Chisnall vs Aspinall. Gibraltar Darts Throphy. Semi-Finals. 2019.

Chisnall vs Aspinall. Gibraltar Darts Throphy. Semi-Finals. 2019.

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25 Hey ladies anointed himself 105 little wonder as well he could look at the ball first our um I think the professor is just going through the permutations he is raging yes I 86 left 32 left 17 still 32 left even you required 20 break of throw incoming as the half 9 from Gibraltar Airport takes off behind us significant shift over to the left-hand side but he's overdone it double 5 instead now fastball boom very through the edgy anxious third like this one once again Aspen all squanders the opportunity for a break of throat cheesy returns with 3 clear – a double 16 for a 2-1 lead and he makes a mistake this time we're Navy to throw first game on well that is a big missed opportunity in Dave Chisnall breather sigh relief cookie knows he's been let off there 100 scoring all weekend has been excellent from Nathan a spur all the finishing has been a bit up and down I mean he wasn't great at the start of his match with van going but then go was equally noise nuisance and it allowed the ASPS to go for nil up in that one 5 now in fact Nathan even Sarah Van Gogh any this is a maser and then Van Gogh and went absolutely bonkers and nearly got back in the match and he spoke afterwards about how much he was shaking as he falls about cyclic he stopped short of making that knowledge in privacy with dogs but you get my yes shaking like it leaf I think Harry sixteen well it was four years ago that Nathan Aspen all made his European Tour debut he beat Vincent van der door that weekend in ven raid by the way and as recently as 2017 winning a challenge Tour title my biggest achievement his best achievement of that particular campaign and here we are two years on from that and Nathan Hospital is one of the biggest names in the sport he has been talked of as a world champion in the next year the greatest advertisement for the Challenge Tour that you could possibly have as he looks at another 57 to leave the bullseye for 160 he was crack a smile I was spectacular even Chizzy appreciate that well that's got him going a little bit cheesy perspiring a little bit on the upper lip there 100 is the highest check out of the weekend we saw ball misra 170 ball miss for a 167 but the 164 goes for the ASP to be hard pointer that 8550 weights aspirated gestures and glances from need to do in the early stages of this one but just one or two signs they're coming together the names methanol a little bit he's left himself 265 he's in a good position on this searches Heathrow actually 125 released he was before that is it that's been still has a shout it reviews of the night scenes very effective use of the 19's as well mmm 33 unison down to one three two he's just pin the bullseye finish she might need a couple more he does I've got a chunky dart a bulb ascended dark so first I'll goes in the polygon that move through the trouble for team but let's see how it Lance ah why it doesn't even hit the 25 so try and leave himself double 16 he hated that there are 16 at all yeah it was a sarcastic Wow after the second uh 91 so cheesy tops for cheesy double ten for a 3-2 lead a easy 1/2 an inch insanity why requires 72 chance to hit the front for the first time in this contest beautiful double city trouble 16 the Nathan Aspinall does hit the front in this wag Nathan to read to up seven legs required to make the final the ASP has never been this far in a European Tour event Dave chiselers bonier many many soul suing you through you it of course made the final of this event Dave just not 102 years ago lost out to Michael Van Gerwen that was the 2016 edition yes seven times Europeans were finally going to but he's lost five of them eighty-three nathan has a kind of a weird record in finals of PDC events I mean he's beaten robbed cross the world number two in a major fire beat Michael Smith in Las Vegas early this year as his most recent file Iseman and as we mentioned with ritai ski five out of five and final to him if he gets through that's a strong argument for making it sit well first off rutowski beat Nathan Aspinall and there's another one beat him the back end of June just before he went to Vegas and won let me lost a Willie O'Connor well beaten by Willie oh no play fantastically did the magpie funky to Brian's soul was the money beat to kick things off the back end of last year it was of this month last year just on the year anniversary of Nathan aspinall picking up his first PDC title six great chance for tizzy to break back straightaway not behave Nathan Felicia for 48 given the context of the situation now that would have been for a hold of throw for a 4-2 lead shizzi I think will go straight for this but it's come inside and that will leave the blades thirty its speed even you require 73 big moment in this game for a bit of daylight between these two single 14 double top 53 a little bit to be desired from these suits I'm not complaining given the entertainment and the drama these two have served but between them so far this weekend I think it's fairly understandable that the jitters my stars are creeping extremely high standards they are setting flag Dave to throw first off for a moment they're doing my old Nevada Oh Holly Lloyd moment when I had sure anybody's quite ready for that they are both feeling out there it is very very warm under the lights it's been a warm day here in Gibraltar one break apiece three legs all cheesy on throat it's flight to keep on popping up a g5 we've run out of flights as well because there's our bunch of kids here at you brought to keep on clamoring the gates here just the back of the back of the arena one doesn't matter I'll give us some flights give some flights I think chezy's run out I'm out that all happens if he absolutely annihilates one by Robin hooding himself he might not have any other option go back to the Kings and ask him for a couple back I'm not sure they're gonna give him him well literally he gave me three there's a little present and I've got them in my will you work you make the kids you know they all senior Chizzy please give me your flights I was just offered them straight away Oh big time Charlotte and you know I'm saying if he does need some very kind of you now 14 very little passage' Flay coming up intriguing delights 120 George Naples telling a glance over a shoulder there's a 120 little disturbance in the crowd or two rogue elements choice a now than Nathan 96 for the last 16 Jersey much better placed for three better still beckons you join us my baby they've been able to throw first is not while this also has the all mass and the potential for a mass that's gonna go all the way to second a while for the ASP to produce his first max 100 and surprisingly she's he's only been able to conjure up one so far in this encounter 41 slipped from the ASP load might just allow Izzy back in that that's not the split screen that monkey is not all certainly pays you a little bit confused 100 114 fennan behind that second dart as well from Chizzy think it's there for the taking this 116 a unicorn again we found herself at the end of a leg with two players on similar check outs in a tight game 57 Nathan Uruguayan 120 Aspen all almost right looking at Shanghai awkward steps to the right to find a way through when he can't find a way through let's go ball I easy a navy record 64 well if he does get the chance he set it up absolutely perfectly but the question is whether he will get the opportunity it was a trouble Dave so you are looking at double eight-day night time in this semi-final we see a to let gap open up no flag day you two through row first game on she breaks to one in favor of the number four seed Dave Chisnall a European Tour champion earlier this year in Denmark on course for a second in 2019 59 just seems to be clutching his shoulder or was he just I don't know maybe the fabric got caught up there's only French take his shirt off one so I think we need him to go any further speaking flinging I think tonight 96 very similar in the averages as well another measure of how close it has been but Dave Chisnall just has this little bit of breathing space to work with now yeah the a Spurs mr. a fair few more doubles uh-huh no fool – if you're gonna be ten points lower cheesy in the first nine average if fancy your chances but the aspirin we've had chances just missed too many of them an astronaut that's a really well-timed one as well because it puts him down to 81 49 you require 81 this is a chance that it cannot miss double 12 she's he ready to pounce on 66 honey won't get the opportunity from Aspen all to break the peace now and we're back on to four over one of chisels better legs to be honest 66 left after 12 and sorry 66 left after nine [Applause] I was 12 105 – this game is alive neither man is hits in the heights that they've hit so far this weekend if one of them fighting that level that they've already produced on this stage today then the game is there for the taking 31 the ASP might be doing it I just wonder whether that experience of playing a full day on the Europeans or a full day and a full session is something that may just prove beneficial for Dave tea is not in the final reckoning I think it will come down to five margin such as that such as that especially when you're playing to high temperatures like this as well well certainly been Nathan national won the UK open and thus winning multiple games in the final day admittedly his performance in the final cross wasn't great good enough to win 90 and here I might be good enough to level staying on the ball he's a little bit concerned enough to go 25 yeah lovely jubbly 16 he's just double-checking because he's not used to going that route but it's a fantastic way of doing it fufu that's a shame it didn't work out through his point of view but no damage done so far as cheesie's on su-15 and done the weekend Dave just maybe this fur starts nowhere near it should be recovery dogs superb but it's not over because that day like a two leg gap has been immediately obliterated by the ASP Chas he still holds the ace of throwing first in this one but it is race two to effectively the other feature for Chizzy this weekend has been as accuracy on trouble 19 as well the most 104 – he's been pounding the 180s but it's been switching to the 19's very very effectively as well there again case in point 96 I do fear that Chizzy is in the middle of a bit of an ass charge though because look at those last two legs 25 darts to win two legs my Louisville man it could have been back-to-back 12 dancers for the national quite comfortably and it's too trouble visits to start this leg and Chizzy can have another 2 treble visits or a 3 treble visit or a 3 treble visits what's the response it was a double-edged sword for Chitti with the washing Zi leaving himself a bogey number but that will really hurt now to 712 may 13 dark hole to serve a potential 11 dart break here for Nathan Hospital to take charge of this semi final and he's on double 16 once again and he's 1 3 and we have got an issue it Oh George Noble you Challen yeah that's been simmering I did notice jaws noble look over his shoulder earlier nathan Aspinall 12 steps into through first gimme one quite right George Noble do not mess with the governor you're eat you've got world-class dots on the best players in that world putting on a show for you all you like you does not respect you will respect your noble you will respect Nathan ass for the last three leagues 12.13.12 daughter if you don't put the asp to bed where you've had the chance early on he can come back from anywhere this is why he is one of the hottest properties in World Darts right now – [Applause] yeah well security if identified the perpetrator by the way so I think that should be the end of it and these two can focus on the matter in our jerseys matter in hand is levelling things up at 6 apiece Aspen all has the momentum behind him but she's in charge in this leg although they that's but all might well come back it in here with another 180 all come in the last five legs having gone for three down shizzy first to a finish on the Aspen or frog they are solitude after moto you wall 141 he's already taking this out that's and he just won't take it out here though 95 no fan you require 90 surfers who that's away from a place in the first ever European saw final for Nathan Hospital 21 scored 76 left 56 left tops but Dave Chisnall can force the last leg decider he would have the throw in that last leg decider as well can he hold it together top cities last are we do get another leg and they always go the distance this one dream on and we are into the 13th leg it will be unlucky for some well in his most recent Europeans or semi-final he was battered seven one by Michael Van Gerwen 100 is very different story this time around okay that 100 average hospital noise no and yet the ass was missed 16 darts a double in that I mean it could have been another enormous Sun plus average from the ass if he'd finished a little bit sour food he needs to find a break throw in this last leg and already he's chasing chasing and trudges to the board because he knows that cheese can take this away from him simply had to come away with two troubles on that visit 100 she's he his dad's were finished first on his throat he's gonna get six starts from 161 from here and nathan Aspinall is so good all weekend but he won't beat Peter right but I don't think he's going to beat Dave Chisnall dance in coming for yet another euro tour final further professor Dave is no he's it's a nine dollar today he's been sublime this is management's of the weekend and yet he might still beat one of the hottest properties in dots right now in a last leg decider double 12 for tizzy and double 12 is finger choosing and a lovely embrace between the pair of them to wrap up what has been a really key

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  1. Their attitudes showing off to us is sportsmanship compared to MVG, Price & Taylor who thinks they’re supposed to be a permanent champions are a jOkE!!! Giving pouts in their babiest losses!!!!!!!

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