'A tremendous beatdown': How Ajax sent Cristiano Ronaldo & Juventus crashing out | Champions League

'A tremendous beatdown': How Ajax sent Cristiano Ronaldo & Juventus crashing out | Champions League

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Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC offer post-match analysis on the second leg of Juventus vs. Ajax in the 2019 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, in which the Dutch side shocked Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. 2-1 thanks to goals from Donny van de Beek and Matthijs de Ligt. They discuss how it happened, what’s next for Massimiliano Allegri and Juve, what it means for the Netherlands, and more.

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your Ventus out remember one one was a score against iooks in the first leg and it started well for you fake Cristiano Ronaldo opening the scoring but goes for iakhs either side of half-time guarantees them a place in the semi-final your venters out and people who didn't see the game Craig might think well you know maybe it's got lucky in no way may not deserve this win not over two against not over the two games which is incredible well maybe it's not I always felt in today's Champions League games this was going to be the better game because you know bass has dominance which we'll talk about and I felt I acts would go and have a go and play the football but a dead plate most people think you of his experience and with Ronaldo would just days demote yeah you know too much knows too much experience at home what the dead in the last leg against as lately with Ronaldo heart rate what they were beaten by a better team and you know what there were out schooled in terms of a football lesson I acts as youngsters mix with experience knocked a ball about faster quicker more accurately and in that second half it was particularly in the foss you know very minutes of the second half they ripped him apart every time they went forward they could have had themselves three or four they were really good yeah really good for your venzas they've never shot on target off the 31st minute which kind of sums up how like lost that they were and we thought that you venters given their experiences as Craig rightly points out would have the beating a vioxx no question they got to go that they warned that ultimately one nil what you think we would see them through and then it almost seems as though really revert into this well will defend that lead that without we have and and they've done so successful in the past but this is an IX team that don't seem to follow that history and uncertainty haven't read any scripts of late because they just kind of recognize that you've enter sit back a little bit soaking up pressure and and you and I acts simply went to them play the football that got them this far and in particular those two two ties it against Real Madrid they will simply lethal in the counter-attack and anyway the got numbers forward and the way that they always seem to in the past and never seemed flustered and and Juventus just couldn't find that that that grasp of the game on our after that once you take your your foot off an opponent's neck you're asking for trouble and and that's exactly what they got Juventus never showed the intensity that they showed in the second leg against Atletico Madrid it was never that type of game for Juventus and it's almost as if they thought well look the result that we got away from home will be more than enough for us to come home and dominate because we are Juventus because we are at home credit to IX and credit to the middle of midfield between lasses shona and van de Beek and frankly the young they dominated peonage and Emery Chang and Matt Willie and I mean they dominate they destroyed those guys there was no real transition for Juventus so whenever they were under pressure and they were trying to find an outlet there was no outlet through the midfield those guys dominated the midfield and then the attacking players for IX not the attacking players for Juventus but the attacking players for IX took over and so Ted H is running with a ball psyche is running with the ball Narus is running with the ball they are all creating opportunities for themselves for us in fact I would go as far as to say overdoing it over passing when would you think when would you have thought that we would be talking about IX over passing in Juventus in there attacking half almost trying to make the perfect goal rather than taking advantage of the opportunities had they been more effective and more efficient in the final third this is nowhere near to one this is not this close and it was not this close over two legs embarrassing for Juventus tremendous work for IX let's bring cap marcozzi into the conversation cap he's getting the blame well I think I think it has to be across the board but I think first of all you have to point to the fact that you know if four for three of the four halves you know maybe you could could argue that these teams were we're roughly even in the second half I act simply well graded them and I think the guys made a good point you know if all you see is the goals that you vent is conceded over the two you know you can go and you can point to an individual mistake you know in each one like tonight obviously the the the defense not coming up and under legs header you know rue Ghani probably should have done better but it's all those other chances that I X either missed or Szczesny made a save or the one where we're piano just is to make that incredible recovery or tatak deciding not to shoot when he probably should have buried it you know I didn't and over passing it really was a tremendous beatdown it max I legally said you know I can point to the mistakes but what an opponent plays so well you know we'll go back and we'll see what we could have done better what we should have done better I agree that is the midfield struggled they you know they talked about lack of leadership they talked about you know the usual things that managers trot out I personally think it's it's an issue with you of it which is that I think we over eight experience and you know experience is great but knowing how to play the game understanding the game tactically having quality having intensity having work rate and putting all those things together on the night that that will trump experience well we shouldn't forget ayuk started this competition in July I believe I might be wrong but I think it was three qualifiers this is a huge shot in the arm for Dutch football and the result is not only as a league but more importantly as a national team plus they're in a title race they put a full-strength side at the weekend because they had to you ventus meanwhile rested a lot of key players you watch that game and it was you they who looked I'm and Dion was a big dope because of injury and only what three days rest so that was a huge risk the Rodney the only difference is goal difference and the Dutch league so the fighting on two fronts the national team's getting better again yeah people are talking about the Dutch league again people it's a it's a it goes against those people that say well unless you could spend the gazillion dollars you can't compete because if you make the rate savings if you get experienced by Ken like blend if you get tired from such so amped –n i mean let's be honest who else was out there trying to drag target tablets from so about and by the way and both abend the bill and here again it was amazing and then you mix the youngsters have got coming through and I know they're going to lose the young and the well look they've all those delet there's no doubt about it I don't want to be negative but that's just the way it's going to be so when you can mix much and you've got good coaching and a good conveyor belt coming through you might not win it but you can at least compete and put performances on like that Juventus of course out gab what does this mean for a legree well Mark Seliger is going to be back next year in a rare interview the president and Agnelli came out afterwards and sort of said you know reminded everybody about what a great cycle it's been for you and how the cycle continues but you know you they really are like a team that kind of you know put all their chips on red they went all in when they signed Christian oh they thought Cristiano was gonna be the missing link I don't think anybody's gonna point to him and blame him he certainly did his part but maybe in so doing they kind of lost sight of the fact that you know it's great adding all these experienced players but maybe you need to get the balance right and you know they added Blaise Matuidi they're the Aaron Ramsay's gonna come in next year just a lot of guys who are sort of in in their late 20s I think to some degree other players like dibala or Bernard eski dibala especially I don't think they benefited at all from cristianos arrival because you know it took responsibility away from him no worries that guy's here because John will sort it and I think that showed during the season this has been coming Juventus we see they say this almost every week you know you could probably count on one hand the number of games against good opponents where they've played really well this season Atletico Madrid was one maybe one or two others but that's it sign up now for ESPN plus

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  2. If anything, this shows how UEFA is on the wrong path and bringing down the game of football. It's just dreadful to have 4 or 5 teams from Spain and England in the group stages of the Champions League each year, and a team like Ajax having to start their season in July and fight through 3 qualifying matches when they do not even have a squad together yet. UEFA are destroying the game in the long term trying to get as much money as they can in the short term. And then those rich teams only get richer and can buy every single player from this Ajax team to make sure they will not be a threat next year. It's a fucking disaster.

  3. I see a lot of comments about Ajax beating Real Madrid and also Juventus, but don't forget they also played 2 ties against Bayern Munich which they should have won (even the Bayern coach admitted they were lucky) and two matches against Benfica (quarter finalist Europa league) one win and one draw away. In al those 4 matches Ajax was the better team.

  4. False stats all over the place, did you actaully see the match…..the first match ajax dominated juv, ronaldo scored a cheeky goal nd wasnt seen the whole match. Neres scored the 1-1 first match second match juventus craweld out of hes shell but still ajax had possesion of 58% first half, second half it was above 63% , if anyone would have watched the match will tell me that im right…

  5. juventus / Italia hasn't had a solid defender since 2006! all these younger Italian defenders absolutely suck ! they lack speed, range , and are very poor at man marking. chiellini, barzaglia, and bounucci all stink !!!

  6. Ajax played really well and the win was deserved. And as for Juventus, they can’t expect that Ronaldo does all the work…i mean, to get to the semifinals he scored the goal and now he scored too. He’s one of the best in the world, but he can’t carry the team all by him self. No matter how good he is, he doesn’t replace a team

  7. And… and… and CR7 cannot make miracles all the time. He did his big bit in this match in addition to the many goals he scored already including his usual hat-tricks. So Ajax didnot kick CR7 out of the Champs league. JUVENTUS kicked him out.

  8. The Dutch league isn't that bad. At least we have a real competition. Ajax lost at PSV away 3-0 and lost away to my club Feyenoord 6-2 this season. In Holland we are used to a titlerace going down to the very last competitiongame.

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  10. Juve will never win CL again….this proves it. Even with Ronaldo who carried the entire club like a baby in CL and they still fail. They made to 2 finals without CR7 …with him, can’t even get to semis.

  11. The Pillars of Ajax are : Blind, Lasse, Ziyech, Tadich, Onana and Tagliafigo not Frenkie, deligt and van debeek !!! they are good players but not what the media made them….

  12. I mean why are people happy with Ronaldo getting knocked out ?😂😂is it bc he won that shit 4 years in a row ?😂😂I understand that

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