Caméra cachée : Aurélien Fontenoy piège les vendeurs chez DECATHLON !

Caméra cachée : Aurélien Fontenoy piège les vendeurs chez DECATHLON !

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A l’occasion des 10 ans de l’émission Riding Zone sur France Ô, le triple champion du monde de VTT TRIAL, Aurélien Fontenoy, a relevé un nouveau défi inédit : Piéger les vendeurs d’un Décathlon en caméra cachée. Pour s’abonner à la chaîne d’Aurélien Fontenoy :

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This man who goes shopping is not an ordinary customer. "If today you say to yourself, I want to go to Alpe d'Huez with this …" "I could not?" "Ah, yes you can, but I do not guarantee the descent!" This client, like no other, is Aurélien Fontenoy. His specialty is mountain biking, of which he is quadruple champion of the world of trials. Always looking for new challenges, he agreed to participate in a prank. Aurélien must tricked the sellers of a sporting goods distribution shop. His mission: to try to convince a salesman to sell him a simple leisure bike, to make one of the most extreme disciplines of mountain biking: mountain biking. He's going to play the client who don't knows anything about it, with an accomplice, one of the store's shop assistants. Jenny. She helped us choose our targets. "I thought about Marco immediately, he is passionate, passionate about cycling, passionate about the customer especially. And Yoann is someone very very very patient. Really, a lot more than Marco. " Let's go, Aurélien is on ! "The best for downhill runs, what would it be?" "They are so flashy!" "Because I actually want to make videos on YouTube and everything. "Make wheelings things like that, to impress my girlfriend." "Really, those bikes there, they aren't for this kind of use." "Like with one like that, we can not do one .." "If you can, but only once!" "It's really mountain biking, leisure." "The goal is to take a product adapted to your use." "Yes, but that one can be polyvalent" "For the downhill?"
"Can we try no?"
"No no !" "I could go downhill with, if I change the wheels?" "No, I told you, this bike is no, it is not suitable for freeride practice." "As a friend, I will tell you frankly, I can not let you go with that. " "Can I go around the department?" "Yes, a little trick." "I'm pretty good at it." "Look, I was happy to know him, it's a shame we can not enjoy him for a long time, because at this rate, he will kill himself this afternoon. " "You can push me a little bit? It's the beginning that's a little tricky." "Well, it's okay." "We'll try the turn. "Oula, how do you brake ? "Oh, sorry, sorry." 'This client, it's a joke.' "What happened, he can not ride a bike?" "It's a problem, I tell him it's not planned for. He said, "I'm going tomorrow." I say "no no, you're not cycling with a 340." "Well, it's pretty good, isn't it?" "I'm telling you, this bike is not for freeride, do not freeride with that." "Okay, that brakes well anyway." "At least I could stop, no?" "You will stop, one way or another." After exasperating the sellers, Aurélien prepares his move. "Can I take a ride with this one again?" "Go ahead yes, if you feel ok on it." "I found one." That's good, no? " "What is happening ?" "There is a problem on your bikes, no?" "I feel ok finally!" "Oh yeah, this bike is great!" "YES, it's a prank." "Look!" "There" "Over there." "It's played well!" "You've been patient." "Bravo guys, you got me, good job." "She has been an accomplice." "I am sorry." "It really, really, made me happy." "Frankly you worried me because at one point .." "Don't you want to coach me?" It was nice to push me. "When I see him I say to myself, I'm going to leave, I've done" aie "." "It's the first time I'm tricked, it was nice." In any case, well done guys. A hidden camera that ends in a good mood. With a little demonstration of our champion.

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  1. Regarde je joue le conard qui ne connait rien et du coup, je suis le meilleur qui soit. La vieille recette des " a nerd in the hood"


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