CBS Sports' Seth Davis Talks Final Four, Calipari, UCLA & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview

CBS Sports' Seth Davis Talks Final Four, Calipari, UCLA & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview

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towards college basketball analyst if he's open on the basketball floor don't throw in the ball he can't shoot managing editor of the athletic college basketball let's welcome in you were terrible I made a few before the cameras are on me and yeah but Paul II said to you right before the cameras came on what did he say to you you miss eight shots in a row which is worthy of profanity in a big group of guys who have done the same I appreciate we we've done that Peter King we can say to Peter five seconds before we come back on the air Pete your microphone is live and it's hot and that camera is coming back don't say anything and then Peter will say something and then he'll go you didn't tell me and I go Pete I tell you all Chris Simms did it as well all right so I'm in good company this oh boy it's very weird for us to be hanging out with that former presidents around usually I don't I thought maybe Jimmy Carter would be here waiting for us yeah or brocco bomber awesome don't get me wrong but whenever Seth and I get together there's usually a president India in the audience different yes yes we love you whole question which of the final four coaches needs a title for their legacy the most out of these four guys for their legacy remember the final four teams again that's a great question needs based on what I know of these guys process I would say to them this might surprise you I would say is oh I know how important it is to him to win that second it's like when you win that first and it was long as the 19 years ago you know and I know how he's been to the Final Four a lot and not won it and then you know what he went through him and what the school went through I mean there are very few relationships in all of Kyle sports between Thomas like the one between Tom Izzo at Michigan State University he took all that very very personally and still carries a lot of pain from that frankly so are you talking about the Holden as an answer thing and everything all the fallout from it wasn't obviously involved in that part of it so I know how important it's like when you win that first one you want the second one so badly I just think Bruce Pearl would need it more than anybody well you know there's need and there's want I mean you know he is infinite to some you know walking out of here and you know with what he went through it at Tennessee I don't know I mean listen I mean winning a national exam I'm you can say about the same thing about Tony Bennett I heard you talking about you know well I mean what a story that would be from what happened it's already an unbelievable story yeah and the way you know I said to him that as as sad as I was that had happened to him I'm glad if it had to happen to somebody it was him because he was kind of a face of college basketball in that moment after the game and the way that he handled it his players have handle that they take every question but does he want to be the face of college basketball now does he's a shy guy he is doesn't he's not a media darling he is not I don't know if we've had him on and I remember doing one of his games when he was playing for his coach oh wow his dad at Butler how about that Wisconsin Green Bay against Butler and I remember with him in the NBA being around his father and he doesn't do many interviews all the more reason why I'm glad it was him because I don't know how many people who could have handled the that moment with the grace that he did you know he doesn't want the spotlight he doesn't he's polite he's a gentleman and when you get him as a media guy he's great it's just and he's not he's not never big timing you he's almost like about the program it's about the kids he just wants the coach was you know 1950s movie or something yeah but you know I always appreciated Tony the way he played he was very good player played in the NBA Chris beard of Chris beer he just signed a contract extensions how about that last year it's not good time it must mean he's not going any it's not good timing it must means not take another job right NATO it sign an extension he had that for like 40 hot would he be if he would if he won Monday night who crispier yeah well III joke with the the contractor consented but we all know that doesn't mean anything right that's the job okay yes just to make sure I'm mr. Lee it's 6:00 a.m. and LA time and my body clock right now he's hot anyway Texas Tech he's a Texas Tech no disrespect they go to the Elite Eight last year they lose for starters and he takes him to the final floor he's been a d1 head coach for four years but he's home you know I mean he does he could stay at Texas Tech for a long time well he was there under Bob Knight for right a decade many years yeah his daughters are he must like I mean he must like that area there yeah he does and he's got his daughters live there so that was a big reason why he left you and Almeida to go to Texas Tech and you know listen he's shown that you can win there and you'll say well he should get what other job you know I mean he probably could have had UCLA I know they reached out to him there was communication okay explain those two yes if you're UCLA and you're going after John Calipari okay okay how does it how does it get to the point where they offer him a contract well they formally asked Kentucky to speak with Calipari so that step had to be taken before the little conversations could could take place all these other guys they've sort of reached out to through the search firms and the back channels and the money guy and the Bob Meyers and the this guy like it's all kind of but the Calipari discussions were very direct and very substantive now how close did he really come to saying Ayers probably not very you know Cal wears his heart on his sleeve wouldn't it help if they gave him more money than he was making a Kentucky son well listen by UCLA standards they broke the bank I mean you sillies infamous remember John John would never made more than thirty to five that's thousand by the way nine million so they've they have historically traditionally had the like you should be paying us to coach here and so for them to get six years forty eight million that's that's a lot of scratch in most places now a kentucky a little bit different cost of living lexington to LA I understand but but their pitch to him was more you know just by coming here we'll build a statue of you and in some ways being in LA is a little more suited to his personality it's the sports town pro sports town so like they they're not so they love UCLA when you win they'll hang a banner if you want a championship otherwise they'll just go pick on Luke Walton pressure is the the thing that would have let had him leave lucky because he he's supposed to win championships UCLA they're happy if you're mentioned as the possible to you know championship yeah 13 yeah it's it's interesting like UCLA and they have the same high expectations but they don't have the same investment on the part of the fans they barely show up to the big games you know they come late because they're all surfing at Kentucky your own it's the only show in town I mean what he's done at Kentucky is astounding if anybody could look at his record at Kentucky and think somehow they're not measuring up and I don't know where we got to this point in the narrative that just because you have players who are going to be drafted high that means that they know how they win a college game today like this whole thing about like Duke and the whole one-and-done thing you know so last year Grayson Allen takes a shot at the end of regulation that goes around the rim twice and falls out if that drops Marvin Bagley's in the Final Four does that change the one in Dunn narrative this year they take Michigan State the Big Ten champs to the last possession they lose on an accidentally made free throw they lose by one point if they win that game all of a sudden one-and-done is validated again well well they won in 2015 that was four years ago like what's Coach K doing so my point is that if anybody could look at John Calipari record and say somehow it's lacking then you need to completely reset your mind frame yeah but he is the one who was instilled in reminded us of hey look at all these guys and look at the talent and look at all the billions of dollars my players yes you know have have earned he's a way station for them yes I know I think he's a better coach if he had players who were there for two or three years then he is with the one-and-done I know that he welcomes the one-and-done and you have to have that mindset to welcome that him them in I don't think he I don't think their showcases his coaching talents when he has just you know these kids who were just passing through it's you know again this word coaching right it's to me that takes place over time so yes you know you don't have the opportunity the problem with building these rosters that these guys get into they have a lot less control over their rosters than people realize obviously ideally you have a couple of guys you'd have a zine you'd have an RJ and then you'd have a Quinn cook and an Emil Jefferson and guys who are maybe good enough to kind of be pros but are older you know and create that the problem becomes players don't want to stay around long enough to play that role so you have to pretty much get lucky like but like Villanova with their older roster I don't think Jay Wright would take side Williamson and RJ Barrett right so they built and there's only five to seven of those guys every year there aren't that many of those guys it's three Michigan State you know ESO doesn't get the one and doner but he that doesn't mean he's not recruiting them well he's lost all those guy he lost Okafor he lost a bar he just lost Vernon Carey to Duke I mean everybody everyone say what Coach K changed his flooding and change his philosophy ever he always recruited those guys he just started getting them so my point is that when you have those guys on your roster they gotta play most of the minutes they gotta take most of the shots and other guys don't want to play complementary roles or stick around to their junior and senior year and be those guys so you kind of have to pick one way or the other but again I mean Kentucky lost in overtime in the Elite Eight and York lost by a point and it's now lost they lead eight two years in a row they both want championships with one and done rosters they both come to the Final Four yeah so they look at that and say somehow they're underachieving I guess maybe I'm missing something you said Davis CBS sports college basketball analyst managing editor of the athletic college basketball but I can also look at this and say did Coach K have the right roster in place having zion and rj barrett that you you this is a perimeter game it's become even more so a perimeter game each year did he have the right team surrounding them you know he had the best team that he could get under the circumstances when you're losing three and four can't you find an outside shooter who might not be a one and done easier said and done easier said than not I'm telling you because they have to be able to play I mean you understand that he knows this right like he can look at a see him say boy it'd be nice if we had a knockdown shooter some of these guys didn't pan out Alex O'Connell Jackie I will look great in the first couple of games and then he went over like 2019 he missed 129 three-pointers in a row so you know and an ensign and an RJ as talented as they are and as much potential as they have they are underdeveloped they're 18 and 19 and there's only so like what she said she's gotten good at and Calipari is really good at this is there's only so much you can teach these guys yeah in a seven or eight month period so let's teach them what they're capable of learning and again like well did he have the right roster is nice if you had another suitor they won what 31 games I think they want they lost like five or six games all year half of them are without Zion I think only one of them they lost two games all year at full strength and they lost by one point and the elite I think there was no secret I said if you can keep them on the perimeter they don't make free throws and they don't shoot well and they're gonna get stung in the tournament like is there argue against myself they're very fortunate even just to be absolutely they should have lost the Central Florida for sure absolutely yeah Zion Williamson and JAMA rant would you say yes those are the top two yes no question and then everybody else fault I still think RJ's gonna go third yeah John Moran is really special and it really wasn't until that Marquette game and it's not because of how good of a a team Marquette is which obviously they are it was the circumstances it was the stage it was the five been watching them all year I'm like look I called Gumby and his athletic and so he steps up not only in competition but now like he knows everyone's watching him for they've heard about him and for him to perform the way that he did under those circumstances to me shows shows me what that what's going on up here is it's pretty special so yeah we've had this question here the last couple of days I don't know how it emerged but the most talented player in Duke history mm-hmm and it feels like we're pushing Laettner to the side he's the most accomplished but again yet you have to define the word tell we're defining talent exactly so how you tell me how are we defining talented I think it's athleticism is what we're trying to do because now we're trying to make the argument Sion is the most talented player that Duke has ever had but if I'm saying total game I'm taking Grant Hill yes Jay Williams had a chance to be a special player there do I mean late nerd to me it depends on he doesn't jump over people he's not gonna blow by you but if there was a game on the line and you said I can have Laettner or I can have Zion or Grant Hill or any but I take I'd take Laettner over anybody in modern college basketball history with a game on the line right yes i define the word talent a lot more broadly than another people I mean I think what I just said about JA like the fact that he was able to bring that intensity without overdoing it that to me is a talent so up here is a talent your work ethic is a talent your consistency is a talent your energy is a talent your ability to perform under extreme pressure is a talent so and again we say in Duke history are we talking about while they were a Duke or what they did in the NBA or their potential because you can make a case that Kyrie is and in that case that Duke yes if I'm saying I mean certainly the most accomplished the best player in the history of Duke is Christian laner I don't think you can even argue otherwise when you the talent I think as you're defining it I would lean more towards Grand Hill I would put Bobby Hurley in that in that category as well I mean unbelievable quickness toughness decision-making you know setting the tone Johnny Dawkins comes to mind Johnny Dawkins I'd put in there before Hurley big-time big-time well you know again different levels you know talent can be you know running and jumping that's part of talent but to me I I define it very very broadly who plays Monday night I like the favorites I like Michigan State in Virginia and it just it just feels like Spartans it feels like every time they've had to figure out a way they figured out a way and they're you know sometimes it's a guy who hasn't done much all season which has been the case lately and just guys stepping up at the right time it feels like Michigan State's here yes McLovin I just want to check in with Seth for a second I want to make sure you know he Pat Purdue in the Final Four I did by probably the reason they make it B's Carson Edwards was so brutally fouled at the end of that Tennessee game oh goodness [Laughter] not this is not subject to debate it is a fact that he was found McLovin you have 20 second he may not like the rule though technically he may have been fouled but it was such a soft called technically there's 500,000 words he was fouled yeah but you don't call everything if you called everything you'd add 7,000 other words he was fouled according to the week your honor please direct the witness answer question yes or no was he foul yeah no and what about the the play that I tweeted you at the end the Duke where the guy jumped into his knee he didn't I mean defender jump and by the way the reason why you come out we take a break and we just let you guys fight for more Dan Patrick show to the audience Channel 239 on DirecTV or download the Dan Patrick show app

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  1. Slow down Dan Patrick. Christian Laettner was a bum in the N.B.A. Laettner couldn't fuck with Len Bias in college.

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