Big Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial | Bombay Gold Curling Wand

Big Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial | Bombay Gold Curling Wand

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Hey loves! I filmed myself curling my hair the other day and thought Id make it into a video for you guys! Im using the Bombay hair gold curling wand in 32mm in this video — It was my first time using their Gold wand set and I loveeeee it! I have a code for 30% off if you are interested in any of their curling wands!:)

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Products Used:

Bombay Hair Gold 32mm Curling Wand
Conair Tease Brush
GVP Volumizing Hairspray

hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to show you how I get this big sexy voluminous hair using my bombe wand this is the gold wand it's a thirty two millimeter I love all the ones I've used them in previous videos so I thought I would just do kind of a quick overview of how I curl my hair there's different ways to do it so let's go ahead and get started the first thing you want to do is clip up half of your hair I have super thick hair so you can do this in three sections or two depending I did two today and I take a pretty big chunk of hair and I think that's what makes the difference I don't get waves I just get curls you're going to want to wrap this away from your face and also I make sure that when I wrap my hair the hair is flat around the barrel that way I get more of a curl and not a wave because I'm going for more of the big bouncy curls so once you let it sit for 10 to 15 seconds you're going to drop it into your hand you can either clip it at this point to let it cool which will make your curls last all day or you can just let it sit in your hand for five seconds and then drop it so now I'm moving on to my next piece of hair you're just gonna continue to do this I do everything away from my face that way it frames my face so again just wrap the hair flat around the barrel and then hold it for 10 to 15 seconds and then drop it in your hand and you're just going to continue to do this when you're done curling the last piece of hair on your one side go ahead and drop the curls and then spray it with your favorite hairspray I love the GBP volumizing hairspray and I get it at Sally Beauty I will link it down below but it's my Holy Grail hair spray I've used it for years and now you're just going to go to the other side and just repeat the process now that you've finished curling the bottom section of your hair go ahead and clip it back just to get it out of the way go ahead and unclip the top section of your hair and then we're going to repeat the process go all the way around your hair and again you're going to curl away from your face keep the hair flat to the barrel when I get to the bank section I'll kind of tell you a couple little tricks but I'm just going to let the footage kind of go because it's just the same thing kind of repeat the process so I will come back and let you know what I do around the bangs it might be a little different and help you style your hair to frame your face you when you get to the parts around your face that frame your face so it could be your bangs just the front section I like to turn the curling wand I don't know if you can tell I turn it totally sideways so instead of having it facing down the end of the barrel facing straight down I turn it so it's facing left that way it frames my face and you can see when I let the curl go gives me kind of that swoop that is in front of my face that kind of frames my face so that's something that I always do and you'll see me do it on the right side as well on the front piece it just frames your face and it's just the easiest way to kind of get that curl to stay kind of out of your like eyes but still kind of swoop over your face if that makes sense next I'm just taking a teasing brush this one is from Walgreens it's a Conair brand just any teasing brush you have and I'm just teasing kind of the crown of my hair and then this side just to give a little bit of volume before I go in and tease the end this is the next part this is the big part that everyone's like how do you get that big hair how do you get the big hair take your teasing comb and tease from the bottom up so you're going to spray your hair with hair spray and then tease from the bottom up and that's going to give you a lot of volume really big tease kind of crazy hair that's how I get the hair for pictures on Instagram or just in my videos sometimes and then you're going to want to spray your hair with hairspray to get it even more big and voluminous pull the hair strands up and then spray so you can see me kind of doing it in the video you just kind of pull your hair out and then spray in between your layers and that's going to give you a lot more volume so that completes the look I hope you guys enjoyed this I just thought I would do this just to give you kind of a little bit of overview of different ways to curl your hair with the wand so I hope you guys enjoy it I love you guys so much thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next video

26 thoughts on “Big Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial | Bombay Gold Curling Wand

  1. How much practice did you need to learn how do your hair like this? I just spent almost two hours doing this exact technique with a similar curling wand, and my hair just fell flat and totally frizzed up. Is there something I'm missing? My hair was clean and dry, I spritzed each curl with Biolage hairspray as I went along, and it just turned into a frizzy mess when I tried to smooth it out with a pick. Is there a mousse or something I can use to smooth it out before I blow dry my hair? My hair is thick and long, and naturally straight. I just use salon products on it. Now I'm all frustrated cuz I missed church and all my effort was wasted.

  2. This tutorial was so helpful, thank you! I love your hair color and I hope this doesn't come off weird- but you have such a sweet and pretty face! Lol just had to say it! Gorgeous hair and makeup! New subscriber here, hope to see more awesome tutorials like this 🙂

  3. all the girl I have been watching didn't ever smile so you have beautiful natural smile and its pure also thanks for the tutorial and sorry for any English mistakes its not my home language 🙂

  4. love the video but you are forgetting to mention about the warranty I know there is a 1 yr warranty included when you purchase the wand but what if you want to purchase warranty for an additional 5 yrs ?? Also what makes this wand different from any other wand??? what makes it sooo special??? what is it made of ?? most heat styling tools burn your hair over time and are defective.

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