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hey boys welcome back to some more beer pro Korea it's gonna be around 26 and it looks like oh we're not completely set in the top for a couple of teams around that 32 points say you know all we can do win this game guarantee a top four and you know worst case scenario we lose and we'd probably drops like fifth but you know we'd love to we love to get the the win here young Sam foster in the house this game obviously was not there Benji I think Trent Hodkinson was there Sam foster he used to play play for you with him growing up me and um yeah and Reese Martin as well so it was it was a good team back in the day dude having having those two you two guys Sammy yeah he's a good player he's a good player he's probably know not so much not not so much that small plays can't get through but he he's definitely on the smaller side even for a halfback he did he did play a couple of trials for the cow like trial gains to the Cowboys played played good Queensland Cup forty but yeah hasn't unfortunately would have been cool to see him in the in the NRL with Rhys at the same time that so who knows do you see he's still young so hopefully could happen but we get a chance here early on the big shot coming in we get to the line what a try dude you know bit of open field broken play I called for the past cuz I sisal illed a few gaps around I could have let tunnel I like pick it up and he possibly could have got to line himself but you know good I good heads-up great ball from tommelilla probably through but like 20 30 meters backwards and we did the rest great but a great bit of evasion in and strength to Palm off for couples so nice not start this in Kiana although Angus cried he's gonna hit straight back in this one terrible defense there Tama Lola was offside so he did even he didn't get back to the try line and he didn't get involved in the tackle we we I'm late but unfortunately we can roll him over so you know we get a bit like yeah can't be too disappointing we got to be lucky with that opening try so you know this is just a bit of a reset for both teams here well reset and get back into it so good chance loss last tackle here to put it in an attacking kick put some pressure on and I'm gonna do it myself here cuz I don't trust the AI but the bomb it's just little deep although what I wanna grab who that is your boy Sam foster he gets three I was just saying he's not the biggest fella that's I gets three puts in the pressure gets above the full-back I think is the fullback going for the ball and what a kick I thought I kicked it well it was probably a touch too deep you know you never really want the that offense to be able to take the bomber in the in goal you want to sort of coming down right on the trial line to make it as hard as possible but you know able to we were close enough at least we were able to to get out our plays through to put the pressure on and done that's all we needed is a good little well actually no not a good key that was an absolute ranked kick but Inglis is gonna be justo the sideline say you know a shocking kick like that close to the sideline you know on the game you can't exploit it a little bit and anything Hodkinson really meant it to be that that shallow but you know we'll take it love solutely take it is that we crab a cross field trying to link up with a wet side outside plays but just couldn't couldn't really get away there take the first tackle but pretty tackles upper sleeves is who is this it's pretty Coley I think it is dives in and on the back of that it wasn't even a quick play the ball but they just the Rabbitohs just didn't get set in defense at all I don't know if it's because of the scrum they're all trying to get in position and you just just shot a shot out from dummy half and and pulled their pants down really so 18 to 6 only 25 minutes into the game that is very very unlike a be a pro match you know we have been scoring more tries recently a few more points but 18 to 6 not even half-time that's definitely unusual as a kit goes up here it's just a little again it's just a touch too deep and they'll probably a little bit fiery out to really put the pressure on so are able to get a a seven tackle set right there good stuff is our get through the line here try to put in the kick wasn't a wasn't a good kick came off the Rabbitohs player and that should almost see us out till halftime we just have to defend a couple of place here that's cold turn and takes this one up they have they have made some ground we just need to hold them out of here and thankfully Corbin Sims is going to take the last play at half so a very very dominant lead 18 to 6 gotta be happy with that we've we've had a fair ball possession unfortunately coming back from the break the Rabbitohs is gonna get a golden opportunity straight away to pause clock no probably day me cook just just steals a try we couldn't even defend it I don't know what the heck we were meant to do there he just just dove in you just dove in we you know what could you do what could you do in real life obviously your plays get nice and crouched and they're sort of you know they're pretty pretty tight into the play ball that close but on the game they sort of spread it out and yeah just nothing nothing could happen that's right there we get absolutely whacked but thankfully the ball go he's backwards so we still get a so we got a couple of tackles left to to do some stuff as we kick it in behind it wasn't a bad kick I just a little actually notes it's been taken dead from Rabbitohs which was surprising so I was gonna say the kick was sooo deep and that was perfect perfect we'll take that dude as though we get a little overlap here beautiful play puts in the hips chip we miss it I think Kyle Feld is gonna play too Dan did we get a touch on it I couldn't really see he's gonna give a try the refs usually have no idea they always signal the opposite so I don't actually no well it's gonna be a try it sort of looks like felt knocked it on anyway that I couldn't really see it we got a tie I don't think we touched it probably gonna have to have a look after Trent Hodkinson er hopefully converts from sideline hits the post goes away another another miss conversion pretty big in the context of the game as well so we are gonna have a look it was great player we we snuck down the blindside gave the overlap and a good little little chip and chasey off the left boot it's a weed overly we we don't before it even hit the ground and yeah we completely miss it just want you to go down and thankfully call felt was uh had the heads up awareness to him he's looking into no-man's land he's just he's off in Fairyland I don't know what the hell he's looking at but the ball just just sits up and he's able to plant it down so we'll take it 22 to 12 the routers get another chance they where we're sort of we're keeping them in this game we really should have sort of put them away put them to the sword but you know a couple of lapses here and there I've really bought them back into it they're only ten points down after all is a high kick goes up here we take it above the pack good stuff and trying to make a little bit of ground out of our danger zone here it's gonna be third tackle bit under 10 minutes so feel feel pretty safe at this point as a beautiful ball they're two-prong caitli almost through the gap hills good defense actually by the by the winger jamming in because we had the overlap as we're gonna look to keep your downfield unfortunately it comes off one of the Rabbitohs we almost always turn that deflection into a bit of attacking 41 of the Rabbitohs were lucky enough to to dive on it and so approaching five minutes to go in the game everybody's getting chancy a little rubber into the ink Dahl almost George Burgess off force it was a great offload aha I do active yeah accidentally we probably we wouldn't have been able to stop seems anyway he sort of doe I wouldn't have even be able to react quick enough like was a great I'll flow by by Burges their you know I couldn't again it was another try we couldn't really defend that that Damian cook one from dummy half and then that offload we there was no way we're going to be able to anticipate that quick enough even if we hadn't don't for would accidentally say one play left in the game can the Rabbitohs con just something it's gonna break down right there cold Turner takes it to ground so that'll cement us a top fourth spot in the finals should be second or third on the ladder and what a game hopefully you guys are enjoying it this series make sure to like and comment and we'll be back with the finals after after this I'll see you in the next one

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