All Exhibition Shots of 2019 World Snooker Championship

All Exhibition Shots of 2019 World Snooker Championship

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[Applause] great effort just a blip I cueball here was it Eric's entity Red's looks close excellent shot [Applause] neither know the phones well and truly over this beautiful to watch is killing one now about this for a positional shot how about this trumpet if you don't you [Applause] yes even Michael had a chocolate in this year runs a positional shot look at this one here's another stay on top of them from tight on the cushion he's knocked long ones in let's look at this shot [Applause] they're really getting behind the wizard of we show that wonderful support certainly producing some magic [Applause] come on he's not finished yet he's not finished [Applause] the second batch unless your championship tell you how I make – has got his work code for in that demo room well just not enough points on to beat Chuck Trump's migrate at the moment the stands at 141 that's right he started to play an exhibition in Robertson's class but gotta do it and you look there and he's only potted nine balls during this match look at this some sequences shot doesn't it okay flick the face red but to get these two off the cushion matthew lands on the yellow off this well this is a shot if it lands in the green this will be a shot that's ridiculous thank you for that is ridiculous yeah and then money went any looks is always the res he looked like he was on nothing or deep screw back to this end found a plan to the middle and now time for some naughty snooker up the game when needed sides been on this round the back of the black wow what a shot a final place expect the brown in the corner [Applause] we're seeing everything from this player 124 semi-final biggest check of us career IC is shown what he can do with the cue ball as well great positional shot Jordy naughty snooker and there's another one look at this shot anything you can do I can do better doesn't really matter about the blue didn't quite get that shot as he intended but there's a confidence to give him a lift and he's just not way then I got them these cue balls been pretty ropey if we have to be honest and he's made too many mistakes easily done out there okay what sort of journey is a cue ball gonna go in here just the five cushions then see [Applause] and an exhibition type positional shock to finish off with and have a look at this for a show now let's repeat part with his right sound [Applause] they're killed ocean Drebin changing the words but now goodie because he's one throw him away to the place he reads Jerry Wilson by 16 frames to 11 but right back in it now we started off the tester 25 there's only a possible five range to play now as he plays a trick shot for Cushing black in the corner it looked close to me [Applause] this is actually quite a difficult game [Applause] you

41 thoughts on “All Exhibition Shots of 2019 World Snooker Championship

  1. When it comes to exhibition you will hardly find Ronnie, probably alot of Trump but when it comes to real shot to get back into the game will find mostly Ronnie's shot only.

  2. This was for sure a great world championships to watch, some of those shots were epic….Judd Trump is obviously going to be top of many lists as the best at the exhibition shot, but Kyren Wilson was really impressing me with how he arked the cue ball perfectly…Brecel, Higgins and Murphy all superb skills with the cue ball…Thanks for this Video.

  3. amazing video thank you lol you missed judds deep screw back shot where he was close to the baulk cushion and best screw back shot ive ever seen!!! does that class as an exhibition shot?

  4. Wilson's shot wasnt the shot he intended,checkside on 1st cushion to get the running side on the next 3 cushions and finish on the left side of the red instead of the right

  5. Beautiful quality – and a great compilation. Love it – thank you for not making it a quick cut of shots but instead keeping in just the right amount of footage. If we were impatient we'd play pool!

  6. Hendry is gravy when he commentates because he says it like your normal bloke would and he doesn't give a fuck if he says that you fucked up on a shot etc etc..not like the,ye you know who you are…Davis..Parrot..D Taylor Virgo etc etc

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