Break building masterclass. Part 2. Go pro snooker.

Break building masterclass. Part 2. Go pro snooker.

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I’m Vilius Schulte-Ebbert EBSA snooker coach and player.

This advance snooker practise routine will help you to improve your aiming, cue action, cueing, concentration. In 8 reds 8 blues practise routine try to pot reds into the corner pockets only and blues only in the middle pockets. If you miss positional play for the blue into the middle pocket you can play into the corner pocket. Have fun and clear the table!

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Break building masterclass. Part 2. Go pro snooker:

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3 thoughts on “Break building masterclass. Part 2. Go pro snooker.

  1. Mate, how do you measure cushion speed? I never heard about… Can you make separate video on that?! At the moment it is not making any sense. great vids! 😉

  2. I´m from Brazil and I did like this video. At Brazil there ins´t many videos about snooker game. Thank you for this video and I hope to watch more.

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