build-up miss jessie's took extra time to create this new sweet almond oil in which style emulsion that provides conditioning hold moisture and all day shiny softness so why miss jessie's honey curls all over your hair and let your curls will soak up the sweet feel of natural and curly protection so um so the thing with the honey that we burned last year and it's a Jew method and in high humidity weather not necessarily so good okay definitely thick definitely good over here I just went in way too much so you guys over here spraying and patting stuff with the towel because my hair was completely white just now that was way too what we brought up would you how much did you squeeze to do here um I didn't even think that much but I guess I gotta use even less I'm trying yeah I'm squeezing on Pelican Paola dime size about is that dime like there's a same time sighs um it doesn't say any kind of size but see it goes white in your hand immediately it's white I like the fact that it's thick and when you put it in your hair you kind of you see how it's kind of elongated it causing that you know he knows in your hair stretching it out does there slip oh yeah I definitely have a memory of Miss Jessie's products in the past and how we need to do so I don't have kind of like I measure what to compare it to but um I want to overdo it burnt products though when that packaging I love the quick curls the the pillow-soft the jelly soft almonds were definitely staples of mine at one point all of them I use all of them and when Rob DeMello all because I they said I'm bout it to do the day my series trying to bring that brand back to life um but we just haven't gotten around to it yet and today I just want to try it y'all check in for miss jessie's or not all yes yeah let's nobilis checkin I mean whether you're checking or not you probably won't get these videos all right I'm gonna bring you just a little bit of Miss Jessie sure are ya who's checking for Miss Jessie's you know what I am tactical but we don't have time to get that because I wanted to do my deep conditioner maybe next time we do miss justice cuz we have plenty of tubes over there to do Miss Jessie's but next time I'll do remember the sweet back was a little pink sweet back yeah yeah oh I love that back in the day yes oh that smells like bubblegum yeah and another one a selenium bill was like a $50 jars a third of that prices were up there and they yeah they always find I think they still are they are Candice I'm sorry I have the prices here well this is 16 so in the scheme of things schema for prices now that's not that back of some of those I think those size is very like some of those that come in that package there like $23 like it depends subscribe we z' out mine's six dollars I paid 6 95 4 which is about cream of nature so I believe you can find this line in Walmart I never find anything on the ground so I wouldn't I don't even bother when I say always at Walgreens at the targets and why I just not line I just go online I'm not gonna be chasing down wasting gas driving all over Connecticut no trying to find these products I just get them online right okay so that's wait it's going and anybody else like that do you bother trying to like hunt stuff down in the store maybe like depending on the history of the towns around you or your very own home town like do they have bills we know definitely our home town does not have anything multicultural or any sort of ethnic hair care so that's out and we don't even bother there the nearby towns they do but who knows if they're in stock and they don't stop stuff yeah enough yeah like so it's nice it goes in nicely you definitely don't need a lot or start with a little and build up because things get out of hand quickly it definitely gets white and will start like product een up on your head starts like I don't know the product was just sitting there and really don't have a gauge what I use how much to use with this but it's like trial and error right now we get out the bus yet it trying to figure this out because I don't have a memory from nine or ten years ago how much to use if I even kind of knew what to use that then I know thinks this is a simpler time I'm still trying to mimic what you did for me for Mother's Day like you know the top parts of this is why I'm pulling up in the back and I'm kind of laying it down and then finally how to take this last piece and kind of go back with it but I probably usually a lot because I don't ever remember using this kind of amount back in the day I can't possibly think I'll maybe because we used it with other products like even though you swear you didn't want it done I swear we did it because when we decided to do our one and done series we were like oh my gosh this is groundbreaking like this is not a CBN layer I think the name was groundbreaking I think that we never thought about the cute little name like that but I think the idea of just putting one product in our hair because we simply just follow directions don't forget we came from relaxed hair and we were just putting water out here and if anything maybe some grease shall I say I don't know what we were putting in no we we had always done leavings and gels like we never just went in with one part was always Lima gels creams like our diva wash ago was three products like we never just but diva was after miss right was always I think it was all around the same I think we searched in and out between diva miss jessie's and mix checks I know those were like the main products in the house okay Eva miss jessie's and mix chicks fast like yeah that's very true ten years ago anyone like ten to six years ago all between there I remember all that was Lily meringue and all yeah all that was in the house it just seems like your mentor around yep Inspiral so we'll see definitely I'll see you at the end it was this necessary or did I because I don't have the leave in if I'm compensating for that extra layer but I do like the fact that it's thick and when I'm pulling it through I'm seeing it's kind of stretching my curl and it's definitely has a beautiful shine – this product is translating in my hair like that my hair is feeling a little producti right now to the tad bit okay look I don't know the last time maybe that time we did the video we had the cream of nature scarves on and you were captain Taylor man and all that I don't know their products to me sometimes can tend to be product yeah well what was that product that was that snob yeah that was very heavy that's not hats great definition he did that's not a little slept on like I mean the name probably is gross like if not probably it is it's gross but um that what the curl activator cream is a great washing though but I don't like the organ smell no I did not I'm not a fan of the cream of nature Argan smell but ya know it definitely was a great wash my pic that's what we had right here when we went to down here cut or you me come back no we had that in our hair okay when Oh shoo it's still all over the towel yeah this hobby ought to just put in a jar or something so anyhow the weather is changing and my hair is dry almost I like as we speak situation right now as we'll see somebody gave the tip today because I think I showed in our one of our last videos how am I here just by like stretching out it's gross it's at that awkward phase of growing where it's unevenly growing you know this part is longer but somebody said use it didn't brush you can do it yeah I definitely will yeah well no like the back of your head or something those pieces so it'll have that curl definition and maybe just kind of like yeah take it off the table now since it's here Wow I think that whole thing that I didn't know the name per Ola Barranca well it was thank you if the demon brush brush works so well that I don't even want to do at the top of my hair because I know that it will um curl it up so I don't need all that I just needed to back to be done oh yeah you can definitely see how it just does what I normally do like the I like the hiding my hair hat and I don't have to do that now I use a Denman brush so right I made vice popping when we click this off I like put more a little bit more water in my hair because this is not about going out the house like this white stuff going on I hope that does not lead to flaking right yeah you've been having fun with that all day like the hair with the white thing yeah it's just product just sitting on my head today oh my god yeah I definitely see and so you thoroughly rinse out your deep conditioner and nothing else is in there all right so that's odd I'm gonna go handle my head all right do my bangs on camera look you boys said makeup artists you know my brows off camera grinding process I try nice washing though banks sold separately all right so I gotta go Grendel's off camera all right we'll be back to let you guys know if oh we never even told him what one and unapproved means but we approve when we reject product whether it can be a one predator wash and go whether it can yes what's that criteria so this is a unique video because we each to their own wash and go this is the first time that we've done that on this channel will be each toes and it's highly different brand entirely two different products because there's two of us so we thought why not try to the product yet once so a washing though I one and done on the macros channel is we look for three criteria we look for curl definition if the product by itself with no help moisturizers leave it any of that it provides curl definition hold in moisture so when we come back we have to see if all of those criteria are met and if they are if they are then it will be one and done approve one and done a pro so let's see which one will be one of gotta prove they both will or if neither of them well right okay all right so we will see you guys when our hair is dry all right all right guys hi hi and we are back these are RVs so look yours came out so good so disclaimer it was sunny and 80 when we left and then it just like torrential rains maybe about two hours like out right two or three hours out torrential rains humid humid humid humid when we stepped out of the store and just like humanity like yeah humidity so this is remarkable for the amount of humidity we had to endure and look a little drop of rain here and there so yeah this is very humid humidified but um I think it held up yours held up I was looking at both because personally mind I don't think mine held up I did not hold up my curls are very nice and chunky but they're kind of frazzling at the bottom I have that look like you know when your hair gets humidity in there like it has like a look like it's just oh great I mean it has some humidity going on out here always facing me you drove today and this I just thought looking beautiful I just it looks like the big barrel curls I thought it ya know the curl definition is beautiful but I definitely know when my hair has some humidity and it starts getting like this dry look even though when you touch my curls they don't feel dry but it has that look to it where I'm like this it could look better it's definitely cuz it rained and stuff and I looked at my product and glycerin is the second ingredient so okay this is not a summer product although I think it would definitely be a fall winter product and so I will be putting this on the shelves okay I told that and bringing it back out then but this is not a summer product quiz Herman was in my but way far down right yeah yours a little bit further down oh yes it's further down yeah mine is the second ingredients versus water second is closer okay so I was like okay so I'm disappointed cuz I I did not style my bags its styled by banks for me so that's what makes this product a winner in my book because it even though I'm struggling kind of putting it in with the white stuff in the water and it has come with a learning curve to it as well as them say you should add a learning yeah in the end I really like the way this looks and I know if it didn't rain out and like the humidity my hair would look really bomb right now I really really like I really like this as a one-and-done I think I could have probably used a slight lighter hand as I was saying I just didn't know excite never used it before so it was like a one-and-done I can first try with it so I'm I love the results but I and you said it doesn't feel proud of thing no feels a little firmer than I would like like this will carry me definitely four or five days if I wanted to carry I definitely think I could every day you crush this really good it's been been trick in the back oh yeah why don't get that like that word I don't know why we look at the common to see the neighborhood whoever said that that's the trick right there so you know how if I pulling it down no it's actually dialed it for me the way I always kind of try to tighten yeah yeah so it's going to give my hair cut like longevity now yeah so I don't we would do a little bit of a comparison here because I feel like this was the first one out the Camille Rose there's there the commune rose honey hydrate the Lehman collection you did this in a video I did and this is like the first kind of like honey and she's looking product at least we have that I can remember and I feel like this kind of kicked off the trend it looks good doesn't it looks like straight up honey yeah is to me it looked like how honey would look if you put it in your hand and slapped it in your hair there's like no ingredients in there except like honey honey and your hair look like that I thought your highlight disappeared yeah and for me it was something like I didn't want to put in my hair although I know it is like a fan favorite out there people love this me me my highlights disappeared meaning because it saturated my ear so I might turn my hair dark where's this one today I mean my highlights are popping and you guys saw me use I don't like the heavy hand I thought yeah I felt like as I said the next time baby I don't think I'm gonna put it in my hand and then just like rub it through my head like bags of old I don't know I think it needs a little bit more guidance but maybe not so much sectioning as I did I think like I can kinda like do away with the through of the sections in the beginning I said that that the Camille Rose people say it's similar to this but in my opinion I don't think they're similar I think their look is different yeah although this has the least ingredients at all three of these this has the least and this one's bringing up the rear and then this one has the most ingredients I think these two are more similar than this as far as like look and feel okay although you weren't sure I was drilling your hands weren't turning ye go here wasn't turning white yeah I went in anything and added shine and yeah it didn't have that white look it just when it was dark as it was drying and added shine to my head as I was putting it in and it clearly it holds up yeah in torrential rain you know it was pouring and it was humid and it was hot yeah and your hair definitely held up so I can't wait to try this again I really like this I guess as a cheap alternative to this I don't I love the way my hair looks I just don't I just think the humidity just it did it in so it's good it feels it feels very light and airy and blowy but you know it always does that's just some kind like the way your your hair feels in your I can't wait to see it's marcozzi like pieces like there's like they're they're full yet they're frizzing out I'm guys can see that but that girl just like gave way on yeah that's it and so I think tomorrow that that's gonna be the trend for the rest of this do you don't feel it well you're here what things like that happen cuz when I sat down here I noticed there was a few pieces in the front that kind of gave way and I just kind of tend to it write that in there not with a whole lot of product but I actually just I do sometimes probably tomorrow I would do it yeah I think it would salvage that I don't think when that happens in your hair that it's a growl like it's like I mean I would rock my rock my hair like this all day like this is cute but as far as people who want to know like summer products and stuff I don't think this is one unless you like that big look this humidity is definitely gonna get in there with this one but I feel like this is the winner this is the winner I don't like all these this is a good one yeah I'm surprised because they all seem to have the same idea and it's just another Majestics product another two more money they're not given those products away but yet they all look different when you put them in your hair so that's why I want to kind of do the series and just like show each one because we there's the quick curls there's the the jelly soft curls there's a pillow soft curls there is this one of course put ups and then they have the motor later on but the cultural curly meringue multicultural clear there are so many ones and they keep on yet yes the transitioning one so this was a boiling boiling boiling yet coyly something the curls yeah all for the custard custard yeah okay yeah oh the other thing I want to mention is the smell of this I didn't mind the smell of the pure honey the mask and the butter but this is really strong I got it off eBay I don't know I don't know is it bad like I to me it's it has you oh that's our yeah it's open-source right it has the smell of the pure honey line but on steroids it's just like annoying annoying um I don't know yeah I don't think you I mean it literally just came out so would you say like it took like a reproduction or Sanrio or something it's probably real it's probably it's just the smell on this once I feel like it's stronger than the mask and the butter this is kind of strong yeah but it's the same exact smell just more intense yes very intense but it doesn't linger my hair doesn't smell like that but um putting it in my nostrils were cut out like while I was drying you could kind of I'd smell it right yeah yeah so I think my product could be won and unapproved curl definition hold moisture just not in the summertime I found that who don't need anything else with this I think this could do it by itself just not in the summertime so I can't approve it now because we're trying it now and right now I'm not gonna be using it okay because it's just a new unfortunately but it has so much potential and definitely mind is one in that improve but you said yours but the three criteria yeah I said I took moisture definition curl definition in whole it had it all until the rain got to it it just doesn't hold up in cute it doesn't hold up in humidity so maybe it would be approved in a different season this is not its time this is not its season two season for everything I named this it's not it's time right well this is the season for this I think that it definitely is one of that approved it has the moisture but that would be product a feeling it's just nice and I like the fact that it didn't weigh down my hair because you could still see the highlights you know they actually seemed like it enhanced them and girl definition absolutely behold absolutely laced off my judgment with this I prejudged that that's why I was like you have fun with that I'm not doing that but this is not that at all I feel like to try that they were the same yeah okay I was like you know I'm not doing that I'm not doing that but you got fun with that product okay but your hair does not look product you weigh down China doesn't feel privately yeah there's no I just slapped honey in it no your hair is like there's a slight you feel though hold on it yeah but yeah nice that's what I said I felt like initially I thought the next time you kinda like this kind of a whole I feel like the next time cuz you know I'm into my blowing kind of very light weight book this summer I would stay my hand a little bit and section as much as I did hearing that's it and I think I would have the same look just maybe a little bit bigger and it would probably go to pot sooner but I'll take that risk because I just don't want it to be so held okay but that's just me just a personal preference so all right that is that those of you who are in humid climates watch that glycerin because it's trail out here clearly but um yeah I think these are all dope products doing products alright so let us know what you guys think if you've tried in these products if you want to what you think and no money that's it I think that's it alright so thanks so much for watching this video and we shall see you next video next video alright you

49 thoughts on “Creme of Nature Pure Honey Curl Activator VS Miss Jessie's Honey Curls | Do They Compare?

  1. Honey Curls is a TRUE 1 & Done. I have 4a-4b hair and this Product Rocked. Miss Jessie’s did a Phenomenal Job with that Cream-like Gel

  2. I love Honey Curls. My daughter and I have used it all spring and summer long. It’s a great substitute for Jelly Soft Curls — adds a little more moisture than JSC.
    The only Creme of Nature product I like is their Argan Treatment Oil—I love how it tames and soothes my hair. But you are right overall about their products being too “producty.” That is a perfect description—most of their stuff just sits on my hair and doesn’t really absorb.

  3. Hello Lori Ann I like the different color microfiber hair towels you wear, is there a store or an online site you get them from?

  4. I'm from Colorado last time I tried track anything down the stores ick.i ended up going on line as they said wharehouse had it.was not in the store.

  5. The Mielle Babassu MInt conditioner is fabulous. It has protein in it so I use it sparingly. I have used the Eden coconut co-wash for years even when I was relaxed. However, it got edged out by As I Am's co -wash. Great suggestion TaylorAnne!

  6. I should reintroduce the multicultural curls one. I use to use that and the leave in condish but those prices. I definitely just go online you find what you want and more.

  7. (cont)… Great results! TaylorA, I like the fullness of your swelling from the humidity 🦁! LoriA, yours is fab, too, and now I really look forward to trying my Honey Curls sample! 🤓➿➿❤️ (2/2)

  8. I love Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and Curly Buttercreme. I tried the Coily Custard but I think it didn't mix well with my leave-in or moisturizer, so I'll have to try it alone. I have a pillow packet sample of Honey Curls; haven't tried it yet but can't wait to! (1/2)

  9. Haven't tried either but I tried a creme of nature product last summer, but it made my hair feel producty, didn't seem to work for my hair. Love LoriAnne's results with the Miss Jessie's. I tried them before and it made my hair dry, but haven't tried the honey line.

  10. Love miss Jessie's. I refuse to buy some of their more expensive products but all the squeeze tube ones that are under 20 I love. I'm a product junkie but I have my limits lol

  11. ✋🏾I was the one to tell you to use the Denman brush. Happy it worked out😊. I think both of your curls look good. Beautifully fluffy❤

  12. Not checking for miss Jessie’s thkn😫😫🤣🤣 I used them in the beginning if the journey and it dried my hair out so NEGATIVE 😫😫🤣🤣 never reached for them since

  13. 🤓 🦁great ➰video…AS ALWAYS. Can we get a Comparable video again though?!? The Comparable split aesthetic and real visual comparison was excellent as was the commentary about angles, stinginess, and aesthetic requirements! 👏🏽🤣🙌🏽 Thank you in advance & Love you so much!🥰✊🏽

  14. I just love you two! Lori, I'd love for you to bring back your 1 brand series! #BadnBoujee
    Edit: both of your results came out cute! I'd love to see the creme of nature back in action this winter/fall. The volume looks great. Lori's curl are spiraling out as usual!

  15. Unfortunately, both products I'm going to have to give a pass to. With Creme of Anature, I've only ever found two products that worked for my hair, One one was discontinued and the other one was re-formulated and now doesn't work well for my hair anymore at all. Plus I have a hard time dealing with the scents of Creme of Nature products, overall, as I find them to be too perfumey for my personal liking. When it comes to Miss Jessie's nothing I've ever tried from them worked well for my hair and I wasn't fond of the scents of any of the products that I've ever tried from them either. Miss Jessie's was actually one of the lines that I had been super excited to try, when I started my curly journey, and when I bit a chance to try my first product from them, I was head over heals excited, but unfortunately that excitement didn't last long. But, hey, everyone's experiences with products will always vary. So, I don't have any regrets, because during everyone's curly journey, we try out a lot of products, no of course some will make the cut, and some will.

    I truly love the incredibly awesome results you both got. Definitely don't fret over your results, Tay. Right now, it is in the 90s where I live and it's super humid, and the temps will be very close to 100 this weekend. And, for it to be in the 80s where your at, and humid and rainy out, and fir you to get the results you got, that's a blessing. Because, a lot of the females down here are in struggle mode right now with their hair for sure. Which is why, I truly must say, your curls are definitely looking just as incredibly beautiful as you two sweethearts truly look yourselves. #sweetlikehoney🐝🍯🍯

    Much peace and love to you both always! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. I still use and love the Creme of Nature Pure Honey Twisting Cream. Smells so yummy!
    I love the tshirt, the esthetics always on point, results gorgeous!

  17. Great video ! Love it !
    Could you do a video about summer products and winter products ?
    I'm from Réunion Island (I'm French) and the weather is totally different than yours.
    + , Somestimes I don't really understand which products would be best for summer and which would be for winter..
    Thanks. Love you both. God bless you <3

  18. I've tried the Miss Jessie's and I really like it. I don't do one n done's, but it's layered well under everything I've tried it with.

  19. I love honey curls. I get amazing definition and hold with it. My target has it marked wrong on the shelf so I always get it for $8. The only other line from miss Jessie’s I like is the multicultural curls.

  20. I loved this video! I am normally not a fan of Miss Jessie’s products, but I LOVE Honey curls! It’s one of my favorite products. Lorianne, I think people would love for you to do a Miss Jessie’s series. Tay, your hair looks great, but I too, cannot find that Creme of Nature product in any store. Thanks for the video. 💕

  21. I’m not sure if Taylor hair just has too moisture and that’s why her hair has been less defined in my opinion. My hair is the same way and when I do a protein treatment my curls are revived 😍

  22. My Sally's is mediocre, my drugstores don't have much in the way of natural hair products, and I never see much in my Walmart. My Target is 30 minutes. So since I know this, I just order on-line. We too had severe thunderstorms at rush hour today. Insane!!! Nice results ladies! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Nice results! I haven’t tried any of these product but I do want to try the Creme of Nature’s pure honey line…love the t-shirt LoriAnne

  24. my hair loves miss jessie's, so i will always check for them. i don't follow brand trends per say of constantly trying new brands. i ALWAYS rack up when miss jessies does a 50 off site wide. i love the pure honey line so i am definitely going to try the activator and shine spray.

  25. I live in humidity city so i'm so happy you did this video!!! Thank you!! Heading to CVS tomorrow to pick Ms. Jessie Honey Curls. Taylor, that product gave your hair so much volume/fluffiness, I love it!! At the end you served it up!! I still have to find that happy medium [or product] for my hair to look like that. ~~Beautiful ladies~~

  26. I am definitely loving the One and Done videos for summer! You ladies keep it fun and interesting 💙. Thank you for mentioning the glycerin for us Southern curlies💙

  27. Tay do a reverse mom use your product you used today , and you use hers to see how the look/ results will be .can that me the next video

  28. Believe it or not Honey Curls was my first Miss Jessie’s product! I found it at Target on clearance and I’m a believer. I just picked up the Coily Custard to experiment with as my Honey Curls has one more use in it lol

  29. I'm good with the Camille Rose honey, thanks for reminding me I have some 😊 the moisture is crazy! I didn't like it at first, I thought the latte was the one, but now I know how to use it and it is bomb.

  30. I miss the Miss Jessie's stretch silkening creme. It was so good for moisturizing and flexi rod sets! The only place I can find it now is amazon. Never used any of the other products though

  31. I love creme of nature products so I'm sure that I will love this one miss Jesse's is just to expensive for what little product they give you 💖💖💖

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