British Isles League with Over 3000 Clubs! | Football Manager 2019 Database Experiment

British Isles League with Over 3000 Clubs! | Football Manager 2019 Database Experiment

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This British Isles database has 20 levels with over 3000 teams!
Download the database here –
Original database (broken)-

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welcome to this football manager 2019 video where I'm going to be taking a look at a British Isles database that someone has created and I found it on FM scout but unfortunately the file that they uploaded wasn't working I had to use the editor to validate it and ivory uploaded it on the Steam Workshop they'd also called it a Great Britain league when technically that was incorrect because it's actually a british isles league because the definition of the british isles is this it consists of the islands of Great Britain Ireland the Isle of Man the Hebrides and over six thousands smaller Isles I'm not sure we've got teams from all of these tiny little islands but there are teams on this database from Great Britain so England Wales Scotland and also from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland like I said I did find the database on FM scout but if you try and download this it won't work so I put a link to my version of the database in the description below if you fancy having a go on this database but I do warn you it's really slow I've holidayed one season for this video and it took ages it usually takes me like half an hour to holiday a regular season it took hours and I don't know why it might be a bit different if you just play through normally you might not notice but holidaying into the future takes forever so I'm just going to quickly show you the top divisions from this database because there's actually 20 leagues and most of the leagues have multiple groups within those leagues there's a huge number of clubs that have been used for this database it must have taken forever to make it's a shame there's a couple issues with it in regards to the name of it Great Britain League when it's really the British Isles League and also it being quite slow holiday into the future but that might be because there's just tons of leagues involved and that's why my computer struggled a little bit and so when I holiday one season I will show off all the leagues I'll scroll down but I'm just going to show you the top few divisions first as you can see this is the Great Britain league one or the British Isles League one 19 teams in that bit of an unusual number the top top four I presume qualify for the Champions League the bottom four relegated to the division but I've got Celtic in there I've also got the likes of Aston Villa and West Brom in there I think it's based on reputation of the teams on the FM in editor now there's 50 teams in league 2 and you've got top that two groups so two from each from group a and from Group B go up to the top division and six teams in total go down to the league three which is the last one I'll show you for the time being but I'll show you all twenty when I've holidayed into the future so let's do that now so holidayed the first season we're in June 2019 now Liverpool have managed to win the first British Isles leak with 80 points one point ahead of Man City but Bournemouth doing very well finishing 4th Celtic relegated I'm afraid the one Scottish representative in this division relegated with West Brom Burnley and Watford Callum Wilson top goals were referred second Harry came top average rating David silver highest number of assists but let's just scroll down I'll just ramble away a little bit Stoke Fulham Bryce in a Middlesbrough getting promoted from this particular division now I am planning on making a few other experiments over there the next few weeks are now focused on region Rovers my let's play series a lot this this year but I do have a few other experiments in the pipeline and but if you have created your own database or you play on a particular database that you've found and you really like then you're more than welcome to let me know about it and I will happily showcase it in a video and hopefully so now but other people will be able to enjoy that particular database of course recently I made an experiment using English leagues down to level 9 database flipped so it was flipped on its head and that was a lot of fun and in fact I am going to be releasing a part 5 to that soon so the ones that I really get into you know I can make a quite a long series on so if you do want to to let me know about any then I'll happily make a video or even more videos using that particular database so like I said there's 20 divisions in this database it must have taken ages to make Aberystwyth go getting promoted as champions from league from Group A and League six so some of the some of the levels seem to have a lot of promotions and others don't seem to have as many I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind that but we're down to this point where there's a lot of really low-level English teams hardly went near thinker in level seven in real life but there be teams from island teams from Northern Ireland Scotland I don't know about Isle of Man or anything like that there might be I don't know what sort of teams there are on the Isle of Man or some of the the more remote islands of the British Isles but yeah there's plenty of opportunity here to take control of a very small team and work your way up these leagues give a shout out to any teams that you know maybe your local team maybe a team you support let me know where they finished in this one season I would holiday quite foreign to the future but I feel it would take a long time I don't know why this database was taking so long other than the fact that there's 20 leagues and there's multiple teams with it within each league again all those results are having to be played out that that seems like the most obvious reason why it's taking ages because the British Isles League is absolutely massive and just think of how many games are being played so that's probably why it's taking a long time it probably won't be as noticeable if you're playing yourself because you won't be holiday and into the future just be playing week by week but yeah this is this is fascinating it really is I'm not sure I'd ever really want to play on this database but people make so much random stuff don't they I'm on the football manager editor and that's great because there's a lot of people that like different things and want to plan different things there's world super leagues there's European super leagues I've not really seen a British Isles super league before I guess I mean nothing massive will happen in this it's not like if I holiday didn't step into the future port-wine would go on and dominate British Isles football is likely to be Liverpool Man City Man United Chelsea at the top it won't be anything unusual but this is the sort of database that you could manage one of these lower league teams and work your way up to the top of the pile and try and you know it's just a really epic lower league football thing because there's so many divisions to navigate yourself through you know on a regular English database without any add-ons he's starting the national league south or north you get promoted five or six times and that's it you might start a bit lower on some databases but on this you could literally start in a in the in Division twenty work your way up to the top of the table which would take forever you know that would probably take many months to do and if anyone wants to do that then go for it I'm not sure I could personally do that of course with regen Rovers which I've been concentrating on a lot in FM 19 I started in the seventh tier so this really is next level isn't it if you want to start the very bottom of this and there's so many unusual tip names here it's amazing really draw it it seems would probably be English Sunderland listen so then I guess it's the the Nissan Factory in Sunderland have their own team and they're playing in the 16th division which is incredible really nice keep going down it's taken ages isn't it to get to the bottom that's the beauty of this this particular database that haven't spotted any teams completely capitulating yet with you know two points I might have missed them though I've already been painted too much attention to what's going on but yeah most have we've got quite a few teams getting over 100 points from the 48 games that they're playing but there haven't been any ridiculously low teams we might see some when we get to the very bottom though if I keep scrolling so this one I think has even more so a lot of them have six different groups in this has 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 what 18 different groups in this what was in the previous one I think there was only six yeah so level 18 division 18 has all the way down to group are flying me and what about 19 is that the same I think it is so how many teams have been used in this anyone good at maths let me know how many teams have been used in this because there's 25 teams in each group other than 19 in the top division then most of the league's of six different groups but level eighteen and nineteen seemed to have well all the way dancer to group are and I presume twenty is the same we're seeing a second but this bust have taken forever to make and then you've got an uploaded it my friend without validating it so no one can actually use it which is why I've had to re-upload it for you this is level twenty then so yeah I think it's going to be a similar story hundred twenty-eight points for Locke broom I assume they said they Scottish I'm interested oh they're English yeah loads of loads of teams love it G H I keep going forever I've even got real players at this level which I'm kinda surprised about with pictures as well you just thought they'd be all grayed out players or regens or something at this level but no there's some real pictures in there I don't actually click on the top glycine well so this one goes all the way down to Aras world isn't it Lewis Crosby Scottish player top goalscorer at this level on loan from Dunfermline in the league to he's got all the way down to the bottom division and finished top goalscorer we then have a cup the British Isles Cup as it should be called one nil to Arsenal in the final I can't can we click on that yeah we can obama yang i wonder how it works so it starts in the first round there's hardly any teams are now second round there's a lot more teams so this must just be the top few divisions because yeah otherwise would be ridiculous number of least when the great britain cup to air so it's been split into various subsections so air have managed to win this final beat in MK Dons in the final and then we've got the great they're the british isles cup 3-1 by bala beating coffin sorry don't have to pronounce that druids to now in the final and then the fourth cup Purfleet won on penalties can't click on that one that then the fifth cherry orchard lovely now they won the fifth cup cup wanderers won the sixth cup the Sabbath cup one bite East Belfast cut eight one by one for where are they from that says England I wonder if this is wrong an English team I'm gonna have to google them see it says it's in Wales which definitely makes sense with that sort of name but for some reason maybe all the teams have been put as England rather than their individual Nations she would be a little bit of a shame if that is the case this is the ninth Cup won by baucom and five it's five Felisa that's that's a Scottish team but England yeah this is wrong this they've got the wrong nation so I'll guess they've just been collected together for for it to be easy but that's a little bit of a shame and then we're back to the British girls League so those are all the competitions there's a few ways this could be improved if anyone wants to do that they can download it and make it make improve it change the names of the leagues make sure all the I mean what a celtic yeah England I think it's based on an English league system but what happens if we go to facilities so it says Glasgow but the nation is England and that might be because of the European reasons so if it was Scotland but it's in like an England database then maybe they won't be able to qualify for Europe if that was the case maybe I'm not 100% sure but either way I do like looking at these sorts of databases it's just look at the manager movements so a few managers sorry was sacked a loser Dan moved to Chelsea put your teen a left transfer window any big transfers are Nate Trent's not transfer and I want to look at this so the biggest transfer was are having moving from are say two men United to Lisa moved from blind two men City football manager wonder kid moving from IX Devon United hanasanai went to a hostel interesting transfers here and like I said I am happy to to utilize databases you may have made yourself or that you have come across whilst playing FM 90 maybe from the steam workshop or FM Scout sort it out si etc but until next time enjoy FM 19 enjoy the rest your day see you've racing [Applause]

38 thoughts on “British Isles League with Over 3000 Clubs! | Football Manager 2019 Database Experiment

  1. Fife Elite are the youth team for the Scottish professional teams based in fife, Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath and Raith Rovers I believe so that’s why they will be better than the other teams on their level

  2. In football manager 2018 their is the 225 team world cup well in 2019 FM someone made the same thing but a bit differently so can you please have a go it's on stream and on workshop type in world cup it's called like large world cup or something I like it and I am using England on it

  3. I wonder if they had Stanley FC from the Falkland Islands in that table?

    On a different note, I wonder how the league would look if you flipped the winnings around for the whole league. I.e The lowest team in the league pyramid wins the most money while the team at the top of the pyramid wins nothing?

  4. What about a series, where you put the lowest rank team in England (in the lowest tier possible on FM19) in the premier league and see how far they full down the leagues ?

  5. I have always wanted to try and make a randomized database. If you leave some information blank on the editor it will just randomize that info for example if you removed Ronaldos DOB when you start the game he could be any age. You can do this with lot of the stats and information ( i know it doesn't work for nationality, current ability and potential ability and a few other bits) for all the players if you than combined it with the fake name options and a free agent database. You would have a nearly completely random database with the only information you would know is that Ronaldo is Portuguese but not know his name age his stats or even his position.

  6. I have a few ideas for a database but not the patience to get my head around all the nuances of the editor which is a pain in the bum to use.

  7. As an Irishman I don't like that Ireland is being included as we are our own country and having nothing to do with the British Isles

  8. Thanks for showing my mod!
    I really appreciate it.
    Sorry for the mistakes btw I was always learned about it in school that is was great Britain.

    Weird that the file on the site didn't work because I had reupload when I had fixed the issue but the steam version should work.
    And yeah it's pretty laggy but that's really because of all the teams.

    The reason that some competitions have more promotion en relegation is because of the league sizes.

    it took me forever to make this mod I made a excel list with all the teams and in which competition they should be.

  9. I couldnt help but notice that King’s Lynn are there… twice. The extinct club and then the current club. Strange that.

  10. I have created a four tier league database which represents Tegeingl or Flintshire if you wish to view that. There's 16 teams in each league, with its own national cup and divisional cups also.

  11. Stansfeld Oxford & Bermondsey Club!!!! 1st in the 19th League Group H!!! Plus they have their actual badge which I'm surprised is even in FM XD

  12. I've had this idea for some time but basically have each county as a country with its own national teams and league system and cups. Each first division club also enters a cup with first division teams from other counties. I don't know how to make a database but if anyone wants to make one speak to me and I'll tell you my idea

  13. Something i have been thinking about is that u make all teams from the lower leagues very rich and the top divisions very poor or in dept

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