Classic Channel Regatta 2017 (UK)

Classic Channel Regatta 2017 (UK)

UK Athletics

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Presentation of the “Classic Channel Regatta 2017”

so chessick channel regatta is a unique event with its own distinctive blend of racing past ash making an informal party calling at three of the finest ports in English Channel dot move st. Pizza pods bumpin it brings together a great collection of classic yours in recruit to share and celebrate the joy of classic sailing regatta is B&O the next one will be in 2 o 17 from Saturday July 8 to Friday July 14 a regatta will start with two days of racing at third move classic weekend as usual been a classic channel race will start from Dodd move on Monday afternoon but this year because of the times of high water to enter pimple box it will be in two legs with the first leg finishing a team piece of both on Tuesday the second leg will touch off on Wednesday morning and arrive in Oakland in the evening boats will lock out of bumpin in the Thursday morning form around eel debris at race followed by the late picnic lunch in code of India and in the afternoon there will be the very popular dance take a seat before the fleet sells up the co-leader to the W for the night Friday July 14 is the Bastille Day on the morning the fleet will say round to bubble where a Guam parrot of sail will enter the harbour the boats will be a central parts of a town celebration in the evening the regatta will finish with a price giving crew supper in soiree in the town's firework display Saturday will provide an opportunity for boats crews not brushing away to wind down and enjoy the Sharma's of bamboo and there will be a various excursions led on to the nearby attractions throughout the regatta as well as racing there will be a full program of suppers party and receptions in each sports the accent is very much an informality and regatta prize itself of its relaxants west country in Basel applause we describe racing as gentlemen racing and you can be as competitive or as relaxed as you like the ending cap system used is the gch classic handicap most your zoo the whole regatta but there are options to do just sectors if time is limited the regatta is truly international events with space ragazza attracting entries from six different countries the skipper's and crews of the owner of a classic channel regatta it is organized solely by volunteers in association with the Royal Docks Yacht Club and for your courtesy it is part of a challenge classic Maserati we hope you will be able to join us in July to 17 to experience for yourself everything that makes the classic Channel regatta such a uniquely enjoyable event you

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